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Hi there!

I am E. D., a software engineer by day, sports lover by night, Entrepreneur all the time, and this is my digital dashboard. I am the creator of various educational and sports apps:
Djamga: Pick Up Games Locator for iOS and Android, AWS Certified Cloud practitioner Exam Prep App for iOS and Android, AWS Solution Associates Exam Prep App for iOS and Android, AWS Certified Developer Exam Prep App for iOS and Android.

I live and work in Alberta, Canada, love my family, like technology, sciences, sports, entrepreneurship. I am a learning animal and a news junkie.

The purpose of this blog is to share my ideas, my solutions, apps and experiences in IT, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Success, Failures, Life.

I write about Internet Marketing, Technology, Web Hosting, Health, Computers and Software, etc.


Below are my apps listed at various app stores:

Please support my Mobile Apps Development extra curricular activities by rating or reviewing my apps at Apple or Google App Store:
Thank you for your support. I will remember you when I make it BIG.

Thank you

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