What is trending in April 2023?

What is trending in April 2023

What is trending in April 2023?

April 2023 is here and with it comes a wave of new trends to check out! Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, explore the latest apps, or discover new hotspots in town, there’s something for everyone this month.

From vegan burgers and plant-based diets to virtual reality experiences and online yoga classes – prepare yourself for an influx of all things cool as we wrap up the first four months of the New Year.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into April 2023 and get ahead on the trend curve!

What is trending in April 2023: April 29th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 28th, 2023

Does serotonin make you happy?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in regulating mood, sleep, appetite, and other functions. While it is often referred to as the “happiness hormone,” its relationship with happiness is complex. Increased levels of serotonin can contribute to an overall sense of well-being, but it is not the sole determinant of happiness.

Does dopamine make you happy?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with the brain’s reward and pleasure systems. It plays a role in motivating and reinforcing behaviors that lead to positive experiences. Although dopamine is not responsible for happiness per se, it contributes to the sensation of pleasure and drives us to seek rewarding experiences that can make us feel happy.

Does vitamin D make you happy?

Vitamin D has been linked to various aspects of physical and mental health, including mood regulation. Some studies have found that low levels of vitamin D can be associated with depression and mood disorders. While vitamin D alone does not guarantee happiness, maintaining adequate levels may contribute to improved mood and overall well-being.

Does smiling make you happy?

Smiling has been shown to have a positive effect on one’s mood and can even make others around you feel happier. The act of smiling activates neural pathways associated with happiness and triggers the release of endorphins, which can contribute to a more positive mood. While smiling is not a cure-all for unhappiness, it can be a simple way to boost your mood.

Does money make you happy?

Money can influence happiness to a certain extent, particularly when it comes to meeting basic needs and achieving financial security. However, studies have shown that the relationship between money and happiness plateaus at a certain point, with additional wealth providing diminishing returns on happiness. Moreover, factors such as relationships, personal fulfillment, and overall well-being play significant roles in determining happiness, beyond the impact of money.

How to be happy again

Regaining happiness after experiencing sadness or difficult times involves adopting positive habits and practicing self-care. Techniques such as setting realistic goals, cultivating gratitude, connecting with others, and seeking professional help if necessary can help individuals find happiness and emotional balance once more.

How to be happy alone

Being happy alone requires embracing solitude and finding ways to enjoy your own company. Activities such as pursuing hobbies, engaging in self-reflection, setting personal goals, and focusing on self-improvement can help individuals find contentment and happiness even when they are alone.

How to be happy with yourself

Being happy with oneself involves cultivating self-acceptance, self-compassion, and a positive self-image. Strategies such as setting realistic expectations, focusing on strengths, practicing self-care, and seeking support from others can help individuals develop a greater sense of self-worth and happiness.

How to be happy in life

Achieving happiness in life involves practicing positive habits, maintaining healthy relationships, and focusing on personal growth. Steps such as fostering gratitude, prioritizing experiences over material possessions, pursuing goals with meaning, and nurturing social connections can contribute to a more fulfilling and happy life.

How to be happy single

Being happy while single involves embracing the freedom and independence that comes with this stage of life. Individuals can focus on personal growth, pursue their passions, build strong friendships, and develop a deeper understanding of their own needs and desires. Cultivating self-love and self-sufficiency can help individuals find happiness and contentment while single.

What is trending in April 2023: April 27th, 2023

Football great Pelé enters dictionary to mean ‘unique’

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento Pele of Brazil celebrates the victory after winnings the 1970 World Cup in Mexico match between Brazil and Italy at Estadio Azteca on 21 June in Mexico City.
Football great Pelé enters dictionary to mean ‘unique’

Pelé, the nickname of the late football legend, has officially become synonymous with “exceptional, incomparable, unique”.

The Portuguese-language Michaelis dictionary, one of the most popular in Brazil, added “pelé” as a new adjective to its online edition.

The inclusion came after a campaign by the Pelé Foundation to honour the football star gathered more than 125,000 signatures.

What is trending in April 2023: April 26th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 25th, 2023

RIP Harry Belafonte. A true legend.



Harry Belafonte, activist and entertainer, dies at 96
Rip Harry Belafonte, activist and entertainer, dies at 96
Harry Belafonte, the civil rights and entertainment giant who began as a groundbreaking actor and singer and became an activist, humanitarian and conscience of the world, has died. He was 96.
In a matter of minutes, the TV news world was upended
In a matter of minutes, the TV news world was upended
Two of the most recognizable anchors in political TV world are suddenly gone, leaving viewers and the political media stunned
TikTok's algorithm ticks off parents and lawmakers as lawsuits pile up. Here's why
TikTok’s algorithm ticks off parents and lawmakers as lawsuits pile up. Here’s why
TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is facing lawsuits after multiple deaths related to its algorithm

Protein: Price -Vs- Carbon Emissions

Protein: Price -Vs- Carbon Emissions
Protein: Price -Vs- Carbon Emissions
Protein: Price -Vs- Carbon Emissions
Price of Protein in 2023

When does parenting get easier?

Parenting does not necessarily have a specific point where it gets easier, as each stage of a child’s life comes with different challenges and rewards. However, many parents find that they feel more comfortable and confident as they gain experience and their child becomes more independent. Read more

What is co-parenting?

Co-parenting is a collaborative approach to raising a child where both parents, often separated or divorced, work together to provide a stable, loving, and supportive environment for their child. Effective communication, respect, and compromise are key to successful co-parenting. Read more

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

What is child rearing?

Child rearing refers to the process of raising, nurturing, and educating a child from infancy through adolescence. It involves providing a child with the necessary physical, emotional, and social resources to develop into a well-adjusted, independent adult. Read more

What is helicopter parenting?

Helicopter parenting is a parenting style characterized by excessive involvement, control, and overprotectiveness in a child’s life. Helicopter parents closely monitor and intervene in their child’s activities, often to the point of stifling their child’s independence and self-confidence. Read more

What is Montessori parenting?

Montessori parenting is a parenting approach based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. It emphasizes the importance of a child-centered, hands-on learning environment that promotes independence, self-confidence, and a love for learning. Montessori parenting encourages respect for a child’s individuality and natural development. Read more

What is trending in April 2023: April 23 – 24, 2023

Ballroom dancer and longtime ‘Dancing With The Stars’ judge Len Goodman dies at 78

Which national park has the largest tree in the world?

Sequoia National Park is home to the largest tree in the world, known as General Sherman, a giant sequoia. Read more: Sequoia National Park

Which national park has the highest mountain?

Denali National Park and Preserve has the highest mountain in North America, Mount Denali, which stands at 20,310 feet (6,190 meters). Read more: Denali National Park and Preserve

Which national park has the tallest trees?

Redwood National and State Parks in California are home to the tallest trees in the world, the coast redwoods. Read more: Redwood National and State Parks

Which national park has the most visitors?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States. Read more: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Which national park has the most bears?

Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska has one of the highest concentrations of brown bears in the world. Read more: Katmai National Park and Preserve

What is the best national park for Kids?

Yellowstone National Park is often considered the best national park for kids due to its geysers, wildlife, and variety of family-friendly activities. Read more: Yellowstone National Park

What is the best national park for Hiking?

Zion National Park is renowned for its hiking opportunities, with trails such as Angels Landing and The Narrows offering stunning views and challenging terrain. Read more: Zion National Park

What is the best national park for Wildlife?

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best national parks for wildlife, providing opportunities to see a wide variety of animals, including bison, elk, wolves, and bears. Read more: Yellowstone National Park

What is the best national park for Stargazing?

Big Bend National Park in Texas is known for its exceptional stargazing opportunities, thanks to its remote location and minimal light pollution. Read more: Big Bend National Park

What is the best national park for Honeymoon?

For a romantic honeymoon destination, Yosemite National Park offers breathtaking scenery, tranquil settings, and a variety of outdoor activities for couples. Read more: Yosemite National Park

What is trending in April 2023: April 21st, 2023


Which country has the highest average human life span and why?

List of the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy rates:

1. Hong Kong – 84.7 years.

2. Japan – 84.5 years.

3. Switzerland – 83.7 years.

4. Singapore – 83.6 years.

5. Italy – 83.4 years.

~ Spain – 83.4 years.

7. Australia – 83.3 years.

8. Iceland – 82.9 years.

9. Israel – 82.8 years.

~ South Korea – 82.8 years

List of the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy rates
List of the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy rates

What is trending in April 2023: April 20th, 2023

How to forage?

Foraging involves searching for and gathering wild food resources. To forage successfully, you need to learn about the plants and fungi in your area, understand their habitats, and know how to identify them safely. Always follow ethical foraging practices and be cautious about potential dangers. A great starting point for learning about foraging is USDA Forest Service’s guidelines on ethical wildflower and plant collection.

How to forage dandelions?

Foraging for dandelions is quite simple, as they are a common and easily recognizable plant. To forage dandelions, search for plants with bright yellow flowers, toothed leaves, and a milky sap. Harvest the leaves, flowers, and roots for various culinary uses. Be sure to forage in areas free from pesticides and pollution. For detailed information on foraging dandelions, visit Grow Forage Cook Ferment’s guide to foraging dandelions.

How to forage for mushrooms without dying?

Ace the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam: Pass the Azure Fundamentals Exam with Ease

Foraging for mushrooms safely is crucial, as many species can be toxic or even lethal. To avoid danger, always learn to identify mushrooms accurately, never consume any mushroom you are unsure of, and forage with experienced individuals or groups. Familiarize yourself with both edible and poisonous species in your area. A reliable resource for learning about mushroom foraging is Mushroom Appreciation’s guide to mushroom identification.

How to clean foraged plants?

Cleaning foraged plants is important to remove dirt, insects, and contaminants. To clean foraged plants, rinse them thoroughly under running water, gently rubbing the surface to dislodge any debris. For particularly dirty plants or those with tight crevices, you can use a soft brush. After washing, shake off excess water, and pat dry with a clean towel. For more tips on cleaning foraged plants, check out Wild Edible’s guide to cleaning and preparing wild edibles.

What is trending in April 2023: April 19th, 2023

What the Dominion lawsuit revealed about Fox News and what’s next: Learn more.

Family of Tyre Nichols sues Memphis officials, police officers: Learn more.

Alleged US Pentagon document leaker Teixeira to remain in jail: Learn more.

What’s happening in Sudan? | Start Here: Learn more.

Ukraine faces grain export problems despite ship checks resuming: Learn more.

Florida expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’ education ban to all grades: Learn more.

Moscow court rejects Kremlin critic’s appeal of prison term: Learn more.

China Tesla plant where worker died had safety weakness: Reports: Learn more.

Photos: Yazidis ring in the year 6773 at temple in Iraq: Learn more.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam, look no further than this AWS Cloud Practitioner CCP CLF-C02 book

What is trending in April 2023: Top questions about What is good for the environment

Are bats good for the environment?

Yes, bats are good for the environment. They play essential roles in ecosystems, such as pollination, seed dispersal, and insect control. By consuming vast amounts of insects, bats help control pests that can damage crops and spread diseases. Learn more.

Is fossil fuel good for the environment?

No, fossil fuels are not good for the environment. The burning of fossil fuels releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which contribute to climate change. Additionally, fossil fuel extraction and transportation can lead to habitat destruction, pollution, and oil spills. Learn more.

Are e-bikes good for the environment?

Yes, e-bikes can be good for the environment when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. They produce fewer emissions, consume less energy, and have a smaller carbon footprint. E-bikes can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in urban areas, making them a more sustainable transportation option. Learn more.

Is seaweed good for the environment?

Yes, seaweed can be beneficial for the environment. It serves as a natural carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Seaweed also provides habitat and food for various marine species, contributes to coastal protection, and can be used in sustainable agriculture as a biofertilizer or feed additive. Learn more.

Is hydroelectric power good for the environment?

Hydroelectric power has both positive and negative environmental impacts. On one hand, it’s a renewable energy source that generates electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the construction and operation of hydroelectric dams can disrupt local ecosystems, change water flow patterns, and impact fish and wildlife populations. The overall environmental impact depends on the specific project and its management. Learn more.

What is trending in April 2023: Top questions about Earth Day

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting environmental protection. Learn more.

When was the first Earth Day?

The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970. It was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in and has since grown into a global event. Learn more.

Why is Earth Day important?

Earth Day is important because it raises awareness about environmental issues, promotes environmental protection, and encourages people to take action to preserve the planet. Earth Day events and campaigns help educate the public, inspire activism, and foster a greater appreciation for the environment. Learn more.

Why was Earth Day created?

Earth Day was created in response to growing environmental concerns in the 1960s and 1970s, such as air and water pollution, deforestation, and wildlife extinction. The goal was to raise public awareness about these issues, mobilize support for environmental legislation, and encourage people to take action to protect the environment. Learn more.

Who started Earth Day?

Earth Day was started by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. He proposed the idea for a national environmental teach-in, which later became known as Earth Day. The first Earth Day was organized by Denis Hayes, who was appointed as the national coordinator for the event. Learn more.

What is trending in April 2023: April 18th, 2023

Time it takes a hacker to brute force your password in 2023
I updated our famous password table for 2023
What is trending in April 2023: Time it takes a hacker to brute force your password in 2023

What is a PTO in hockey:

A PTO, or Professional Tryout, is a short-term contract that allows a player to attend a team’s training camp or play in a limited number of games to prove their worth and potentially earn a full-time contract.

What is a Russian gas in hockey:

Russian gas refers to a blend of skill, speed, and finesse, often attributed to Russian players in the sport. The term is often used to describe the style of play that emphasizes speed, agility, and precise puck handling.

What is a Diving in hockey:

Diving is an act in which a player exaggerates or fakes being hit, tripped, or fouled by an opponent in an attempt to draw a penalty. This is considered unsportsmanlike conduct, and players caught diving may receive a penalty themselves.

What is a Tendy in hockey:

Tendy is an informal term for a goaltender, the player responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring by blocking shots and guarding the net.

What is a Goon in hockey:

A goon is a player whose primary role is to intimidate or physically engage the opposing team through fighting and aggressive play. Goons are typically less skilled in other aspects of the game but serve to protect their teammates and deter the opposition from taking liberties.

What is trending in April 2023: April 17th, 2023

The Boston Marathon’s Average Winning Running Speed
The Boston Marathon's Average Winning Running Speed
The Boston Marathon’s Average Winning Running Speed



List of winners: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_winners_of_the_Boston_Marathon


What happens if you don’t file taxes?

You may face penalties, interest on unpaid taxes, and potentially even criminal charges if you fail to file your taxes. The IRS may also file a substitute return on your behalf, which may not account for all deductions and credits you’re entitled to.

What happens if  you file taxes late?

You may be subject to late-filing penalties and interest charges on any unpaid tax balance. The longer you delay, the higher the penalties and interest can become. However, if you are owed a refund, there’s typically no penalty for filing late.

What happens If you don’t pay taxes?

You may be subject to penalties and interest on the unpaid taxes, as well as possible tax liens or levies on your property. The IRS may also garnish your wages or seize your assets to recover the unpaid taxes. In extreme cases, criminal charges may be filed for tax evasion.

What happens If you don’t file your taxes but don’t owe anything?

While there may not be any financial penalties for not filing, it’s still a legal requirement to file your taxes. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and interest in case you made an error in your calculations and actually owe taxes. Filing your taxes also ensures you receive any refunds or credits you’re eligible for.

What happens if you file taxes wrong?

If you made an honest mistake, the IRS may correct the error and send you a notice outlining the changes. You may also need to pay additional taxes, penalties, or interest if the mistake resulted in underpayment. In cases of fraud or deliberate misrepresentation, you could face criminal charges and more severe penalties.

What is trending in April 2023: April 14th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 13th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 12th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 11th, 2023


Beautiful Data Visualization on April 11th, 2023: Maximum Age versus Average Age of Humans, 1955 to 2023

Maximum Age versus Average Age of Humans, 1955 to 2023
What is trending in April 2023: Maximum Age versus Average Age of Humans, 1955 to 2023

What is trending in April 2023: Top questions and answers about allergies on April 11, 2023

1- Does working out help with allergies?

  • Yes, working out can help with allergies as it can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

2- Does honey really help with allergies?

  • There is some evidence to suggest that honey may help with allergies by exposing the body to small amounts of allergens, but more research is needed to confirm this.

3- Does UV light help with allergies?

  • UV light is not typically used to treat allergies directly, but it can help with certain allergy triggers like mold and bacteria.

4- Does an air purifier help with allergies?

  • Yes, an air purifier can help with allergies by removing allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air.

5- Does raw unfiltered honey help with allergies?

  • Raw unfiltered honey is sometimes touted as a natural remedy for allergies, but more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness. Some studies suggest that it may have a small effect on seasonal allergies, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment.

6- Can allergies cause voice loss?

  • Yes, allergies can cause voice loss or hoarseness as they can lead to inflammation and irritation of the throat.

7- Can allergies cause itchy skin?

  • Yes, allergies can cause itchy skin as they can lead to the release of histamines, which can cause itching and other allergic reactions.

8- Can allergies cause a dry cough?

  • Yes, allergies can cause a dry cough as they can irritate the airways and cause inflammation, which can trigger coughing.

9- Can allergies cause clogged ears?

  • Yes, allergies can cause clogged ears as they can lead to inflammation and mucus buildup in the nasal passages, which can affect the ears and lead to a feeling of fullness or blockage.

10- Can allergies cause strep throat?

  • No, allergies cannot cause strep throat as strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection, while allergies are caused by a reaction to allergens. However, allergies can weaken the immune system and make it more susceptible to infections like strep throat.

What is trending in April 2023: April 10th, 2023

Dalai Lama apologises after kissing boy and asking him to ‘suck his tongue’

Jon Rahm targets ‘absolutely amazing’ career grand slam after winning Masters

What is trending in April 2023: April 06th

Top News Trends Summary on April 06th, 2023

April 6, 2023 – Today’s breaking news headlines cover a range of political, social, and environmental stories from around the world.

French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to China’s President Xi Jinping to help “bring Russia to senses,” highlighting the role China may play in influencing Russia’s actions. Meanwhile, Masha Moskaleva, the young girl who drew an anti-war image, has been returned to her mother, showcasing the power of art in times of conflict.

In a move that has raised tensions, China has relocated warships after the US hosted Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. Tsai’s meeting with the US House leader has sparked protests from China, illustrating the ongoing struggle over Taiwan’s status.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been hospitalized with leukemia, while an Indonesian shaman is accused of killing at least 12 people. In Mexico, police have seized dozens of exotic animals during a raid.

In a tragic turn of events, the drug dealer involved in the death of The Wire actor Michael K Williams has pleaded guilty. Iran and Saudi Arabia, two longtime rivals, have held their first high-level talks in seven years, signaling a potential shift in Middle East relations.

The world mourns the loss of Japan’s beloved zoologist Masanori Hata, who passed away at 87. In the United States, the FBI has made headlines after detaining the wrong man in a mock raid at a Boston hotel.

Lastly, the sports world prepares for The Masters, with full pairings, tee times, and featured groups announced. Tragedy struck the tech industry as Cash App founder Bob Lee was killed in a San Francisco stabbing.

#BreakingNews #MacronXiRussia #MashaMoskaleva #ChinaTaiwanTensions #TsaiUSVisit #BerlusconiHospitalized #IndonesiaShaman #MexicoAnimalSeizure #MichaelKWilliams #IranSaudiTalks #MasanoriHata #FBIMockRaid #TheMasters #BobLeeStabbing

Top News Trends links on April 06th, 2023

What is trending in April 2023: April 05th

Top News Trends Summary on April 05th, 2023

In a world where life often imitates art, April 05th 2023 breaking news brings together an eclectic mix of stories – from the Jewish Festival of Freedom to the election of a new mayor in Chicago, from the legal troubles of a former president to an iconic new movie trailer.

Today’s breaking news showed that the world remains a dynamic and unpredictable place, where the threads of freedom, politics, and entertainment intertwine. As Passover celebrations took place, a new mayor was elected, and a former president faced legal troubles, the power of unity and the enduring spirit of humanity shone through.

Top News Trends links on April 05th, 2023


Top Searched Questions related to “Passover” on April 05th, 2023

Here are the answers to your questions:

When is Passover?
Passover usually falls in March or April on the Hebrew calendar¹. This year, Passover started at sundown on Wednesday, April 5th.

What is Passover?
Passover, or Pesach, is a major Jewish holiday that celebrates the Biblical story of the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt⁵. It is one of the biblically ordained Three Pilgrimage Festivals⁵. The holiday is traditionally celebrated in the Land of Israel for seven days and for eight days among many Jews in the Diaspora⁵.

How long is Passover?
Passover is traditionally celebrated for seven days in Israel and eight days among many Jews in the Diaspora⁵.

How to celebrate Passover?
Passover is observed with seders among families, friends and communities¹. At the seder, foods of symbolic significance commemorating the Hebrews’ liberation are eaten, and prayers and traditional recitations are performed⁴.

How to say happy Passover?
You can say “Chag Pesach Sameach” which means “Happy Passover”⁴.

Passover | Story, Meaning, Traditions, & Facts | Britannica. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Passover


Top Tech Trends on April 05th, 2023

Substack’s new short-form ‘Notes’ feed looks a lot like Twitter;

Many canceled HBO shows, including ‘Westworld’ and ‘Raised by Wolves,’ are now on Roku;

The 2025 all-electric Ram 1500 Rev has an absolutely massive battery;

Mozart Data announces free tier to encourage smaller businesses to get on platform;

Creator CRM company Pico rebrands to Hype, raises $10 million;

The US is losing crypto talent as blockchain devs seek safer havens;

The 2024 Hyundai Kona will be one the most affordable cars with over-the-air updates;

Ask Sophie: How do we transfer H-1Bs and green cards to our startup?;

Coast, a demo platform for ‘API-first’ companies, lands $2.1M;

Verto claims a quarter of SVB customers operating in Africa are opening accounts on its platform;

What is trending in April 2023: April 04th

Top News Trends Summary on April 04th, 2023

Jill Biden’s invitation to speak at Iowa State University sparked a race debate after LSU players blasted her for it. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods’ stats at the Masters Tournament were being closely watched by fans around the world.

In other news, thousands of Virgin Media customers in the UK were hit by outages while Dogecoin surged after Elon Musk changed his Twitter icon.

Donald Trump was in New York ahead of his historic arrest and TikTok was banned from Australian government devices.

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Top News Trends links on April 04th

As for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it takes place during the High Republic era, which is set 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

Lastly, Angels’ Anthony Rendon was suspended and fined for grabbing a fan.


Top Tech Trends Summary on April 04th, 2023

LayerZero Labs, a web3 messaging protocol developer, raised $120M in a Series B funding round at a $3B valuation, up from $1B in March 2022 when the startup raised $135M.

Meanwhile, SEMI reports that Japan is expected to spend $7B on chipmaking equipment in 2024, up 82% on 2023 and the largest in the worldChina’s spending is forecast to rise 2%.

In other news, TikTok was fined £12.7M by the UK ICO for failing to protect kids’ data3. Apple also reported an issue with its Weather app on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS that has been ongoing for over eight hours.

Lastly, Binance’s market share dropped to 54% from 70% two weeks ago after ending some zero-fee trading and due to the CFTC lawsuit.

#LayerZeroLabs #SEMI #Japan #China #TikTok #ICO #Apple #Binance #technews #techtrends #djamgatech #ai #aiunraveled

Top Tech Trends links on April 04th

Web3 messaging protocol developer LayerZero Labs raised a $120M Series B at a $3B valuation, up from $1B in March 2022 when the startup raised $135M (Brandy Betz/CoinDesk).

SEMI report: Japan is expected to spend $7B on chipmaking equipment in 2024, up 82% on 2023, the largest in the world; China’s spending is forecast to rise 2% (Sam Kim/Bloomberg).

The UK ICO fines TikTok £12.7M for failing to protect kids’ data, saying the app “should have done better”, down from a £27M fine proposed in September 2022 (Tom Bristow/Politico).

Apple reports an issue with its Weather app on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS, ongoing for over eight hours; some users have had issues for over a week (Tim Hardwick/MacRumors).

Kaiko: Binance’s market share dropped to 54% from 70% two weeks ago, the lowest level since November 5, after the CFTC lawsuit and ending some zero-fee trading (Lyllah Ledesma/CoinDesk).

China’s Micron investigation marks the most significant retaliation against US chip sanctions so far, contradicting Beijing’s recent business-friendly messaging (New York Times).

Many current and former Amazon executives, showrunners, and agents say Amazon Studios is confusing and frustrating; one showrunner says Studios has “no vision” (Kim Masters/The Hollywood Reporter).

How Indonesia’s QR payment system, used by 22M+ merchants and set to double to 45M in 2023, helps the country bring its small businesses into the formal economy (Bloomberg).

Anti-plagiarism software maker Turnitin launches a service to detect AI-generated text in academia, claiming 98% confidence compared to OpenAI’s 26% (Bethan Staton/Financial Times).

NY-based Bakkt, which offers trading and custodial services, acquires infrastructure provider Apex Crypto for ~$155M, with $55M in cash and up to $100M in stock (Leo Schwartz/Fortune).

Top Sports Trends on April 04th, 2023

Top Sport Trend Summary on April 04th, 2023

West Ham United’s Scott Parker has been in positive dialogue with the London Stadium management over playing at the stadium. Meanwhile, VAR intervened again as Kai Havertz’s goal was chalked off. Cristiano Ronaldo was in action as Al Nassr faced Al Adalah LIVE and James’ stunning volley was denied by VAR. The Masters’ first round groups and tee times were announced. Mateo Kovacic was denied by Ibrahima Konate’s early goal-line clearance. Amir Khan was banned for doping violation while Leeds United beat Nottingham Forest and moved out of the drop zone LIVE! Stuart Broad said that Ashes anticipation rivals 2005 series. Finally, Sky Sports F1 Podcast discussed whether Max Verstappen’s win in Australia was his best yet.

#WestHamUnited #VAR #CristianoRonaldo #AlNassr #AlAdalah #TheMasters #MateoKovacic #IbrahimaKonate #AmirKhan #LeedsUnited #StuartBroad #AshesAnticipation #SkySportsF1Podcast

Top Sports Trend links on April 04th, 2023

West Ham’s Parker: Positive dialogue over playing at London Stadium.

VAR intervenes again as Havertz goal chalked off.

FREE STREAM: Ronaldo in action as Al Nassr face Al Adalah LIVE!.

James’ stunning volley denied by VAR.

The Masters: R1 groups and tee times.

‘Kovacic denied!’ | Konate makes early goal-line clearance.

LISTEN: Can AJ get back to the top? | Khan banned for doping violation.

Leeds beating Forest and moving out of drop zone LIVE!.

Broad: Ashes anticipation rivals 2005 series.

Sky Sports F1 Podcast: Was Verstappen’s win in Australia his best yet?.

What is trending in April 2023: April 03rd

Top News trends Summary on April 03rd

In a small town, radio host Ken Bruce celebrates his first show on Greatest Hits Radio, unaware of the whirlwind of events taking place around the globe.

As he entertains his listeners with hit songs, news of Andrew Tate’s release from jail and subsequent house arrest spreads like wildfire. Meanwhile, politicians worldwide prepare for the year’s biggest election, impacting the fate of numerous countries.

Elsewhere, eager travelers are reminded not to put off their passport applications, as dreams of exploring foreign lands fill their minds.In Russia, a somber atmosphere descends after the bombing in St. Petersburg that claimed the life of an influential military blogger.

Tensions rise as Russia’s assault in eastern Ukraine appears to stall, and Finland’s election results show Sanna Marin’s party finishing third.

As people grapple with political uncertainties, sports enthusiasts find solace in the world of athletics. The 2023 Masters golf tournament sees legendary players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson competing against new sleeper picks. In the NCAA championship game, UConn and San Diego State face off in a heated battle for victory.

Amidst the chaos, Milo Djukanovic is defeated in Montenegro’s presidential election, marking a new chapter in the country’s political landscape.

As the world keeps turning, Ken Bruce continues to share music and stories, bringing people together in a time of great change and unpredictability.

Top News Trends links on April 03rd


Andrew Tate Is Released From Jail and Placed Under House Arrest;

The Year’s Biggest Election.

Hoping to Travel Abroad? Don’t Put Off Your Passport Application.

Speculation flares after an influential Russian military blogger is killed by a bomb in St. Petersburg.

Russia’s assault in eastern Ukraine appears stalled.

Sanna Marin’s Party Finishes Third in Finland’s Election.

St. Petersburg Blast Kills Russian Blogger Who Backed War in Ukraine.

Milo Djukanovic Is Defeated in Montenegro’s Presidential Election.

Top Tech Trends on April 03rd, 2023

Top Tech Trends Summary on April 04th

In the bustling city of Technopolis, excitement fills the air as Google Search unveils new travel features. The innovative “price guarantee” tool for flights and a swipeable story format for browsing hotels bring joy to tech-savvy travelers, making their adventures more accessible and enjoyable. However, a dark cloud looms over the city when Western Digital reports a network breach.

The hacker obtains internal data, but the full scope remains unknown. Many systems, including My Cloud, go offline, causing concern among the residents of Technopolis.
As the city grapples with the breach, a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon. The Tor Project partners with VPN maker Mullvad, launching the Mullvad browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This partnership aims to reduce users’ digital “fingerprints,” providing a sense of security in an increasingly interconnected world.
Meanwhile, Tim Cook, the charismatic leader of Apple, shares his experiences running the company, succeeding Steve Jobs, and embracing creativity in an exclusive interview. His insights on avoiding smartphone addiction and navigating competition captivate the people of Technopolis.
In the city’s central square, a friendly debate ensues as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard face off, showcasing their capabilities in summarizing articles, telling jokes, and picking stocks. The Financial Times covers the event, drawing a crowd eager to witness the strengths and weaknesses of these two AI giants.
As the day comes to a close, the residents of Technopolis marvel at the rapid pace of technological advancements, feeling a mix of trepidation and anticipation for what the future holds.

Top Tech Trends links on April 04th

Google Search adds new travel features, including a “price guarantee” tool for flights and a way to browse hotels in a swipeable story format (Aisha Malik/TechCrunch).

Western Digital reports a network breach and says the hacker obtained internal data but the full scope is unknown; some systems are offline including My Cloud (Bill Toulas/BleepingComputer).

The Tor Project partners with VPN maker Mullvad to launch the Mullvad browser, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, seeking to reduce a user’s “fingerprint” (Mitchell Clark/The Verge).

An interview and profile of Tim Cook on running Apple, succeeding Steve Jobs, being an outsider, creativity, avoiding smartphone addiction, rivals, and more (Zach Baron/GQ).

Comparing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, for in-depth replies, and Google’s Bard, for natural dialog, on summarizing an article, telling a joke, picking stocks, and more (Financial Times).


Top Trending Golf questions in April 2023

How to swing a golf club? To swing a golf club, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip the club with both hands. Keep your arms straight, and rotate your hips and shoulders back to create tension.

Then, rotate your hips and shoulders forward and swing the club, making sure to keep your head down and eyes on the ball.

How to play golf? To play golf, you’ll need a set of clubs and a ball. Start by teeing off at the first hole and hitting your ball toward the green. The goal is to get your ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. Continue playing through all 18 holes, keeping track of your score as you go.

How to hit a golf ball? To hit a golf ball, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip the club with both hands. Keep your eyes on the ball and swing the club, making sure to follow through with your swing. Aim for the center of the ball and use your hips and shoulders to create power.

How to putt better in golf? To putt better in golf, practice your stroke and make sure you’re aligned correctly with the ball. Keep your head down and your eyes on the ball, and focus on hitting the ball squarely.

Use a light grip and keep your wrists still to avoid making unnecessary movements during your stroke.

How to chip better in golf? To chip better in golf, practice your short game and make sure you’re using the right club for the shot. Keep your hands forward and your weight on your front foot, and use a short backswing and follow-through. Aim for the center of the ball and try to land it softly on the green.

What is trending in April 2023: April 02nd 

Advanced Guide to Interacting with ChatGPT

What is trending in March 2023

Keywords Identified in World News from January to March 2023

[OC] Keywords identified in world news during the 13th week of 2023
by u/mrdimosthenis in dataisbeautiful

Disclaimer: The author (Robert Love) work for Google on web search but the following is based on the publicly-available PageRank paper.

The damping (not dampening) factor is not the reason that the PageRank algorithm doesn’t iterate forever. The damping factor prevents the PageRank of pages from converging at either 0.0 or 1.0, i.e either zero or inevitable probability. A better name would have been decay, as it slowly decays the PageRank that pages transfer.

I believe this question is asking why the algorithm ever terminates. That is, as it follows links and applies PageRank on successive iterations of the algorithm, how does it know to stop? Why doesn’t it iterate forever, in an infinite loop?

The reason is that the iterative algorithm checks for and stops on convergence. In English, the algorithm checks to see if an iteration significantly altered the PageRank of any pages. You’d expect that after lots of iterations that the algorithm would reach a “steady state” where the PageRank of all the pages in the indexed converged. Once that happens, the algorithm terminates.

Here’s the answer in that language of love, mathematics:

How does PageRank avoid an infinite loop?
How does PageRank avoid an infinite loop?

In other words, the algorithm stops iterating when convergence is reached.

Follow-up question – Are there pathological nontrivial graphs where PageRank can fluctuate or oscillate between nodes, or groups of nodes, to make convergence difficult?

Yes, this can happen from time to time. That’s why convergence is only satisfied under this theorem:

How does PageRank avoid an infinite loop?
How does PageRank avoid an infinite loop?


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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada.
Exploring the Pros and Cons of Visiting All Provinces and Territories in Canada

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting All 50 States in the USA
Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting All 50 States in the USA

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Reddit Sports Sports News and Highlights from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and leagues around the world.

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