What are some common reasons why a blog doesn’t rank on Google?

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Any content destined to the public that doesn’t rank on Google or Bing is destined to be obscure and gets no visibility. Writing any blog post or article is not enough to be ranked on Google or Bing, the top 2 search engines in the world.

In this blog, we are going to describe what are some common reasons why a blog doesn’t rank on Google or Bing or Yahoo search engine.

  1. Poor content: Little or no content value
  2. Site heavy to load
  3. No tags
  4. Insecure site (no SSL certificate)
  5. Poor formatting
  6. Articles are in a very competitive space
  7. Disconnect between blog title, and content
  8. Lack of keywords or misplaced keywords: The primary keyword must be the first word of both your domain name and blog title.
  9. Malformed URLs
  10. Site Not mobile friendly
  11. No inlinks
  12. No meta-tags
  13. No Alt Tags

What to do Next?

If you resolve all the issues above, register your site to google search console,, then submit a sitemap url to google or Bing, then check your site performance and index status regularly to make sure that your site is getting indexed properly.

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