Where does the irrational hate of black people comes from?

Where does the irrational hate of black people comes from?

The irrational hate of black people, also known as racism, is a deeply entrenched and complex issue with a long history. Racism has its roots in the systems of slavery and colonialism that have been used to exploit and oppress black people for centuries. These systems have perpetuated negative stereotypes and prejudices about black people, which have been used to justify discrimination and violence against them.

Racism is also fueled by power dynamics and social conditioning. Those who have held power and privilege in society have often used their influence to maintain their dominance over marginalized groups, including black people. This has led to the internalization of negative attitudes towards black people by those who have been socialized in a racist culture.

Racism is a deeply harmful and destructive force that has caused immense suffering and injustice throughout history. It is important to recognize and challenge racism in all its forms, and to work towards a more inclusive and equitable society for all people.

I am African-Canadian with 2 engineering degrees and  ask myself that question all the time, but I don’t bother anymore because I believe strongly that I contribute more to the society, and I live a better life than most of those racists. They (I am referring to irrational racists against black people only) are just jealous of black people strength, athleticism and intelligence that they don’t expect them to have. The only way to overcome it is to not need them (racists or anyone else in power).

Work hard, read as much as possible, educate yourself , build assets (buy real estate or valuable stocks) and make sure your kids are educated and of top of that let’s create and own our businesses and lands. Last, but not least, always be strong mentally and physically to scare them (racists one only) even more.

When racists avoid to sit near you in the bus or train, use it at your advantage and enjoy the empty sit near you.

When racists refrain to speak to you, ignore them too, and listen to your radio on your headphone or read your book; always love yourself and make sure to keep your family together.

Our kids need both parents and strong family values. We are blessed with physical strength, spontaneity, good health and toughness and racists will kill us for it if they have their way.

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