Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials, Tips, and Key Resources

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials, Tips, and Key Resources

Welcome to the “Djamgatech Education” podcast and blog – your ultimate educational hub. Get ready to dive deep into an ocean of knowledge as we explore a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and expansive Cloud technologies, to fundamental subjects like Mathematics, History, Geography, Economics, and Science. But that’s not all – our platform is designed for learners of all ages and stages, making us your go-to resource for child education, extracurricular activities, and continuing education across a multitude of subjects. Our mission is to ignite your curiosity, foster lifelong learning, and keep you up to date with the latest trends in education. So, stay curious, stay informed, and tune in to Djamgatech Education for enlightening conversations that break down complex topics into easily digestible discussions. In today’s episode, we’ll cover the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, testimonials from recent exam passers, tips for studying and passing the exam, changes in the exam structure and content, and a comprehensive guide for preparing for the 2023 AWS CCP exam.

Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02 Exam (2023)
Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02 Exam (2023)

Unlocking AWS CCP in 2023: Starting Point

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a great starting point for individuals with no prior IT or cloud experience who are looking to switch to a career in the cloud or for those line-of-business employees who want to gain foundational cloud literacy. It validates your foundational, high-level understanding of AWS Cloud, services, and terminology. The exam is 90 minutes long and consists of 65 questions that are either multiple choice or multiple response.

Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02 Exam: Prepare and Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02: Practice Exam, Quizzes, Detailed Answers, Cheat Sheets, Flashcards
Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02 Exam: Prepare and Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02: Practice Exam, Quizzes, Detailed Answers, Cheat Sheets, Flashcards

Unlocking AWS CCP  in 2023: Cost

The exam fee is $100, and it is offered in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa (Indonesian), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), French (France), German, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazil).

Unlocking AWS CCP in 2023: Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to prepare for and take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The content outline is designed for candidates new to Cloud who may not have an IT background. While having up to 6 months of exposure to AWS Cloud can be helpful, it is not required.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: What comes after

Earning this certification can greatly benefit your career. It serves as an entry point to a cloud career for candidates from non-IT backgrounds, and job listings requiring AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner have increased by 84%.

After obtaining the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, you can consider taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certifications to further advance your career in roles such as cloud architect, cloud engineer, developer, and systems administrator.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Validity

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is valid for 3 years. Before it expires, you can recertify by retaking the latest version of the exam or by upgrading to any of the Associate or Professional-level certifications.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials1

I recently came across some testimonials, tips, and key resources from individuals who have recently passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) exam. It seems like a lot of people found success in their preparation and were able to pass with varying levels of prior experience.

One person mentioned that they prepared hard for the exam, despite never having any AWS Cloud experience. He dedicatedly studied for 15 days, with intermittent preparation over the course of 3-6 months, then he found resources like Stephen Mark’s Udemy course, Tutorial Dojo’s Udemy practice sets, Tutorial Dojo cheatsheets, and their own notes to be helpful. He advised focusing on storage classes, VPC, and CAF practical applications. The exam covered topics like Kendra, carbon footprint, and instance types.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials2

Another individual passed the CCP exam without any prior AWS or cloud experience. Their preparation involved repeatedly reading the relevant product information on the AWS website and matching keywords in the exam questions to the closest available product. They emphasized the importance of memorizing the exam objectives to pass.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials3

Another testimonial shared an interesting experience where they accidentally rescheduled their exam and ended up with only 2 days to cram. Despite this, they managed to pass. They had about a month of previous experience with AWS in a non-professional setting. They purchased Nea Davis’ CCP course and worked through 6 practice exams from Stephane Maarek. Although they initially scored lower on the practice exams, they were able to answer a few questions from the practice exams on the real exam. They also noted that the exam covered some questions on the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials4

Another successful exam taker mentioned resources like Tutorial Dojo’s CCP practice exams, Digital Cloud’s CCP practice exams, and Stephane Maarek’s videos. They mentioned that due to time constraints (working full-time and having kids), they were unable to finish all of the videos but found them helpful. They wrote hand notes on services, mainly focusing on areas where they struggled, and combined it with cheat sheets and slides.

In summary, it seems that a combination of studying resources like Udemy courses, practice exams, reading AWS documentation, and taking notes on important concepts helped these individuals pass the CCP exam. Despite varying levels of experience, they all highlighted the importance of understanding the baseline knowledge required for this exam.

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023: Testimonials5

So, guess what? I finally took the AWS CCP exam and guess what? I passed! Woohoo!

Now, let me tell you something. I work in tech, but I had absolutely zero experience with AWS or IT in general, so everything was completely new to me. I decided to start off by taking the “AWS for non-engineers” course on LinkedIn Learning. It was an alright introduction, but honestly, it didn’t cover everything I needed to know. There was a lot of filler content that didn’t hit the mark.

Practice Exams

After that, I tried out Stephane Maarek’s first practice exam, and let’s just say I scored a whopping 46%. Yeah, not so great. But I didn’t give up. I scheduled the actual exam for two weeks later and signed up for Stephane’s full Udemy CCP course. After that, I managed to get through the first 11 sections, doing about one to two sections per day after work.  After each section, I made sure to do all the section summary quizzes multiple times and reviewed all the wrong answers.

I also took all six of Stephane’s practice tests, consistently scoring anywhere from the low 60s to mid 70s. I was prepared to fail and reschedule the exam for a later date, but guess what? The actual exam questions were way easier than I expected. I might have even gotten a little lucky, but Stephane’s practice tests were definitely harder. There were some questions about the well-architected framework that I found quite easy, but I did stumble a bit on a few AWS Outposts questions.

Tips and Tricks

Overall, the exam was foundational, with a mix of tricky and easy questions. But here’s the interesting part – I actually had some time left over. That’s pretty cool, right?

Now, let me share with you the resources that really helped me out. First, I made use of the AWS training and AWS Skill Builder, as well as watching some helpful videos on AWS Twitch. I also purchased Adrian Cantrill’s SAA and Developer Associate courses, since I already had some of his other courses. I revisited some sections that I needed to brush up on.

To further enhance my knowledge, I dived into the AWS white papers on the six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework and Billing and Pricing. And let’s not forget about ACloudGuru. My work actually had a business plan subscription, so I had access to their CCP and practice exams. Talk about winning, right?

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So there you have it. I passed my AWS CCP exam and I couldn’t be happier. It was definitely a journey, but with the right resources and a bit of perseverance, it’s definitely doable.

CLF-C02 coming soon

Hey there! Have you heard the news? AWS has just announced a new version of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, called CLF-C02. In this podcast, we’ll dive into the changes and discuss what topics are covered in the updated exam, along with tips on how to prepare for success.

Let’s start with some quick facts. The CLF-C02 exam is replacing the previous CLF-C01 exam, and the last day to take the old exam is September 18th, 2023. The new exam will be available from September 19th, 2023, and registration opens on August 22nd.

So, what’s different about the new exam? Well, it now includes new AWS services and features, keeping you up to date with the latest advancements in cloud computing.

CLF-C01 vs CLF-C02: Exam Structure

Unlocking AWS CCP CLF-C02 in 2023
CLF-C01 vs CLF-C02

Now, let’s talk about the exam structure. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam consists of 65 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Out of these, only 50 will be graded, while the remaining 15 will be used for data collection purposes. Unfortunately, you won’t know which questions are graded or ungraded.

You’ll have 90 minutes to complete the exam, and a passing score of 700 out of 1000 is required. The exam fee is $100 USD.

CLF-C01 vs CLF-C02: Exam Changes

Moving on to the exam changes, the new CLF-C02 exam focuses on various areas, including threat detection and incident response, security logging and monitoring, identity and access management, and data protection.

There have been some adjustments in domain percentages as well. The Cloud Concepts domain has decreased from 26% to 24%, while Security and Compliance have increased from 25% to 30%. Cloud Technology and Services have gone up from 33% to 34%, and Billing, Pricing, and Support have decreased from 16% to 12%.

CLF-C01 vs CLF-C02: Exam Topics

Keep in mind that “Migration” and “Business applications” are no longer out-of-scope in this version of the exam. Also, the new exam places greater emphasis on understanding Cloud Design principles within the context of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

There have been several additions to the exam, such as migration strategies, AWS IAM Identity Center, AWS Wavelength Zones, database migration, edge services like CloudFront and Global Accelerator, storage classes, AI/ML services, and more. However, it’s important to note that this exam focuses on general concept knowledge of AWS services and their functionalities, rather than the design and implementation aspects.

So, if you’re planning to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, make sure to understand these changes, study the updated topics, and utilize the suggested resources for preparation. Good luck on your cloud journey!

Reference Book

Before we move forward, I want to take a minute to give a shout-out to our amazing sponsor for today’s episode. If you’re on the path to becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner and need a solid study resource, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing Etienne Noumen’s comprehensive guide, ‘AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Practice Exam Prep‘.

Now, what makes this resource truly special is that it’s tailor-made for the 2023 AWS CCP exam. You won’t find any outdated information here! This guide is jam-packed with practice tests that closely resemble the current format and content of the exam. So, when test day arrives, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Etienne Noumen, our expert in all things cloud computing, has poured his heart and soul into creating this book. He understands the ins and outs of the AWS ecosystem like nobody else. And his dedication to making complex concepts easy to grasp truly shines through in his explanations and walkthroughs.

Each chapter of this guide delves deep into the key concepts and principles that are essential for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. It’s more than just memorization, though. Etienne emphasizes understanding the ‘why’ behind each concept, which will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toes into the world of cloud computing, or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, this practice exam prep has got you covered. No more scrambling to gather resources from different places – everything you need is right here within this comprehensive guide.

Where to get the Reference Book?

Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02 Exam (2023)
Prepare and Ace the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification CCP CLF-C02: Practice Exam, Quizzes for each Exam Category, Detailed Answers, FAQs, I Passed AWS CCP Testimonials, Top 10 Tips and Tricks to help you ace the AWS CCP exam

And the best part? You can find it conveniently on platforms like Amazon, Apple, Google, Barnes and noble,  and Shopify. So, no matter which platform you prefer, you can easily access this valuable resource.

Ready to take your AWS Cloud Practitioner journey to the next level? Simply click the link in our show notes and make your preparation more effective and less stressful.

Remember, success is just a few pages away with ‘AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Practice Exam Prep‘ by Etienne Noumen. Alright, let’s now dive back into our episode.

In this episode, we covered the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, heard testimonials from recent exam passers, shared tips for studying, discussed upcoming changes to the exam, and recommended a comprehensive exam prep guide – thanks for listening to today’s episode, I’ll see you guys at the next one and don’t forget to subscribe!


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