What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups

What I've learned in 20+ years of building startups.

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What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups…

In the fast-paced world of startups, two decades of experience can teach you invaluable lessons. From the trenches of entrepreneurial ventures, here are the distilled wisdom and key takeaways from a seasoned startup veteran’s 20-plus-year journey.

What I've learned in 20+ years of building startups
What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups

What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups – Summary: The journey of building startups for over 20 years has yielded several crucial lessons:

  1. Fail Well: Failure is a common part of the startup process, with success in only a fraction of attempts. It’s important to accept failure as a stepping stone.
  2. Persistence: The key to overall success often lies in sheer perseverance and the refusal to quit, even in the face of early failures.
  3. The Power of ‘No’: Turning down opportunities, especially during financially tough times, is crucial to avoid burnout and stay true to your goals.
  4. Work Smart and Hard: While enjoying your work is vital, readiness to put in extra effort when needed is equally important.
  5. Start Slowly: For new businesses, especially online, it’s advisable to start small and avoid getting entangled in bureaucracy before proving the business model.
  6. Be Cautious with Growth: Rapid expansion can lead to financial strain. It’s better to grow at a sustainable pace.
  7. Avoid Corporate Pitfalls: As businesses grow, maintaining a customer-centric and enjoyable work culture is essential, avoiding the trap of becoming overly corporate.
  8. Embrace Remote Work: If possible, allowing remote work can save costs and increase employee productivity.
  9. Simplicity in Tools: Using too many apps and tools can be counterproductive. Stick to a few that work best for your team.
  10. Maintain Relationships: Keeping doors open with past collaborators is crucial, as business landscapes and relationships are ever-changing.

What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups – Lessons Learned in Detail

  1. Fail Well. You’ve heard it a million times before: ideas are easy; execution is hard. Execution is incredibly hard. And even if something works well for a while, it might not work sustainably forever. I fail a lot. I’d say my ideas are successful maybe 2/10 times, and that’s probably going easy on myself.

  2. Keep Going. The difference between overall success and failure, is usually as simple as not quitting. Most people don’t have the stomach for point #1 and give up way too quickly.

  3. Saying No. Especially if you didn’t have a particularly good month and it’s coming up on the 1st (bill time), it’s hard to say “No” to new income, but if you know it’s something you’ll hate doing, it could be better in the long-run to not take it or else face getting burnt out.

  4. Work Smart (and sometimes hard). I would hazard to guess that most of us do this because we hate the limitations and grind of the traditional 9-5? Most of us are more likely to be accused of being workaholics rather than being allergic to hard work, but it certainly helps if you enjoy what you do. That said, it can’t be cushy all the time. Sometimes you gotta put in a little elbow grease.

  5. Start Slow. I’ve helped many clients start their own businesses and I always try to urge them to pace themselves. They want instant results and they put the cart before the horse. Especially for online businesses, you don’t need a business license, LLC, trademark, lawyer, and an accountant before you’ve even made your first dollar! Prove that the thing actually works and is making enough money before worrying about all the red tape.

  6. Slow Down Again (when things start to go well). Most company owners get overly excited when things start to go well, start hiring more people, doing whatever they can to pour fuel on the fire, but usually end up suffocating the fire instead. Wait, just wait. Things might plateau or take a dip and suddenly you’re hemorrhaging money.

  7. Fancy Titles. At a certain stage of growth, egos shift, money changes people. What was once a customer-centric company that was fun to work at becomes more corporate by the day. Just because “that’s the way they’ve always done it” in terms of the structure of dino corps of old, that’s never a good reason to keep doing it that way.

  8. Stay Home. If your employee’s work can be done remotely, why are you wasting all that money on office space just to stress your workers out with commute and being somewhere they resent being, which studies have shown only make them less productive anyway?

  9. Keep it Simple. Don’t follow trends and sign you or your team up for every new tool or app that comes along just because they’re popular. Basecamp, Slack, Signal, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Google Workspace, Zoom (I despise Zoom), etc. More apps doesn’t mean more organization. Pick one or two options and use them to their full potential.

  10. Keep Doors Open. While you’ll inevitably become too busy to say “Yes” to everything, try to keep doors open for everyone you’ve already established a beneficial working relationship with. Nothing lasts forever, and that might be the lesson I learned the harshest way of all. More on that below…

What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups: A personal note that might be helpful to anyone who’s struggling

Some years back (around 2015), we sold the company my partner and I built that was paying our salaries. During those years, I closed a lot of doors, especially with clients because I was cushy with my salary, and didn’t want to spend time on other relationships and hustles I previously built up over the years.

I had a really rough few years after we sold and the money ran out where I almost threw in the towel and went back to a traditional 9-5 job. I could barely scrape rent together and went without groceries for longer than I’m comfortable admitting.

There’s no shame in doing what you’ve gotta do to keep food on the table, but the thought of “going back” was deeply depressing for me. Luckily, I managed to struggle my way through, building up clients again.

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What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups – Conclusion:

Navigating the world of startups requires a balance of resilience, strategic decision-making, and adaptability. The lessons learned over two decades in the startup ecosystem are not just strategies but guiding principles for sustainable success and growth in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

If you’re curious about how I make money, most of it has been made building custom products for WordPress.

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What I’ve learned in 20+ years of building startups – References:

  1. Entrepreneurship Blogs and Websites: Look for blogs from successful entrepreneurs or business coaches. Sites like Entrepreneur (entrepreneur.com), Forbes Entrepreneurs Section (https://forbes.com/entrepreneurs), and Harvard Business Review (hbr.org) often have valuable articles on startup strategies and entrepreneurial journeys.
  2. Startup Case Studies: Websites like Inc. Magazine (inc.com) and Fast Company (fastcompany.com) frequently publish case studies and stories about startups and entrepreneurial experiences.
  3. Business and Tech News Websites: Platforms like TechCrunch (techcrunch.com), Business Insider (businessinsider.com), and The Wall Street Journal’s Business section (https://wsj.com/news/business) are good for staying updated on the latest in startup trends and business strategies.
  4. Remote Work and Productivity Tools Blogs: For insights on remote work and productivity tools, check out blogs from companies like Basecamp (basecamp.com), Slack (https://slack.com/blog), and Zoom (blog.zoom.us).
  5. Online Business Forums and Communities: Websites like Reddit’s Entrepreneur subreddit (https://reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur) or startup-focused forums on sites like Quora (quora.com) can provide real-world advice and experiences from various business owners.
  6. LinkedIn Articles and Thought Leaders: Following successful entrepreneurs and business thought leaders on LinkedIn can provide you with a plethora of insights and firsthand accounts of business experiences.
  7. Business and Entrepreneurship Books: Websites of authors who have written extensively on startups and entrepreneurship, such as Guy Kawasaki or Seth Godin, often have blogs and articles that are invaluable to entrepreneurs.

Examining the Fragmented Data on Black Entrepreneurship in North America

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    I have a SAAS product (not AI related, shockingly) that is already proven and used by many people in an internal, non-public way, but it's built on old technology because my coding skills have not leveled up since about 10 years ago. In other words, I built a valuable tool that works in its current setting but I want to transition it into a publicly available web app. The good news is I'm a professional marketer, so actually launching the business and advertising it is an easy lift for me. But, since I don't have the skills to get the thing technically working exactly how it should (and be scalable) and also don't have thousands of dollars to hire a developer to build it, I'm stuck with an idea I can't execute. I'm not sure where to go from here. How do I find investment (either time or money) from someone? None of my real-life friends have any interest, or the proper skillsets, to be involved and I feel like scum just straight up asking people to work for free unless they were as passionate as I was about it. ​ submitted by /u/arcanepsyche [link] [comments]

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  • Serial Entrepreneur/ Business Owner - My Insights
    by /u/Sirhubi007 on April 15, 2024 at 4:24 pm

    Hi, over the years I owned and still own multiple businesses. I enjoy this sub and learnt a fair bit on here so thought I'd give back to the community and share my insights, particularly with newer entrepreneurs wannapreneurs. 🙂 Now I'm definitely considered small time compared to others on here, so I may well be corrected on some points here. In particular I'd like to talk about what commonalities I found in my successful ventures as opposed to failed/ struggling ones. Understand your business model and the realities of it. There are tons of business models out there. The key here is to understand the business model and it's pros and cons. This is absolutely crucial! You might think your idea is so good that you'll be the exception and have the business model working exactly as you want, but you're probably not going to be an exception. Some key considerations: Is your business model quick to profit or slow? Some models like SEO to build traffic to site to monetise with ads is a classic long term slow profit play where you're looking at months and probably years to have a truly profitable site. On the other hand, you can buy bunch of stuff on FB marketplace and resell for profit today. Are profit margins high or low? Some models come with high profit margins, such as say running a trade based business, as opposed to something like drop shipping where your margins are squeezed by the fulfillment costs, platform costs, marketing etc. Is the profit ceiling high or low? Some markets and business models have generally higher profit than others. How active/ passive is your business. Are you planning a freelancer style business, where you go after customers on case by case basis and do the work yourself, or do you want a more passive business model, such as the aforementioned traffic monetisation option, where you put the work in upfront and reap rewards later without significant further input. Now it's very rare for business to be truly passive, but there's certainly a spectrum here and some businesses can be more passive than others. Also in this category you'll make big tradeoffs e.g. passive models tend to have much higher time/ money cost to reach profitability. Match your business model to your expectations. This is a common trap I fell into when younger and I see many more entrepreneurs fall into. Due to lack of understanding of your intended business model it's easy to get ahead of yourself and then give up when it's not working out how you want it to. I discussed some key considerations above. So if for example you are looking to monetise traffic, don't expect to see profit anytime soon! It's important to be honest with yourself as well. Are you the kind of patient person willing to work for years with absolutely nothing to show for it, or do you need to see profit immediately? Now, neither attidue is necessarily better than the other, as the patient person may keep working without ever seeing success whilst the impatient one may be missing out on some opportunities they should just have been patient about. Point here is to be honest with yourself and pick a business model that will work for you! Have an idea how to scale business, but start quick, scale layer. You need to prove your business before you start building out the infrastructure to scale it. Start with MVP business and scale and add to it as you prove demand for it. That's all for now as I gotta get back to real life! Hope this helps someone and I'm happy to discuss! 🙂 submitted by /u/Sirhubi007 [link] [comments]

  • Vending Machine Getting Started
    by /u/Longjumping-Speed511 on April 15, 2024 at 4:17 pm

    I live in a high rise apartment connected to a hotel. Both buildings share the same gym which gets a lot of traffic. There is a vending machine there currently that gets a lot of sales, and, in my opinion, could be managed better to optimize profits. It’s constantly out of the most popular items. I’d like to either make an offer to buy the machine or put another machine in of my own (there is space). Since I’m a tenant in the high rise I feel the logistics would be incredibly easy for me. However, I have no space to store the machine, and I have no experience owning a machine. I feel like if I go with option 2 I’ll need to practice using and maintain the machine before I put it in. I have no where to do this though since my apartment can’t fit one. I guess I could get temporary storage? I’m a noob to all of this but have conviction. How would y’all recommend I get started here? Should I reach out to the owner of the current machine first and see if they are willing to sell? submitted by /u/Longjumping-Speed511 [link] [comments]

  • I get invited to help agencies doing 50k-500k/month (AMA)
    by /u/existnotyes on April 15, 2024 at 4:05 pm

    Disclaimer: I'm still new to this and have lots to learn. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything either. My wage last year was my pocket money. $5 every week (which I'm still very grateful for). I was a Wantrepreneur kept consuming business content but never actually applied it. By mid 2023, AI became a buzzword. Thought it was a good opportunity to jump on the trend and ride the wave. This Youtuber called Liam Ottley made a video about this, AI Automation Agency business model where you help businesses through AI implementation. (Primarily no-code solutions) I became familiar with platforms like Zapier, Relevance, Make, Voiceflow etc. and was already comfortable custom coding in Python. Started cold calling marketing agencies, booked about 3 meetings. Closed nothing. Tracked my KPIs & constantly watched the recordings of myself looking for improvements. Started to understand sales and closed my first deal for $500/month after 2 more meetings. (I know. Not a lot) Repeat this for many many many many days and finally was able to get a healthy amount of clients. Closed multiple $1-5k/month projects and got a few five figure projects in the pipeline. Ask me anything! P.S Took me around 8 months to get to here submitted by /u/existnotyes [link] [comments]

  • I have 300,000 dollars, but I am lazy and incompetent.
    by /u/Edwin_Quine on April 15, 2024 at 4:04 pm

    Are there opportunities that are better than just investing in index funds? Like if I got a business partner who didn't have money, but had skills and split the profits of him running the business, could that make more money than just investing? submitted by /u/Edwin_Quine [link] [comments]

  • I did it! $20, 8 days after the launch!
    by /u/VenturePals on April 15, 2024 at 1:20 pm

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this very first milestone 🙂 8 days after launching we got our very first revenue! I know it's just $20, but this is huge for us and we're super excited about it. VenturePals (accountability platform for solopreneurs/entrepreneurs) launched on the 2nd of April on both iOS and Android, and we currently have 196 MAU! The App has a free plan and we were focussing more on getting users on the platform, but apparently, someone bought premium already. We're planning on doing a meeting with some of the early adopters today to ask and see what they would like to see next on the platform - I'll keep you posted! I'll write a more detailed post later if anyone is interested in how we managed to get our first paying client submitted by /u/VenturePals [link] [comments]

  • You're a machine learning consultant with $10k to spend on conferences.How do you best use it to get new projects?
    by /u/A_Time_Space_Person on April 15, 2024 at 1:04 pm

    As the title says, I'm a machine learning consultant who has my own business with $10k to spend on conferences. The money has to be spent on conferences specifically. On the conferences, I can network with people. I would say I'm decent at this; I'm new to networking for my business specifically, but I don't have any fears of talking to strangers and things of that nature. I was thinking of spending most of the money on business conferences (not machine learning / artificial intelligence conferences) as I can then talk to CEOs or project managers and offer them my services. Machine learning conferences could be good for me to network with people who do the same thing I do, but I think that for landing new projects this is a better strategy. So my plan would be to spend most, if not all, of the $10k on attending business conferences and connecting with CEOs and project managers and offering them my services. I'm open-minded to other suggestions, however. If you were me, how would you spend that money? My goal is to land projects with me as a machine learning consultant. EDIT: X-posted on r/cscareerquestionsEU submitted by /u/A_Time_Space_Person [link] [comments]

  • I need your help!!
    by /u/Adorable_Ad2022 on April 15, 2024 at 12:51 pm

    Hi everyone, I'm a new seller on Amazon (started last year) and I'm having trouble increasing my sales. I've tried various strategies, including running ads, but haven't seen significant growth. I even worked with an agency recommended by Amazon, but the results weren't great - sales only increased by a couple of units at a loss, so I had to stop. As a student, my budget is limited. While my business breaks even without ads, it's difficult to sustain without some growth. I'm reaching out to the community for any advice or suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Adorable_Ad2022 [link] [comments]

  • Hey everyone! 32m that’s had 3 successful businesses and 1 failure.
    by /u/ColoradoCyclist on April 15, 2024 at 12:37 pm

    Hey everyone! I’ve been lurker here for a while and I feel like I’m totally out of place here. It seems focused on internet startups and such but I wanted to share my story anyways. In 2015, I started a scratch insurance agency. I had a friend loan me 50k to get started and I grew my book of business from $0 to $1.5m in 4 years. Over this time I had 2-3 employees and would revenue about 30k a month with a take home of about 120k per year. I sold the business in 2019 for 200k and bought myself a house. In late 2019, I bought 10 cars and rented them through Turo. Every thing was going well(ish) and I was making about $400-500 in profit per month per car with no employees. Unfortunately, Covid happened and this shuttered my business. I sold the cars and filed bankruptcy. It took me a while to reset and have funds to start another business so I got desperate. In late 2020, I started an OF page with 3 other ladies and honestly the money was nuts. Since I did everything, I took in 55% of the monthly income and they split the rest. I did all the marketing, communication, directing, filming, research, editing, and I was the sole male actor. Our peak income in the business was 12k a month and this lasted about 18 months until we all burned out. In 2022, I took a regular job for a year to think of my next moves. I worked for and studied a small hotel startup. It was cool but the overhead in that business is way too high. Late in 2023, I started working for a mechanic who wanted to retire. I observed the business and became the manager. I was able to convince him to sell me the business on a loan. The business used to average 50-60k a month in revenue with 55% profit margin. I have that up to 90-100k with 52%. My take home in the last 4 weeks has been 30k. Anyways, AMA!! submitted by /u/ColoradoCyclist [link] [comments]

Examining the Fragmented Data on Black Entrepreneurship in North America

Has Africa fully embraced hybrid teams, digital workspace and the use of remote workers?

AI Dashboard is available on the Web, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, PRO version

Examining the Fragmented Data on Black Entrepreneurship in North America

The data surrounding Black entrepreneurship in the United States and Canada is fragmented. This means that it is difficult to assess the number of Black-owned businesses and their economic impact accurately. To make sure that we are able to get an accurate picture of the state of Black entrepreneurship in these two countries, it is essential to find ways to standardize data collection and assessment.

Despite the significant contributions of Black entrepreneurs and business owners, there is a lack of reliable data for assessing their economic and financial impact. The existing information is often inconsistent, misinterpreted, or incomplete. This blog post will examine the current state of Black entrepreneurship in North America, identify where there are gaps in the available data, and propose some methods to standardize measures and assessments.

Data Gaps in North America

What are some good datasets for Data Science and Machine Learning?
Data Sciences – Data Analytics: Examining the Fragmented Data on Black Entrepreneurship in North America

The existing data on Black entrepreneurship in North America is fragmented across different sources. To begin with, there is no common definition or classification system used to measure Black-owned businesses. In addition, many studies rely on self-reported data which can be unreliable due to issues such as survey fatigue or respondent bias. Moreover, most of the available statistics are focused on businesses owned by African Americans rather than other ethnicities that comprise the broad category of “Black” such as Afro-Caribbeans or Afro-Latinos. Consequently, there is a need for more comprehensive data that includes all ethno-racial groups within this category.

In addition, access to capital remains a major barrier for Black entrepreneurs which further complicates our understanding of these businesses. Financing options are limited due to systemic racism and discrimination that have prevented many from obtaining traditional loans from banks or other private lenders. Therefore it is important to consider alternative financing sources when analyzing the financial health of these businesses.

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Data Collection Challenges

Collecting accurate data on Black entrepreneurship can be challenging due to a lack of reliable sources. Many government agencies collect data on businesses by size, industry sector, ownership type, or geographic location; however, these categories often do not provide enough information about the demographics of business owners or their employees. Furthermore, some agencies may not collect any demographic information at all. As a result, there is no single source of comprehensive and consistent information on Black entrepreneurs in either country.

The Need for Standardized Data Collection

In order to assess the impact that Black entrepreneurs have on their communities and economies, it is necessary to be able to access accurate data regarding their presence. Unfortunately, currently available data does not provide a comprehensive view of this information. It is therefore important for policy makers, government officials, entrepreneurs, students, and other relevant stakeholders to work together to find solutions that will allow us to collect accurate data on Black-owned businesses across the two countries.

Standardizing Measures and Assessments

To standardize measures and assessments of Black entrepreneurship, it is essential to develop a unified definition and classification system across jurisdictions as well as consistent methods for collecting data. It should also include specific questions about race/ethnicity that allow researchers to collect more detailed information about each group’s particular needs and challenges. Furthermore, reliable baseline data should be collected regularly so that progress can be tracked over time. Finally, it will be important to focus not only on traditional sources of financing but also alternative funding options such as crowdfunding platforms or angel investors who may provide more accessible financing options for some entrepreneurs.

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

Methods for Standardizing Data Collection

One way that we can begin standardizing data collection on Black-owned businesses is by creating a unified database of business owners that includes information such as location, industry type, number of employees, annual revenue, etc. This would make it easier for researchers and policy makers to assess the economic impact of these businesses with more accuracy than is currently possible with fragmented data sources. Additionally, conducting surveys and interviews with business owners can also help us better understand how they operate their businesses and what challenges they face when trying to grow their companies.

Another method that could be used is by increasing access to capital for these entrepreneurs through public-private partnerships or other initiatives focused on providing them with the resources they need in order to grow their businesses. This could include grants or low interest loans which would give them more financial stability and enable them to expand their operations or hire additional employees if needed. Finally, implementing education programs specifically designed for aspiring Black entrepreneurs could also help bridge some of the gaps in knowledge that many start up founders may have when starting a business.


In conclusion, we must recognize the importance of reliable data when assessing the economic impact of Black entrepreneurship in North America as well as identifying opportunities for growth and improvement within this sector. While there are still gaps in our knowledge about this subject matter, standardized measures and assessments can help us fill those gaps and gain a better understanding of how best to support these businesses going forward. With better access to capital and resources tailored specifically towards their needs, we can ensure that Black entrepreneurs continue making valuable contributions to our economies both now and into the future.

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There are numerous methods available for standardizing measures and assessments of Black entrepreneurship across North America. By working together collaboratively between various stakeholders such as policy makers, government officials, entrepreneurs themselves, students, etc., we can take steps towards reconciling the fragmented data on this subject matter so that we can gain a better understanding of its impact in our society today. With more accurate information at our disposal we will be better equipped to develop meaningful solutions aimed at empowering black entrepreneurs in these two countries moving forward.

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Financing Black Business in Canada and USA: Challenges and opportunities

How to Make Money From Web Scraping? The Top 20 Tips

Loans and Financial Calculators

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Let’s Find out how to Make Money From Web Scraping?

First of all, What is web scraping?

Web Scraping (also termed Screen ScrapingWeb Data Extraction, Web Harvesting etc.) is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites whereby the data is extracted and saved to a local file in your computer or to a database in table (spreadsheet) format.

How to Make Money From Web Scraping

Web scraping can be a very useful skill to learn for anyone looking to start or further their career in data. Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites, and it can be used to collect everything from images to contact information. While it may sound complicated, web scraping is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. And best of all, it’s a skill that can be used to make money.

There are a number of ways to make money from web scraping. One popular way is to use web scraping for sport arbitrage. Sport arbitrage is the practice of betting on two different outcomes of the same event in order to profit from the difference in odds. Web scrapers can be used to quickly and easily find arbitrage opportunities by comparing the odds of different bookmakers.

Another way to make money from web scraping is to use it for e-commerce. Web scrapers can be used to collect product information and pricing data from multiple websites, making it easy to compare prices and find the best deals. This can be a great way to save money when shopping online, or even to start your own e-commerce business.

Of course, web scraping can also be used for more altruistic purposes.

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If you want to make money with the knowledge of web scraping, you create a bot that successfully gets the valuable data you wished for, then sell the data or bot, or use it to buy or sell or make money on betting via sure bet.

There are some ways to make money using web scraping without selling data: Sport Arbitrage, Stock market, eCommerce, Niche News Aggregation (pick a niche, like celebrity news sites, scrape the top 10 sites, etc), Daily News (pay for a subscription to get past major site paywalls, then make the data free or discounted),Offline, intranet, or hard-to-access data, Lead Generation, Machine learning (Google images), Price monitoring (Ebay), Lead generation (Yelp) [scraping contact info for local biz], Market research (Brewdog) [scraping types of beer and their ratings, for example), App Development (Find Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Apartments & Houses for Rent | realtor.com®) [I can only assume scraping realty data and copying it], Academic Research (Techcrunch), Find Relevant Top Hashtags, etc…

Top Tips – How to make money using web scraping?

1- Sport Arbitrage

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Scraping data from betting sites is a good way to make money because you don’t have to sell data you obtained, but only use that data in your favor. If you never scraped a betting site, I recommend you first check my step by step tutorial Scraping a Betting Site in 10 Minutes where I show the basics of scraping a bookmaker.

It doesn’t matter what sports you like; chances are you or someone you know at least once earned some money betting on their favorite team. You might’ve won because of good luck or knowledge of the sport, but probably you’ve also lost because you can’t always guess what’s going to happen in the future. But what if you could make a profit regardless of the match outcome? This is called ‘surebet and isn’t new in the gambling world.

Surebet is a situation when a bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome by placing one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers. This happens when different bookmakers have different odds for the same game due to either bookmakers’ differing opinions (statistics) on event outcomes or errors. We can find those errors by scraping different bookmakers.

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Best practices

If you decided to make money with surebets, keep this in mind:

Avoid ‘account limitation’: Bookmakers, in general, dislike people who are good at gambling (no matter how they win); that’s why some people who earn money in betting sites get limitations. This means that you’d only bet a maximum amount of money per event set by the bookmaker — $5, $10, etc. If you start getting money with surebets, you may be seen as a ‘good bettor.’ To appear like an average person under bookmakers’ radars, experience bettors do this:Use many bookmakers: Create accounts in different bookmakers and spread your bets around them. It’ll be harder to identify you as a smart player in this way.

Round your stake: Although in the example I gave, I used decimal numbers; you shouldn’t do this just because most people don’t bet like that. Avoid decimal numbers at any cost and do your best to round your stake to the nearest number of five. If the formula gives you $47, then bet either $45 or $50 instead.

Do not make unnecessary withdrawals from a bookmaker: After you get some money don’t try to cash out right away or withdraw big amounts at once, this may arouse suspicion.

Avoid betting on smaller markets: Not many people bet on less popular sports like table tennis or water polo, so making money here would be suspicious. Mix up small and large markets.

Remember that limited accounts can still withdraw money. Hopefully, with the tips above, you’ll avoid limitations for a good time.

Finally, these are some markets where surebets happen often:Hand to Hand (Win or lose sports like tennis, baseball, etc.)

Double chance

Both teams to score

Asian Handicaps

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Over / Under


Speaking generally, web scraping is the act of programatically gathering information from websites.

Lets say you want to find the price of an item on an eCommerce website. Normally, you will visit the website, search for the item and then scroll until you find the item.

But now let’s say you want to do this for thousands of items, perhaps across multiple websites. Maybe you are starting your own business and you want to keep track of the going prices for a variety of items. Manually checking prices on all of them is going to be very time consuming. To help you do this work faster, you can write a web scraper.

So how does this work?

When you visit a website with your browser, a server sends you some files, and the browser then renders them into pages that look nice and are easy for a human to use (hopefully). But you don’t need a browser to ask for those files. You can also write a computer program that requests those files. A web scraper (usually) will not render those files into pretty, usable pages, but instead load them into a format that makes them easy for a machine to read extremely quickly.

At that point, you can scan all of the files for all of the prices, and do whatever you like with them. You could average them and output a number. Or output the minimum and maximum prices. Or output the prices of the highest rated listings for whatever product you are curious about. Or feed the numbers to a graphing library that visualizes the data. Or put them into an Excel sheet. The possibilities are endless!

Some websites are hostile to this practice, however, and make you jump through hoops to prove that you are a real user and not a computer program. This makes sense, because too many webscrapers crawling all over your website can slow your site down or crash it. It’s also a way for competitors to get real time data about you, and you may want to make it more difficult for them to do so.

Build Your Own Dataset With Beautiful Soup

How to download Images from Google using Python?

Stock Market Screening and Analysis: Using Web Scraping, Neural Networks, and Regression Analysis

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Stock markets tend to react very quickly to a variety of factors such as news, earnings reports, etc. While it may be prudent to develop trading strategies based on fundamental data, the rapid changes in the stock market are incredibly hard to predict and may not conform to the goals of more short term traders. This study aims to use data science as a means to both identify high potential stocks, as well as attempt to forecast future prices/price movement in an attempt to maximize an investor’s chances of success. Read more…

How to Generate Leads with Web Scraping in Python

Lead Generation is crucial for any business, without new leads to fill your sales funnel it’s impossible to acquire your customers and grow your company. Some businesses garner a lot of inbound interest so PPC or social media ads may be enough to generate leads. But what if your product or service is something that most people don’t specifically search for? This might be a new technology, a niche product or B2B services where very few people might use a search engine to find you. Read more ….

Responsible Web Scraping: Gathering Data Ethically and Legally

Find Relevant Top Hashtags Using Python

The good thing about this code is that you do not need to log into any Instagram account. Anyone can access publicly available posts on Instagram using the hashtag. For example if you want to see the posts for the hashtag #newyork, you can do so by using the following URL:

    Read more ...

If You are Web Scraping Don’t Do These Things

  • Don’t Hard Code Session Cookies:

So what should you do instead? Code your program to login and use the sessions to ensure your cookies get sent with every request!

s = requests.Session()
s.post("https://fakewebsite.com/login", login_data)for url in url_list:
response = s.get(url)

It takes just a little extra work but it will save you time from having to constantly update the code.

  • Don’t DOS Websites: Not that type of DOS. I mean Denial Of Service. If you don’t think you are doing this you should read this section because I’m about to blow your mind. Writing a for loop to access a website is a DOS.
  • Don’t Copy and Paste Reusable Code
  • Don’t Write Single Threaded Scrapers: Note that more threads doesn’t always mean better performance. This is because all these threads live on the same core. Confusing I know but this is something you will likely come across in testing.
  • Don’t Use the Same Pattern for Scraping: Many websites will ban you if you do the same thing over and over again. There are some strategies you can use to circumvent this.

Web scraping doesn’t have to be hard. The best thing you can do for yourself is build good tools that you can reuse and your web scraping life will be much easier. If you need assistance with a web scraping project feel free to reach out to me on twitter as I do consulting.

How to Web Scrape in 8 Minutes


Wordometers is a website that provides data on live world statistics, and is the website we are going to scrape. Specifically we are going to scrape world population data that is in a table (seen below). Scraping data from a table is one of the most used forms of web scraping because most often then not the data we need in tables are not downloadable. So instead of getting the data manually we let a computer do it in mere seconds.

Image for post

Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is one of the most powerful web scraping libraries and in my opinion the easiest to learn which is why were going to use it.

Web scraping is a very powerful tool, where used in the right settings can make your life a whole lot easier

How to scrape an image from a website?

You can first extract images URLs (where the image is stored on the website) using Octoparse (a coding-free visual web scraping tool), and then download the images using image downloaders.

Which is the best OCR tool for extracting texts?

Online OCR Software

There are a few convenient and useful OCR tools in the Text Scanner such as below:

1. Images OCR

2. Screenshot OCR

3. Table OCR

4. Scanner/Digital Camera

OCR Conversions

All the OCR tools above can provide a different type of OCR conversions to help users from different file formats on different devices.

1. Extract Text from PDF.

2. Extract Text from Image.

3. Extract Text from Screenshot.

4. Extract Excel from Image.

5. Scan Text from Camera or Scanner.

What etiquette should web scrapers follow? – Web scraping code of conduct:

Scraping articles/data that is otherwise not publicly available and re-publishing it for a for-profit company is generally a no-no. There are a lot of grey areas here, and there’s usually a paragraph on scraping policy in the Terms of Use on a website.

Scraping for your own personal use: no-one cares. Just make sure to throttle the process so you don’t hammer a website to the point it becomes a DDoS attack.

Scraping is legal. https://techcrunch.com/2022/04/18/web-scraping-legal-court/

I’m not sure if there is any real law against scraping, but there are licensing issues regarding data published. If someone is paying for a data provider, and you scrape that data, that may not be legal for you to collect and redistribute.

Web Scraping with Python: from Fundamentals to Practice

Access it here

How do deal with https-domains with SSL certificates in BeautifulSoup? And please don’t say use verify = False:

BeautifulSoup is a library for pulling data out of HTML and XML. You have to make a request using another library(e.g. requests) to get HTML content of the page and pass it to BeautifulSoup for extracting useful information.

I haven’t faced with any problems during scraping HTTPs sites using requests lib.

For anyone who goes with requests as your HTTP client, I would highly recommend adding requests-cache for a nice performance boost.

Why does Python not separate data into columns when exporting web scraping results to .csv?

Make sure to set the separator to , (I think the default is ;?).

Also, you should use BeautifulSoup(page.text) instead of BeautifulSoup(page.content). If you give it bytes rather than text, BeautifulSoup has to guess the text encoding, which is slow and can produce incorrect results.

And at the end, remember to call soup.decompose() to let python free up the memory.

How do I turn web scraping into a business?

Start by identifying the problem your service can solve. Eg, e-commerce companies wanting real time data on retail trends in their space, or financial firms wanting data on hiring trends gleaned from jobs postings, etc. If you can show how your tool addresses that problem better or cheaper than the current solution, and thus creates value and $ for your audience, you’ve got a business.

Is it possible to do web scraping without using any third-party modules?

Uh, of course you can. Here I wrote this just for you. I tried to make it slightly realistic so I gave it some error handling, a stopping point, absolute URL handling, and multithreading.

I think the first barrier you’ll run into with this is Python’s native HTML parser is very strict about what valid HTML is so it won’t interpret things the same way your web browser will. For that, I suggest using lxml as a parser (but that is a third-party module).

from collections import deque
from html.parser import HTMLParser
from threading import Lock
from urllib.error import HTTPError
from urllib.parse import urljoin
from urllib.request import urlopen
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor

TARGET_URL = r"https://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/v89fm9/is_it_possible_to_do_web_scraping_without_using/"

class MyHTMLParser(HTMLParser):
    def __init__(self, url=None):
        self.links = []
        self.url = url

    def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
        if tag == "a":
            if "href" not in dict(attrs):

            href = dict(attrs)["href"]

            # Convert relative links to absolute links
            if self.url:
                href = urljoin(self.url, href)


def get_html(url):
    Get the content of a URL.
        return urlopen(url).read().decode("utf-8")
    except HTTPError as e:
        return e.read().decode("utf-8")

def parse_html(html, url=None):
    Parse the HTML of a web page.
    parser = MyHTMLParser(url)
    return parser

def handle(url, depth, callback, lock):
    Handle a web page.
    html = get_html(url)
    links = parse_html(html, url).links

    # Lock when printing to the terminal to avoid two threads printing at the same time
    with lock:
        print(depth, url)

    for link in links:
        # Lock when adding to the queue to avoid two threads adding to the queue at the same time
        with lock:
            callback((depth + 1, link))

def crawl(url, max_depth):
    Crawl a web page.
    seen = set()
    crawling = deque([(0, url)])
    lock = Lock()
    with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=NUMBER_OF_THREADS) as executor:
        tasks = []
        while crawling:
            depth, url = crawling.popleft()

            # If the depth is equal to the maximum depth, skip the URL (remember depth starts at 0)
            if depth == max_depth:

            # If the URL has already been seen, skip it
            if url in seen:

            # Submit the task and add the task to the list of tasks
            tasks.append(executor.submit(handle, url, depth, crawling.append, lock))

            # If the queue is empty and we still have tasks, wait for them one by one until we have something to do
            while tasks and not crawling:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    crawl(TARGET_URL, max_depth=MAX_DEPTH)

How to Make Money From Web Scraping – To conclude:

Web scraping can be a great way to make money online. There are a few different ways to go about it, but one of the most popular is to scrap web pages for sport arbitrage. This involves looking for discrepancies in odds between different bookmakers and then placing bets accordingly. Another way to make money from web scraping is to create a dataset with Beautiful Soup, a Python-based tool for extracting data from HTML and XML documents. This can be used to create a database of products for an ecommerce site, or to generate leads for a sales team. Finally, it’s also possible to scrape images from websites. This can be useful for creating memes or for other creative purposes. However, it’s important to follow the etiquette of web scraping and only scrape data that is publicly available. Otherwise, you could face legal action.

Web scraping can also be used to supplement your main income. In order to make money from web scraping, you will need to find a reliable source of data. One of the best places to find data for web scraping is Worldometers. This website provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics, and it is constantly updated with new data. Another great place to find data for web scraping is Beautiful Soup. Python is one of the best programming languages for web scraping, and it is relatively easy to learn. Once you have learned how to use Python for web scraping, you can start generating leads or collecting data for research purposes. Web scraping can be an extremely lucrative business, and it is a great way to make money online.

How to Make Money From Web Scraping? – Python Breaking News

AI Dashboard is available on the Web, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, PRO version

Below are the Top 10 legal side business that can make you $1000-$2000 a week. This list is based on my own experience and research. I have tried most of them and it takes dedication and passion to get there. Do your due diligence and make sure you have enough passion and patience to make it work.

Here are 10 legal side businesses that have the potential to make you $1000-$2000 a week in 2023:

  1. Freelance writing or editing: If you have strong writing or editing skills, you could offer your services as a freelance writer or editor. You could write blog posts, articles, marketing materials, or other types of content for clients.
  2. Graphic design: If you have experience with graphic design, you could offer your services to create logos, brochures, business cards, or other types of marketing materials for clients.
  3. Virtual assistance: As a virtual assistant, you could provide administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely.
  4. Social media management: If you have experience with social media marketing, you could offer your services to manage the social media accounts of businesses or individuals.
  5. Website design or development: If you have experience with website design or development, you could offer your services to create or update websites for clients.
  6. Pet sitting or dog walking: If you love animals, you could offer pet sitting or dog walking services to busy pet owners.
  7. Personal training or coaching: If you have experience in fitness or coaching, you could offer personal training or coaching services to clients.
  8. Event planning: If you enjoy planning events, you could offer your services to plan weddings, parties, or other types of events for clients.
  9. Photography: If you have experience with photography, you could offer your services to take photos for events, businesses, or individuals.
  10. Tutoring or teaching: If you have expertise in a particular subject, you could offer tutoring or teaching services to students.

These are just a few examples of legal side businesses that could potentially make you $1000-$2000 per week. The key to success in any side business is to offer high-quality services and to market your business effectively to reach potential clients.

11- Referee (If you like sports)

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Become an amateur team sports referee and officiate about 20 to 30 games per week. I did it myself and it works. You make extra cash and stay in shape and meet a lot of people( hot girls playing soccer or basketball included).

To become a soccer referee, you just need to take a 2 days certification that will cost you about $100 depending on your state.

Amateur soccer Referees are paid up to $50 per game and games are played everyday after 05pm and on week ends.

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

I have created a referee locator app and listed how to become a referee anywhere in US and Canada at Amateur Referees Locator – How to become a referee? – Djamga – ShowUpAndPlaySports

12- Buy and sell popular or efficient cars (Japanese makes like Corolla, Camry, Honda, etc…) on Craigslist , kijiji, facebook marketplace or any local popular online used item market site.

13- Learn web design, coding and apply for part time consulting gigs at Remote Jobs: Design, Programming, Rails, Executive, Marketing, Copywriting, and more. or any other site posting IT work remote jobs in US or Canada.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam, look no further than this AWS Cloud Practitioner CCP CLF-C02 book

14- Organize sports tournaments (soccer, basketball, hockey): Rent good and inexpensive fields, convince friends to create teams, run a great campaign and organize amateur sport tournaments monthly and you can easily make $5000 after expenses if you do it right. This is not easy though, you must know local players and team captains and convince them to join.

15- Become a freelancer writer If you’re creative about how you write (hint: use speech to text and edit down into prose) you can get your hourly > $40/hour even at rates like $1/100 words.

16- Learn to play poker either online or in-person. Online, go for low-stakes and grind out your cash. Live, go for higher stakes and hunt down atrocious players (see my answer to How much can a competitive online poker player make? for more)

17- Become a tutor that focuses on students that are under-performing in the subjects you’re best at.

18- Do contract sales for companies that pay you recurring revenue. Over time, if you take care of your accounts, you won’t even need to close new ones if the retention rate is high.

19- Arbitrage mispriced items on Craigslist or kijiji

20- Arbitrage textbooks on Amazon. Time it with quarters / semesters / school years ending and hold until next quarter / semester / school year.

Bonus1- Drive 20 hours a week for Uber or https://lyft.com

Bonus2- Buy vending machines so that your cashflow for your investment is $1,000-$2,000 a week

Bonus- More opportunities here

Djamgatech: Build the skills that’ll drive your career into six figures: Get Djamgatech.

How to get to My saved Payment Buttons in Paypal?

AI Dashboard is available on the Web, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, PRO version

How to get to My saved Payment Buttons in Paypal?

As a small business owner who uses paypal for transactions, I always find it hard to get to my saved payment buttons in paypal to edit them.

I don’t know for the life of me why Paypal makes it so difficult and don’t document it. The only thing I can think of is that Paypal doesn’t want merchants to use those buttons anymore and want us to upgrade to business accounts where they can a monthly fee.
I have decided to blog about it to help my fellow small business owners who work hard and to also help myself, because whenever i find it, i always forget how i did it the next time.
As of October 2018, this is what i do to get to my saved payment buttons in paypal.

  • Log into your paypal account and go to Profile on the top left of the page.
  • Click on Profile and Settings
  • Click on “my Selling Tools” on the left menu
  • Click on Manage Selling on the right et voila….

They might change it again in the future to confuse us, but I will update it again if it happens.
Paypal already gets a fee on all transaction made on our site and they want to squeeze more by forcing us to upgrade. Don’t get fouled…..and stay woke.

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List of Freely available programming books - What is the single most influential book every Programmers should read

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zCanadian Quiz and Trivia, Canadian History, Citizenship Test, Geography, Wildlife, Secenries, Banff, Tourism

Africa Quiz, Africa Trivia, Quiz, African History, Geography, Wildlife, Culture

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada.
Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting All 50 States in the USA
Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting All 50 States in the USA

Health Health, a science-based community to discuss health news and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Today I Learned (TIL) You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here.

Reddit Science This community is a place to share and discuss new scientific research. Read about the latest advances in astronomy, biology, medicine, physics, social science, and more. Find and submit new publications and popular science coverage of current research.

Reddit Sports Sports News and Highlights from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and leagues around the world.

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