AI in Marketing in November 2023

AI in Marketing in November 2023

AI in Marketing in November 2023

What is Happening In Marketing & Advertising in November 2023? Week3: (You’re fired)

Top 6 Updates of the Week:

  • Google SGE gets new updates focused on Gift Shopping for Holidays.

  • OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman was fired and now he’s juggling between Microsoft & OA.

  • Meta announces two new Video & AI Image Generation Tools.

  • Snapchat shares new research on positive behaviour of Users on platform.

  • TikTok now allows to save songs directly to Spotify with new partnership.

  • Youtube shares new Experiments allowing users to create AI Music.

TikTok 🎶

  • 43% of TikTok users now use the app to get news and updates on events.

  • TikTok now allows users/creators to build AR Filters within the app.

  • TikTok shares how it uses your information for its Ad Platform.

  • New Ad Metrics Framework feature for TikTok App Advertisers.

  • New Click Button Animation for Product Ads.

  • IAS & TikTok expand their brand safety partnership to 21 New Countries.

  • Parent “Bytedance” is closing in on Meta in terms of revenue.

Instagram & Threads 🗂️

  • A list of new editing and creation updates announced for Reels and Stories.

  • Instagram Posts for Close-friends only, new update launched.

  • Instagram Guides are going away in December.

  • Instagram is working on Instagram Stories that last 7 days called “My Week”.

  • Instagram announces new achievements dashboard for Creators.

  • Threads app now testing new version of Hashtags in Australia.

  • Ability to delete Threads profile is now available.

  • Instagram working on a “Notes Wall” called Wonderwall.

Meta 😅

  • Meta announces 3 New Updates to help Creators make more money.

  • Meta’s DM Notes feature is now rolled out for messenger.

  • A/B Testing API for Reels and Videos is now available.

  • You can’t run Ads on Meta Platforms if you are subscribed to Ad-free version in EU.

  • Meta shares App Stores should manage Age Verification.

  • WhatsApp partners with Mercedes Benz F1 Team as Messaging partner.

  • WhatsApp’s new Discord-like Audio Chatrooms for Communities are here.

X (Twitter) 🕹️

  • X is losing advertisers again, IBM & Apple paused their Ad Campaigns.

  • Twitter launches new Job Search Tool.

  • Community Notes access expanded to more countries.

  • X Employee blames “Media Matters” for decline in their Ad Platform usage.

  • Change X subscription tiers on web.

Youtube 🕹️

  • Youtube updates their guidelines, allowing Ads to be served on Adult Content.

  • Premium Users now have access to more AI Features.

  • Youtube launches new tags for AI-generated content.

Google 🔦

  • Google now allows users to follow certain topics to get notifications about them.

  • Google is working on a “notes” feature, allowing users to add notes to web results.

  • New AI Ads seen in Google’s SGE AI Feed.

  • Maps get an update to better Travel planning and navigation.

  • Google’s use of Clicks as ranking factor revealed in leaked slides.

  • New Version of Quality Rater Guidelines out now.

  • Google Admits to paying 36% of Safari Revenue to Apple.

Agency News

  • Pizza Hut hires MischiefUS as Social AOR.

  • Dentsu reports a -0.6% decline in revenue for Q3 2023.

  • McCann is repitching fossil fuels client, despite Industry backlash.

  • Ari Weiss steps down as CCO of DDB Worldwide.

  • Wilkinson Sword appoints VCCP Media as UK Media AOR.

  • Erin Riley named new US CEO for TBWA\Chiat\Day.

  • Kellanova is considering an Agency Review after splitting with Kellogg.

Brands & Ads 🏓

  • Roblox is promoting Video Portal Ads, currently in testing with brands.

  • Burger King & Fila partner to launch sneakers with Fire.

  • Rival McDonald’s also partnered with Crocs to launch McCrocs.

  • Budlight US CMO is out.

  • Penny’s Campaign In EU is the new Christmas Ad everyone is loving.

  • XBox’s new Ad campaign to find Football Manager for Bromley FC.

  • Paramount+ is partnering with Formula 1 to promote new shows.

  • DrMartens steals Apple’s Chief Brand Officer.

  • Nike has a new CMO.

AI 🤨

  • Bing AI is now Microsoft Co-pilot, plus new updates to user access.

  • Launch of Google’s Gemini AI delayed until late Q1 2024.

  • AirBnB acquires AI platform for $200M.

  • Bard gets new Math and Data Visualisation features.

  • Upgrades to ChatGPT+ are paused for now, why? High demand.

Microsoft & LinkedIn 💾

  • Microsoft Ads sending increased Privacy Violation Emails.

  • LinkedIn’s new AI Assistant updates for Sales Navigator.

Snapchat (Best.)

  • Now it’s Snap, Amazon now allows users to shop directly from snapchat.

  • New “Friends & Family” Paid Subscription plan for Snapchat+ in testing.

  • Snapchat & NYX’s unique partnership to revive NYX’s product demand.

  • Snapchat now highlights if someone half-peeked your snap.

Pinterest & Twitch

  • The Shuffles App Collages feature is coming to Pinterest, In-platform publishing.

  • Twitch Privacy Center announced to educate users about their personal data.

Marketing & More 🔉

  • Instacart launches new Discovery Tools for Advertisers.

  • Goodloop, An Advertising company launches new Programmatic Ad Products.

  • GroupM and Google partner to launch new privacy program testing SandboxAPI.

  • Meta, Apple and TikTok join forces to fight EU’s Gatekeeper designation.

  • Apple Privately asked Amazon to block rival Ads.

  • New Compendium launched to help improve Poor Briefing in Mktg.

  • Roku Alum joins NBCU Ad Leadership team.

What is Happening In Marketing & Advertising in November 2023? Week1 & 2: (Amazon’s Takeover)

Top 6 Updates of the Week:

  • Meta enables Amazon shopping through IG & FB with new partnership.

  • OpenAI announces ability to create Custom GPTs, It’s simpler now.

  • Meta’s Led Generation Ads get new updates for Holiday Campaigns.

  • Google shares their plan for better Ad Targeting without Cookies.

  • TikTok is creating a new eCommerce Fulfilment Network.

  • EU asks Youtube & TikTok to detail child protection measures by Nov 30.

Marketing & Advertising in November 2023
What is Happening In Marketing & Advertising in November 2023? Week1 & 2: (Amazon’s Takeover)

Investor & Launch Week

  • Instacart’s Ad revenue is up 19%.

  • Trade Desk reports revenue decline due to Decline in CTV Ad Sales.

  • Barbie didn’t help, Warner Bros is still suffering from Ad Losses.

  • Walmart & NBCUniversal partner to ;lunch ‘Shop the Moment’ Ads.

  • Roku now holds 51% of CTV Device Market Share.

  • S4 Capital also reported Difficult Q3 as Headcount drops by 9%.

  • Disney reports better earnings than expected with rise in Streaming Numbers.

  • Lyft is fighting Uber Hard with new product launches.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: TikTok 🎶

  • TikTok to end their creator fund in December.

  • Update to Events API, allowing better Ad Campaign Tracking.

  • Met Gala 2024 is sponsored by TikTok.

  • Agencies can now participate in Marketing Partners Program, new category.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: Instagram & Threads 🗂️

  • Share Comments to Stories Feature is live now.

  • Instagram will soon let you turn off read receipts, confirmed.

  • IG to soon launch 2 AI Generated filters.

  • Instagram announces their new list highlighting Creators of Tomorrow.

  • Threads is close to launching in Europe, Backend Code reveals.

  • Instagram announces ability to reply to Notes with Audio, photo, video & more.

  • Instagram CEO leaks development of a feature ‘Events Menu’.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: Meta 😅

  • Meta announces 3 New Updates to help Creators make more money.

  • Meta shares new AI guidelines for political & Social Issue Ads.

  • Meta, Snap, Discord & Google announce Lantern, An Online Child Safety Program.

  • WhatsApp launches new Security feature to protect User location .

  • Meta launches new Open-source program for startups.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: X (Twitter) 🕹️

  • X gets timestamp Video links, like Youtube.

  • New Update to Community Notes about Image Tweets.

  • A variety of new DM updates announced for Free & Premium users.

  • Elon announces algorithm update to highlight small creators.

  • IP Protection launched for Audio/Video Calls.

  • You can now interact with Posts from Communities without joining.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: Youtube 🕹️

  • Youtube adds new improvements to Copyright notification emails.

  • New Personalised Video Section launched for Channel Pages.

  • Youtube’s New AI features available to Premium Users.

  • Youtube is reportedly testing a randomiser Button for Shorts.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: Google 🔦

  • Google updates policy to fight against abuse of their Ad Network.

  • Google’s AI Feed; SGE expands to 120+ Countries.

  • Google shares 100 Most Searched Products for Holidays.

  • Product Reviews November 2023 Update is now rolling out.

  • Google’s New Sopping Feed expands on SERP, new UI.

  • Google Adds more performance details to Search Console Reports.

AI in Marketing in November 2023:  Agency News

  • Accenture Song wins Global Peugeot Account.

  • Mediaplus wins International E.ON Account.

  • Dentsu Creative names Abbey Klaassen new US CEO.

  • Cotton Incorporated Names Gale, US Creative Agency.

  • John Lewis’s Christmas Ad Public Approval is down this 30%.

AI in Marketing in November 2023: Brands & Ads 🏓

  • Jameson’s new Global Campaign with Ogilvy, highlighting Family Values.

  • Unilever launches Comedic Soap Opera on TikTok, Literally it’s soap.

  • BBH’s New Ad Campaign promoting Tesco’s new Delivery Service.

  • Nike launches ‘Nike Teens’ a new hub for UK Teens.

  • SiriusXM launches new Streaming app, focused on Younger Audience

  • KFC Teases Return of Festive Favourites Menu.

  • Pornhub 24-hour Ad Spot taken over by Cannabis Media Council.

  • Kraft Real’s New Campaign to make ‘Moist’ the word of the year.

AI 🤨

  • All the updates announced at OpenAI Dev Day.

  • Google’s New AI Tools now rolled out to Performance Max Advertisers in US.

  • Shutterstock announce new framework for AI Image Generation.

  • Gong launches new AI-powered Workflows.

  • Google Cloud & Stagwell partner to Boost GenAI Marketing solutions.

  • WPP & Sprinklr partner to launch new AI Management solutions.

AI in Marketing in November 2023:  Microsoft & LinkedIn 💾

  • Microsoft Ads announce New Bid Strategies for Audience Ads.

  • Microsoft launches Bing Webmasters Tool Android App.

  • LinkedIn launches new Ad Campaign around B2B Buzzwords.

  • LinkedIn Image Carousels uploaded in the past will go away in December.

AI in Marketing in November 2023:  Reddit & Snap

  • Reddit is testing new Add-ons to help Moderators.

  • New AR features announced at Snap’s Lens Fest 2023.

  • Snapchat lays off 20 Product Managers to increase productivity.

Marketing & More 🔉

  • Tumblr is a failure but it’s not shutting down like Omegle.

  • Omegle, A Online Video Chatting Platform shuts down.

  • Amazon sells out Black Friday NFL Game Ads.

  • ITV to reduce new shows even with fear of Advertising Slump.

  • Samsung launches new Assistant, Samsung Gauss.


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The Big Marketing FAQ You Didn’t Know You Needed

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: Latest Insights & Trends for 2023

SEO Audits: Building a Website Recovery Roadmap After Google Updates

Hey there, Reddit’s largest Marketing community! Given that most of you work with clients’ websites, we believe that insights into website audits would be super valuable here. Today, we’re going to share some highlights from our conversation with Olga Zarr, the Founder & CEO of SEOSLY. She’ll be sharing her expertise on performing SEO audits for digital businesses and agencies, especially in light of recent Google updates. Off we go!

Host: We know that Google updates (like the recent helpful content updates, spam, and two core updates that were rolled out within the last two months), are really shaking things up for different websites. What would you tell to people who are wondering how Google updates can affect their website’s performance?
Guest: There are three types of scenarios. 1.) The first one is you aren’t affected at all, which I noticed in the case of websites where I really don’t do any tricks. I just publish content based on SEO fundamentals. Those types of websites usually are not affected by core updates. 2.) There is of course the possibility of a very positive effect, which means that Google changed something they value and now you have this thing present. You are using it to like 100%. And then you can experience a traffic spike. 3) There can also be a negative outcome where you basically lose traffic because Google is now valuing something you don’t have.

Host: What if we go for the second scenario, and you see a traffic drop or ranking decrease and you know that a Google update was just recently released? What is the first thing you suggest to do to figure out what went wrong for your specific website?
Guest: The most important thing is to not do anything. Wait until the update is finished and then take a close strategic approach in really assessing who is now ranking above you and how they differ from your site. [Look at] what they have that you don’t have.

Host: Do you analyze on page, off page, technical… what do you look at?
Guest: When I land new clients, or when someone comes to me because they lost traffic and they need a traffic drop analysis, what I always suggest doing is a full SEO audit. Analyze the site from all possible angles, meaning on page, off page, technical, content… Everything. [I look at] the full package.

Host: Is there anything that you do to automate the process?
Guest: For example, when I start the audit, I spend 30 minutes or so just playing with the website; opening it on my phone, browsing it, clicking, trying to add things to cards, adding some filters, just seeing how the site works. And there’s an automatic part where I have to crawl the sites. So that I have all the URLs, all the images extracted, everything, JavaScript executed… So that I can see everything from the technical side. I can see the size of the site, the status codes… all those types of things. You have to use the tools intelligently but still rely on your own human element, the human brain.

Host: Could share your experience in terms of what you look at specifically?
Guest: I have my own template (It’s public, I share it on my website). I think there are 288 points or something… then I go into Google Search Console and review every report there (and also Google Analytics). And these are the first three things I do, and then I follow the checklist which usually then starts with technical things like robots, text, sitemaps, titles, and other things like that.

Host: How do you decide the priority of which issues need to be fixed?
Guest: Generally, you want to divide the issues; like their priority, and their urgency, and how easy it is to implement them. Because sometimes it may, in the case of a huge e-commerce site, getting one small thing done, which is not really that important, may take months. But there may be smaller things you can do, which will take a shorter period of time, and they can have a bigger impact. So you need to assess what issues are critical, and are harming SEO right now. So this usually has to be taken care of in the first place. Then I always try to identify some quick SEO wins (as a bonus) so that potentially the client can see some positive results sooner than later, because usually SEO takes a lot of time. […] I got clients saying that they are not visible in Google for their brand name. They wanted me to do branded type of research: what’s going on, why their brand is not showing up, etc. And the first thing I do, I realize that they have no index tag on their site. It is not the problem with their brand, but their site is blocked from indexing. So without solving this one thing, there is no point in doing anything else.

Host: I wanted to get your thoughts… For example, you have 10 clients, you have your own website, and you need to take care of everybody’s audit. How do you manage that process?
Guest: You have to use a task management program. You can create those processes there; what step needs to be taken as the first one, the second one, and you simply train your SEOs. Simply follow them, and this way, you can just review their work instead of doing it by yourself. It’s scalable. And don’t forget about automatically reviewing and alerting using specialized tools.

And there you have it. These insights should help your SEO agency thrive and improve your processes with clients. Each of the points presented above were handpicked specifically to help you build your website auditing and prioritization workflow. I hope you guys also enjoyed these highlights. And don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Our team wishes you a profitable Q4 and the best of success in all your marketing projects!

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

Source: Reddit

15 powerful “psychological tricks” to increase your sales💰

  1. Sell your freemium as LTD. If your audience is price-sensitive like SMBs or freelancers, you might want to convert your freemium into LTD where they have to pay for lifetime access once, and once they’re in upsell them a subscription.

  2. Price Anchoring: Use comparative pricing to show the value of your offer, making your product more attractive price-wise.

  3. Leverage Social Proof: People base their purchasing decisions on others’ experiences. Highlight reviews and testimonials in your marketing to show that your product is trusted and valued by people similar to your ICP.

  4. Solicit Genuine Reviews: Encourage your satisfied customers to leave honest reviews. This not only provides social proof but also counters any skepticism about the authenticity of the reviews.

  5. Offer Free Trials or Demos. PLG for the win. Let customers to test your product without commitment can be a major a decisive factor in their decision to purchase.

  6. Offer Limited Choices: Too many options will overwhelm your prospects. Limit their choices just enough so they feel like they are making the decision.

  7. Address the Fear of Making the Wrong Decision: Providing options like money-back guarantees can reduce the perceived risk and encourage purchases, despite the actual usage of such guarantees being low.

  8. Utilize Scarcity and Urgency(but don’t fake it). Indicate limited availability or time-sensitive offers to create a sense of urgency, prompting quicker purchasing decisions.

  9. Brand Familiarity: Build brand awareness through repeated exposure. Familiar brands are often trusted more, leading to higher chances of purchase.

  10. Reduce Cognitive Load: Simplify information and choices to avoid overwhelming potential customers, making it easier for them to decide.

  11. Create a Ceremony Around Pricing: For B2B or high-value products, making customers wait for a quote can signal quality and thoughtfulness, as well as increase perceived value.

  12. Use Clear Calls to Action (CTAs): Guide customers on what to do next with clear and specific instructions.

  13. Target a ‘Starving Crowd’: Identify and cater to a market with a strong, existing need for your product or service.

  14. Tailor Messaging to Audience Expectations: Understand the stereotypes or assumptions your target audience might have about your product or industry. Craft your marketing messages to align with these perceptions positively. For instance, if you’re marketing a luxury product, your audience might assume high quality and exclusivity, so your messaging should reinforce these ideas.

  15. Challenge Negative Perceptions: If your product or industry suffers from negative stereotypes, use your marketing to challenge and change these perceptions. For example, if you sell a product that’s traditionally seen as low quality or cheap, focus on showcasing its unexpected durability or high-end features.

Marketing begins and ends with measurement. Here’s how to make sense of it all

We’re in a watershed moment for advertising.

Expanded regulations are shifting the privacy landscape, as consumers demand more transparency and control over their data. And platform updates — like Chrome’s plans to deprecate third-party cookies in the second half of 2024 — require businesses to adopt more durable ways to meet their marketing objectives and drive business growth. Then there’s the rapid evolution of newer technologies, including AI.

Disruption isn’t new to marketers, but this time around, it’s particularly profound. Because, while the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed, how you achieve your goals is changing dramatically.

At Google, we’re building products and services to help you navigate this transition with confidence, and we believe that confidence begins with measurement. Without a firm grasp of the signals you use to achieve your goals, you’re driving without a map. With the proper data and a strong marketing measurement foundation, you can see clearly what’s working and make adjustments.

In our current context, this can still feel daunting. Here’s the good news: The steps toward a strong measurement foundation enable you to take advantage of AI opportunities. Used together, these components will help you make decisions with confidence and power AI to deliver long-term performance for your business. But taking action is easier when you start by asking the right questions.

We’ve thought through and answered three critical measurement considerations. We hope they provide you with confidence as you prepare for 2024. Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room.

How Subway maximizes the impact of marketing mix modeling to drive growth

Just a few years ago, marketing mix modeling seemed to be fading in importance. Many considered it a relic of predigital times, with a limited ability to generate actionable insights and recommendations. But recent innovations have made marketing mix models (MMMs) far more nimble. When taken together with the inherent privacy durability of MMMs and their ability to measure all marketing spend on a level playing field, these innovations suggest marketing mix models have a bright future in our industry.

At Subway®, MMMs are integral to our cross-media measurement strategy and help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing and media investments. In an effort to further hone our approach, we enlisted our partners at Ipsos MMA and Google to help us navigate an increasingly complex consumer landscape and allocate spend accordingly.1 Here are some of our key learnings.

1. Develop more granular insights

With the fragmentation of digital advertising across media and ad formats, devices, market areas, and bid strategies, marketers must be cautious not to oversimplify their measurement frameworks. At Subway, we have recommitted to capturing granular insights in order to figure out which channels and ad types represent the smartest investment and to make more informed decisions.

Layering bumper ads on top of TrueView ads drove 2X higher ROI than running TrueView alone.

Thankfully, digging into these details is easier than ever. We can now understand important drivers of platform performance and evaluate the role of new channels and formats in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.

Ace the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam: Pass the Azure Fundamentals Exam with Ease

In partnership with Google and Ipsos MMA, Subway has been able to isolate the impact of various types of campaign-level marketing data and integrate those insights into our model. For example, we learned that layering bumper ads on top of TrueView ads drove 2X higher ROI than running TrueView alone, and that sequencing video ads proved 20% more effective than YouTube’s average performance metrics.2

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam, look no further than this AWS Cloud Practitioner CCP CLF-C02 book

These measurement strategies and capabilities, once unthinkable in marketing mix modeling, have helped Subway see both the forest and the trees when allocating marketing investments.

2. Consider long-term effects

MMMs typically account for the effects of advertising months after initial exposure. But what about measuring its compound effect over a period of years? Many marketers will prioritize quick wins and short-term gains when money is tight, but it’s critical not to lose sight of your brand’s long-term health.

While collaborating with Google and Ipsos MMA, we wanted to examine the impact of advertising over a lengthy time period. So we ran a long-term effects model that applied key brand health metrics, such as unaided awareness, consideration, and familiarity.

The results were clear: Investing in digital is an effective way to increase brand health metrics. Due to our strategic adjustments, Subway’s return on ad spend for online video has increased 1.8X since 2021.3

3. Lean into multiple data sources

Data is essential for driving meaningful organizational change. We use multiple data points to make informed decisions about our marketing strategy and achieve better results for our franchisees.

For example, we used Google’s Reach Planner to understand the reach and frequency dynamics of our advertising on YouTube and linear TV. Reach Planner revealed that we were reaching our target audience 3.5X more per month on TV relative to YouTube.4 This insight into relative frequency played a pivotal role in shaping the qualitative metrics that guided our interpretation of our MMM results.

Then we uncovered another astonishing insight: YouTube on connected TV (CTV) was 2X more effective than other devices.5 These complementary data points gave us the confidence to increase Subway’s YouTube, streaming, and overall digital presence by more than 50%. The business results spoke for themselves. By leaning into these learnings, our business saw 10 consecutive quarters of sales growth.

While we’ll always value TV’s role in our media plan, the data we uncovered helped us better understand its contribution relative to other channels.

An actionable marketing mix model requires organizational readiness

Of course, implementing all of the above into your marketing strategy is easier said than done. Feeding nuanced insights into your MMM and acting on its output may require significant organizational changes at your company.

This is exactly the challenge we faced at Subway, and we tackled it one step at a time.

First, we aligned stakeholders on KPIs and our measurement strategy, ensuring everyone was on the same page for consistency and efficiency. While this may seem straightforward, achieving cross-functional alignment can be daunting.

MMMs will be a critical tool in helping brands to understand the micro and macro shifts that impact performance.

For instance, while some decision-makers evaluate operating costs and efficiencies across the marketing organization, others must prove the impact of their budgets. If they want to make the best decisions for their business, both must align on their objectives and believe in measurement and data. Achieving this alignment means ensuring stakeholders are comfortable with how a marketing mix model works and overcoming any fears they may have. It’s important to explain what MMMs can and can’t do for your team.

We also realized that we needed a more holistic approach to measurement. In the past, traditional media and digital media were often siloed, with different teams responsible for measuring and analyzing each. After breaking down the silos, we better understood how these channels complement each other. While having a single team evaluate every type of media may seem incredibly complicated, in reality it’s simple. No matter the medium, we see what works the best, maximizing ROI, traffic, and revenue with the budget we have.

At Subway, we’re always trying to answer one question: How do we take our franchisee’s dollars and invest them in media that will drive money back to the franchisees? Rethinking our MMM strategy has helped us get closer to that goal. As a brand with 60 years of experience, we know that consumer trends and consumption habits are constantly evolving, especially among younger generations. Going forward, we believe that MMMs will be a critical tool in helping brands to understand the micro and macro shifts in marketing behaviors that impact performance on any time horizon.

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada.
Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada

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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting All 50 States in the USA

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