Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: Latest Insights & Trends for 2023

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: Latest Insights & Trends for 2023

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: Latest Insights & Trends for 2023

In the dynamic world of marketing, trends evolve at a breakneck speed. As consumers become more discerning and digitally connected, their preferences and behavior patterns shift, requiring marketers to stay ahead of the curve. With each passing year, some strategies solidify their ground, while others wane. Dive into our curated compilation of the latest marketing insights and trends for 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a curious entrepreneur, these findings offer a snapshot of the changing consumer landscape and emerging marketing frontiers. Get ready to recalibrate, reimagine, and reshape your strategies!

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1. The Eroding Value of “Sustainability” Recent research on Palm Oil reveals a surprising trend – consumers favor products labeled as “free-from palm oil” over those stamped with “sustainably produced palm oil.” This shift stems from the overused term “sustainable,” which seems to be losing its weight in the marketplace. This raises concerns, especially as WWF emphasizes that abandoning palm oil isn’t the right solution.

2. Packaging – The Silent Salesperson Kerry’s latest research underscores that 72% of consumers believe brands can help them reduce waste by enhancing the shelf life of food through better packaging. This trend is not just isolated. European publication Amcor’s findings align, showing a growing demand for improved packaging. In the future, marketers must spotlight their packaging efforts more prominently.

3. Cars and Consumers: A Telling Connection Recent data from the 2023 GWI Commerce Report showcases a peculiar trend – 40% of recent car purchasers also invested in a domestic vacation. In another intriguing find, consumers tend to make impulse purchases post physical activities. While not a new revelation, it’s worth noting for potential marketing strategies.

4. Prime Day vs. Black Friday Amazon’s Prime Day is carving out its niche, with 4% of consumers favoring it over the traditional Black Friday. But with the US Consumer Confidence fluctuating in October, it’ll be intriguing to monitor Amazon’s trajectory in the coming year.

5. Rethinking Boomer Representation in Ads? Gen-Z and Millennials’ financial concerns are largely attributed to the Baby Boomer generation, as per OnePoll data. With Gen-Z’s growing bias against Baby Boomers, marketers might need to reevaluate the representation of this age group in advertising campaigns.

6. The UK’s Growing Love for Loyalty Discounts A significant portion of consumers in the UK is trading brand loyalty for alluring discounts. Findings from the Data & Marketing Association and American Express emphasize the importance of loyalty schemes. Given the current political and economic landscape, loyalty schemes could be the game-changer for retailers in the UK.

7. Snapshots from Other Reports:

  • A whopping $80B is lost to Ad Fraud, as per new insights from Juniper Research.
  • Mobile advertising is booming in the UK, with over 60% of companies planning to ramp up their budgets.
  • Gen-X feels overlooked in TV advertising, says Wavermaker Studio.
  • The beauty industry take note: consumers crave educational content, says a report from Happi.
  • Italy’s consumer spending expected to dip by approximately $3.7B, data from Ansa suggests.

Conclusion: Staying updated with the ever-evolving marketing landscape is vital for businesses to make informed decisions. From the waning trust in sustainability claims to the UK’s growing penchant for loyalty schemes, marketers need to remain agile and receptive to these shifts.

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1- I read over 100 Marketing Papers

Podcast transcript: 

Welcome to the Djamgatech Marketing podcast, your go-to source for the latest trends and insights in the world of marketing. In today’s episode, we’ll cover the latest marketing insights and trends for 2023, including consumer preferences, improved packaging, investments in vacations, the popularity of Prime Day, generational differences, loyalty discounts, the rise of mobile ad budgets, neglected Gen-X in TV ads, the demand for educational beauty content, and the expected decrease in Italy’s consumer spending. Additionally, we’ll highlight the importance of staying updated in marketing for informed decisions on sustainability claims and UK loyalty schemes.

In the fast-paced world of marketing, trends come and go faster than you can say “advertise.” As consumers get pickier and more plugged in, their tastes and habits shift, forcing marketers to keep up with the times. Each year brings new opportunities and challenges, with some strategies becoming tried and true, while others fade into obscurity. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered. Take a deep dive into our meticulously curated collection of the freshest marketing insights and trends for 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing guru or just starting out, these findings will give you a great snapshot of what’s happening in the ever-changing world of consumers and marketing. So get ready to adapt, think outside the box, and reshape your strategies to stay ahead of the game. It’s time to embrace the future!

So, let’s dive right into some interesting research findings that shed light on important consumer trends. First up, recent studies on Palm Oil reveal that consumers now prefer products labeled as “free-from palm oil” rather than those labeled as “sustainably produced palm oil.” It seems that the term “sustainable” has become so overused that it’s losing its impact in the marketplace. However, we need to be cautious about completely abandoning palm oil, as organizations like WWF emphasize. They argue that the solution lies not in abandoning palm oil, but in finding sustainable ways to produce it. Now let’s talk about the power of packaging. Kerry’s latest research shows that a whopping 72% of consumers believe that brands can help them reduce waste by improving the packaging of food and extending its shelf life. And this trend is not just limited to one study. European publication Amcor’s findings align with Kerry’s research, revealing a growing demand for better packaging. So, moving forward, marketers need to highlight their packaging efforts more prominently in order to cater to this consumer demand. Next, let’s take a look at an interesting connection between car purchases and consumer behavior. Data from the 2023 GWI Commerce Report shows that 40% of recent car purchasers also invested in a domestic vacation. This finding uncovers a possible pattern of consumers making impulse purchases following physical activities. While this may not be a groundbreaking revelation, it’s definitely worth noting for potential marketing strategies. We can’t talk about consumer trends without mentioning the impact of major shopping events.

Amazon’s Prime Day, which has gained popularity in recent years, now has 4% of consumers favoring it over the traditional Black Friday. However, with US Consumer Confidence fluctuating in October, it’ll be intriguing to see how Amazon’s trajectory plays out in the coming year. Moving on to demographics, recent data suggests that Gen-Z and Millennials have significant financial concerns that are often attributed to the Baby Boomer generation. OnePoll data reveals a growing bias among Gen-Z towards Baby Boomers. With this in mind, marketers might need to reevaluate the representation of this age group in their advertising campaigns in order to better resonate with younger consumers. Let’s now shift our focus to the UK, where loyalty discounts are gaining popularity among consumers. A significant portion of UK consumers is trading brand loyalty for attractive discounts.

The Data & Marketing Association, along with American Express, emphasizes the importance of loyalty schemes in the current political and economic landscape. It seems that loyalty schemes could be the game-changer for retailers in the UK. Now, let’s take a quick look at some snapshots from other reports: First, new insights from Juniper Research reveal that a staggering $80 billion is lost to ad fraud. This highlights the need for stricter measures to combat fraudulent advertising practices. Second, mobile advertising is booming in the UK, with over 60% of companies planning to increase their budgets in this area. This showcases the growing importance of mobile platforms in reaching targeted audiences.

Third, Wavermaker Studio reports that Gen-X feels overlooked in TV advertising. This demographic segment is seeking more representation and targeted messaging in TV ads for better engagement. Fourth, a report from Happi emphasizes that consumers in the beauty industry crave educational content. This highlights the opportunity for beauty brands to create informative and educational content to better connect with consumers. Finally, data from Ansa suggests that Italy’s consumer spending is expected to dip by approximately $3.7 billion. This indicates a potential shift in consumer behavior and purchasing power in the country. That wraps up our exploration of some recent research findings and their implications for marketers. It’s fascinating how consumer trends evolve and shape the strategies businesses need to adopt to stay relevant. Stay tuned for more insights and updates in the ever-changing world of marketing and consumer behavior.

So, here’s the thing. In today’s fast-paced world, staying on top of the latest trends and developments in marketing is absolutely crucial. Why? Well, because it allows businesses to make smart and informed decisions that can ultimately lead to success. Trust me, you don’t want to be left in the dust while your competitors are flourishing. One interesting observation that has been made is the growing skepticism around sustainability claims. Consumers are becoming more discerning and are not just going to blindly believe every green marketing message they come across. This means that businesses need to be extra careful and make sure their sustainability efforts are truly authentic and transparent. Now, let’s talk about loyalty schemes. Apparently, the UK has been going crazy for them. People just can’t seem to get enough of those reward programs and discounts. And you know what? Marketers need to take notice of this.

Loyalty schemes can be a powerful tool to not only retain existing customers but also to attract new ones. By the way, I came across some interesting resources that might pique your interest. It seems that a Redditor by the name of lazymentors has gathered a treasure trove of marketing papers from the subreddit r/Marketing. I’m talking about over 100 papers! So, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge and stay in the loop, you might want to check it out. In conclusion, my friend, the marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s our job to stay agile and receptive. Trust is fading in sustainability claims, and loyalty schemes are all the rage in the UK. So, let’s keep our eyes peeled and make sure we’re on top of these shifts.

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

In this episode, we covered the latest marketing insights and trends for 2023, including strategies to recalibrate in the evolving consumer landscape, the importance of improved packaging, the rising popularity of Prime Day, and the impact of ad fraud on mobile ad budgets. Stay informed and make informed decisions in marketing with our recap of top items covered. Thank you for joining us on the Djamgatech Marketing podcast, where we delve into the latest marketing trends and provide insightful information – be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for our next episode!

Smart Savings: Top 10 Life Hacks to Lower Your Monthly Expense in USA and Canada

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: What’s the most wanted digital marketing skills?

Data story telling. Don’t just share data, share “why” it’s important and what to do with it. A big reason why I got the last few jobs is being able to show that I can translate data and what to do with it.

It boggles my mind sometimes that many agencies don’t do this correctly. Follow the McKinsey model:

  • Data synthesis

  • Summary

  • “Why this data matters/what it means”

  • What to do with it

How data can become your best sales strategy coupled with a string message focusing on user outcomes they are hiring the product/service for ( jobs-to-be-done theory)? Link

Here is the TLDR for the best tips without knowing your case in more detail (feel free to read the deep dive if you want):

  • Share multiple data points but keep it focused

  • Don’t overdo it on the number of decks

  • Remember that you’ll probably have to pivot at least once

Detectives don’t solve cases off one single data point and neither should marketing decisions be made (in my humble opinion)

Deep dive:

Point Number 1: 2-3 data points is enough to make a solid case (ex: if you’re trying to share which topics/content ideas their audience resonates with, look at engagement rates on topics across different channels). If it’s SEO, use 2 different softwares and find the patterns. Those are the most obvious bleeds.

Point number 2: Early in my career I made the mistake of creating 50+ power point slides which was great research but we ended up using only 20% of that data. Huge waste of time, energy, not to mention incredibly inefficient.

Point number 3: The reality is, pivots are bound to happen unless you’re working with a team that’s super patient for a strategy to come to fruition or if you make the right decision based on the data (business acumen happens as you grow in your career.)

The most important skill is one that you can prove an ROI. For that I say Lead Gen.

Organic is:

  • “local” SEO (when you see a local company appear on the ‘map’ in search result near you)

  • regular SEO (regular search results under the map)

  • email marketing to an established email list

  • growing social media accounts

Paid is:

  • Google PPC ads

  • FB ads

  • any other… Tiktok, instagram etc.

I focus on Google PPC with Local SEO.

Pick a path and watch as much educational content on it as you can. Work for free initially. Then go wild.

SEO is highly wanted, and Google ads and Facebook ads are also highly wanted. I choose two things to become an expert in, and everything else just know enough to be able to do it. It also depends on where you get hired. Whatever u decide you want to do, become an expert in it, as there is a huge shortage of experts out there.

After 23 years in the industry and quite high demand as an independent consultant advisor I would say what people want is you solve them their problems. and in digital marketing and growth problems are very complex and multidisciplinary. Ok, they want ads to run smoothly and cheaply, but you need to make the data stack good so you track everything, and you need to make the Conversion Rate higher, but that involves like six tools plus the web, and you need to orchestrate everything to out-optimize your competitors. It is the T-shaped knowledge but with many deep knowledge areas. And understanding how everything interacts with each other. Like how page speed increases conversions, decreases CPA on paid, increases SEO, and how you can improve it. I think that is what is lacking in most growth agencies. They see stuff as silos, they take 2yo experienced specialists on PPC or SEO or whatever, but they have no clue about how the rest is important.

I think you only can gain that knowledge if you have been running your own sites or webapps, from creation to monetization, etc. That gives you a great understanding on the orchestration of things. And above all you need to be able to move seamlessly between strategy, tactical and operational. And communicate equally good with CEO’s and developers with poor social skills.

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: One-Minute Daily Marketing News 

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Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: What Happened In Marketing October 17th 2023

  • Meta launches new formats and updates for Reels Ads.

  • Google launches new tool to manage first-party data easily.

  • Youtube launches Audio Descriptions & Pronouns for Creators.

  • FTC proposes a new bill to fight against hidden fees in Product Prices.

  • Google’s multiple security updates focused on user privacy.

  • EU warns all Social Media Apps to do better moderation of content.

  • TikTok partners with Disney to introduce Disney Content and Elements.

  • Update to API, allowing better Direct Posting for Third-party apps.

  • TikTok shares more facts about user data privacy.

  • TikTok expands Effect House Rewards Program to more regions.

  • New Reports about TikTok rewarding creators to pump live shopping.

Instagram & Threads
  • IG set to bring back Creator Cash Bonuses.

  • Instagram shares new tips for E-commerce shops in a Post.

  • Threads App gets new post editing and Voice notes feature.

  • Meta’s AI Chatbots are not working in the best way possible.

  • Facebook UK sales surged ahead of Ad Downturn.

  • WhatsApp testing Event Creation for Groups.

Twitter (X)
  • X aims to fight substack says Elon to allow article publishing.

  • X’s efforts to launch live-streaming features are coming together.

  • Expanded Bios are live on X Desktop.

  • New Feature &. Updates to X’s Security & Content Reporting.

  • X launches new updates to Community Notes to increase reliability.

  • Google SGE AI now helps to create Images and Content Drafts.

  • Google Demand Gen Ads roll out to all advertisers.

  • Disabling Third-party cookies for 1% Chrome Users.

  • Updating their Ads Policy later this month.

  • Google Search stops intended search results.

  • Expands access to Social Media Links for Business profiles.

Agency News
  • WFA & MediaSense launch “Future of media Agency” Report.

  • Stagwell acquires Left Field Labs, A digital Agency.

  • Publicis Groupe Posts 5.3% growth in Q3.

  • Dentsu partners with VideoAmp for Ad buying.

  • Virgin Voyages gives its Global Media Account to Hearts & Science.

  • Idris Elba’s agency launches first campaign for Sky Cinema.

  • Wavemaker & Merlin Entertainment extend their partnership.

  • GroupM Betas Walmart Retail Media Certification Program.

Brands & Ads
  • Taco Bell & Deutsch LA partner with Pete Davidson for new campaign.

  • Lloyds Banking Group appoints new CMO.

  • N26 Bank launches new global brand campaign.

  • Doc Martens launch new Brand Platform “Made Strong”.

  • Netflix to open retail sites in 2025 as Brand move.

  • ASICS & City of Paris’s latest campaign launched on Mental Health Day.

  • Uber Eats launches “Never eat dirt again” campaign in Taiwan .

  • Stagwell launches Harris Quest, AI research-as-a-service tool.

  • Google assures Companies of legal coverage when using their AI Models.

  • Adobe announces AI-generated Image to Video Tool.

  • Adobe also announced new content credential tag for AI.

  • Optimizely launches new Marketing OS powered by AI.

  • Microsoft launches bug bounty program to improve Bing AI.

  • Microsoft completes acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Pinterest & Snap
  • Pinterest to announce Q3 Results on 30th Oct.

  • Pinterest partnered with Anthropologie for Holiday Season Shophouse.

  • Snap My AI could face ban in UK over child privacy concerns.

  • Reddit launches new report on TV & Film Entertainment.

Marketing & Ad Tech
  • IAS partners with Instacart Ads to improve transparency.

  • Atlassian to buy Loom for nearly $1 Billion.

  • Inmobi launches new identity resolution tool.

  • Jetpack WordPress adds new AI updates.

  • Paramount adds iSpot as New Currency partner.

  • The Guardian unveiled new UK Ad council.

  • Yahoo’s Cookieless ID in partnership with Twilio.

  • Twitch to go through another round of layoffs.

  • New feature to Follow WordPress blog through Mastodon.

  • Twitch adds anti-harassment features to stop banned users.

What I read about Gen-Z Consumers this Month. (No Calls)

1/ 35% Gen-Z corespondents associate TikTok more with Influencers and Zers are less likely to follow influencers on non-social apps. (Report)

2/ 41% plan to start shopping by the end of October and 37% Gen-Z plan to spend more this season, Shopify data.

3/ e.l.f. remains the No. 1 cosmetics brand, increasing 13 points Y/Y to 29% for female teens. And 90% of Genders prefer Apple Products.

4/ Gen-Z doesn’t like to get called, mostly prefer online chat & WhatsApp to connect with friends and others, data from The Sun.

5/ 19% of US adults aged 18-34 are actively saving in case of layoffs, compared to only 13% of older adults.

6/ Black Gen-Zers are hiding names for job applications and being more private shares new data.

7/ 83% of Gen-Z workers are job hoppers. (CNBC)

8/ Gen-Z wants feminine care products to become more blunt and clear in their Ad Copies. (NY Post)

9/ Majority of Gen-Z Students trust College Education, shares new report exposing online gurus.  (Gallup)

10/ 73% of Gen-Z Americans have changed their spending habits over inflation causes. 43% now prefer to home cook, 40% spend less on clothes and 33% limiting spend to Essential shopping. (Bank of America)

11/ Gen-Zers are struggling to find third places to network and make friends. Many are paying for multiple memberships to make friends.

Ace the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam: Pass the Azure Fundamentals Exam with Ease

12/ Harvard’s research suggests that Gen-Z 27% more likely to buy from sustainable brands. However new research from Kantar shares distrust of Gen-Z in Sustainability advertising.

13/ Gen-Z & Millennials are making impulse purchases of social media suggestions shares new data from Bankrate.

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: What Happened In Marketing October 16th 2023

  • TikTok launches Search Ads Toggle, allowing brands to display ads in search results.

  • TikTok enhances data security and localized storage in US, Singapore, and Malaysia.

  • TikTok unveils Direct Post feature for smoother third-party platform content sharing.

  • Meta shared photos of the business onboarding steps for MetaVerified for Business

  • Instagram new “Avatar interactions” setting lets you control who can interact with your avatar

  • Instagram is working on a new sticker: Music Pick

  • Facebook is killing its Notes feature on Nov 13th

  • Facebook Messenger added a tab called Channels

  • Threads now showing the “Suggested for you” section in feed.

X (Twitter)
  • X rolls out new ad format that can’t be reported, blocked

  • X is working on giving streamers options on who can join their chat before the start of the stream

  • Google tests generative AI in Search for creating imagery and drafting text.

  • Passkeys introduced for secure, fingerprint-based login on eBay, Uber, and WhatsApp

  • Twitch update empowers streamers to block banned users from viewing their livestreams.

  • Duolingo will launch language learning lessons through Duolingo Music and Duolingo Math in the EU as well

  • CapCut added a new AI-based feature, AI model

  • Early preview unveiled for ‘X calling’ feature.

  • Facebook seeks feedback from Meta Verified subscribers on service quality.

  • Facebook starts showing the page name in the app header, and it sticks to the header when scrolling through the page.

  • TikTok enables mentioning videos via audio page in user-created content.

  • TikTok update removes auto-generated captions from post, privacy settings.

  • TikTok launches AI meme generation for user-taken or selected photos.

Instagram 🔥
  • Instagram introduces option for page linking within user accounts.

  • Instagram extends account activity access to desktop platforms.

  • Meta offers business support option beyond Meta Verified service.

  • WhatsApp developing date-specific message search for web client.

  • WhatsApp Web rolls out ‘Create Channel’ feature for users.

  • Box unveils Box Hubs, streamlining document access with AI integration.

  • CharacterAI debuts ‘Character Group Chat’ for multi-user, multi-AI interactions.

  • Mozilla teams with Fastly, Divvi Up for enhanced Firefox privacy tech.

  • Elgato introduces web Marketplace, upgrading digital assets exchange for creators.

  • Search Engine Land Awards 2023 finalists announced, winners to be revealed Oct. 17.

  • Snapchat encourages gifting Snapchat+ to friends on upcoming birthdays.

  • Spotify trials top playback controls during in-app scrolling.

I analyze over 200 headlines per week. Here’s a well-known psychological bias you can use to drive a tonne of clicks

“Harvard psychologist: 7 things the most passive-aggressive people always do—and the No. 1 way to respond”

This article is trending hard on CNBC Make It.

Sure, it’s good content.

But the headline clearly plays a huge role in its success.

Confirmation bias is a psychological effect where people seek information to validate their pre-existing beliefs.

“Please tell me I’m right”.

To effectively use confirmation bias in headlines:

– Identify behaviors your audience likely has strong beliefs or opinions about

– Write a headline that appears to confirm or challenge that belief

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In this headline, passive aggression is the behavior many have encountered or been accused of.

A lot of people have pre-existing beliefs about what it looks like.

The headline suggests there are definitive behaviors that passive-aggressive people exhibit.

Readers want to know whether their own beliefs will be confirmed or challenged.

So they click to find out.

It’s brilliant.

Other psychological effects that make this headline an absolute click magnet:

Authority Bias – “Harvard Professor”. Readers are more likely to click when a headline implies endorsement from an expert.

Social Identity Theory: People will always want to identify with certain groups (in-groups) and distance themselves from others (out-groups).

They’ll seek out content to determine which “bucket” they fall into.

Do people they know fall into the “passive-aggressive” bucket? Do they themselves fall into that bucket?

They can’t help but click to find out.

Examples from different niches:

Productivity: “The 7 App Habits Of Highly Productive People”

Pre-existing belief – Productive people do or do not use apps a certain way.

Personal Finance – “The Actual Impact Of Cutting Out Coffee On Your Savings”

Pre-existing belief – Cutting out a daily coffee will or will not have a meaningful impact on savings.

Parenting – “Does Strict Parenting Actually Lead To Academic Success?”

Pre-existing belief – Strict parenting does or does not lead to academic success.


*Disclaimer* – The content needs to match the expectations set by the title.

That’s what makes a title clickworthy as opposed to clickbait.

Also, the content shouldn’t be written with the sole purpose of being provocative. It should solve real problems and provide real value.

Giving it a juicy title is just how you make sure it’s actually read and that value is delivered.

As Ogilvy says:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: What Happened In Marketing October 01-07 2023

X is looking to launch Ad-free Premium Tier for users.

Instagram announces option to share instagram stories only to a certain no. of followers in lists.

Reddit expands its learning hub with new courses and updates.

Google releases October 2023 Brand Core Update.

Deutsch New York plans to lays off about 19% of staff.

Youtube Testing New Community Notes Feed on Mobile.

DDB WorldWide names Alex Lubar as global CEO.

Snapchat announces “Phantom House” new activision for halloween.

X has ruined everything for link sharing with new Link Preview UI.

VMLY&R Named Lead Creative Agency for World of Hyatt.

GA4 adds new features to improve data security and report accuracy.

BEReal launches a new global campaign, trying to get back attention.

Meta rolls out AI Tools for Advertisers.

X is testing a new Ad format that you can’t report or fight back against.

M&S Appoints Mother as Creative Agency for UK Business.

Non-Alcohol Brands are testing Sober October campaigns, Ritual biggest one so far.

Netflix global Ad president departs after 13 months. Now, Amy Reinhard is the new Ad President.

Mullenlowe retains US Military Account for Recruiting Marketing, Account worth $450M.

US Ad Employement grew by 3k Jobs in Sep 2023.

Google Spam October 2023 Core Update also launched.

IG testing Ad Carousels with tag “you might like” with 5 Different Ads side by side.

Watched 8 hours of MrBeast’s content. Here are 7 psychological strategies he’s used to get 34 billion views

MrBeast can fill giant stadiums and launch 8-figure candy companies on demand.

He’s unbelievably popular.

Recently, I listened to the brilliant marketer Phil Agnew being interviewed on the Creator Science podcast.

The episode focused on how MrBeast’s near-academic understanding of audience psychology is the key to his success.

Better than anyone, MrBeast knows how to get you:

– Click on his content (increase his click-through rate)

– Get you to stick around (increase his retention rate)

He gets you to click by using irresistible thumbnails and headlines.

I watched 8 hours of his content.

To build upon Phil Agnew’s work, I made a list of 7 psychological effects and biases he’s consistently used to write headlines that get clicked into oblivion.

Even the most aggressively “anti-clickbait” purists out there would benefit from learning the psychology of why people choose to click on some content over others.

Ultimately, if you don’t get the click, it really doesn’t matter how good your content is.

1. Novelty Effect

MrBeast Headline: “I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard”

MrBeast often presents something so out of the ordinary that they have no choice but to click and find out more.

That’s the “novelty effect” at play.

Our brain’s reward system is engaged when we encounter something new.

You’ll notice that the headline examples you see in this list are extreme.

MrBeast takes things to the extreme.

You don’t have to.

Here’s your takeaway:

Consider breaking the reader/viewer’s scrolling pattern by adding some novelty to your headlines.


Here are two ways:

  1. Find the unique angle in your content

  2. Find an unusual character in your content


“How Moonlight Walks Skyrocketed My Productivity”.

“Meet the Artist Who Paints With Wine and Chocolate.”

Headlines like these catch the eye without requiring 100 million Orbeez.

2. Costly Signaling

MrBeast Headline: “Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It”

Here’s the 3-step click-through process at play here:

  1. MrBeast lets you know he’s invested a very significant amount of time and money into his content.

  2. This signals to whoever reads the headline that it’s probably valuable and worth their time.

  3. They click to find out more.

Costly signaling is all amount showcasing what you’ve invested into the content.

The higher the stakes, the more valuable the content will seem.

In this example, the $800,000 island he’s giving away just screams “This is worth your time!”

Again, they don’t need to be this extreme.

Here are two examples with a little more subtlety:

“I built a full-scale botanical garden in my backyard”.

“I used only vintage cookware from the 1800s for a week”.

Not too extreme, but not too subtle either.

3. Numerical Precision

MrBeast knows that using precise numbers in headlines just work.

Almost all of his most popular videos use headlines that contain a specific number.

“Going Through The Same Drive Thru 1,000 Times”

“$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!”

Yes, these headlines also use costly signaling.

But there’s more to it than that.

Precise numbers are tangible.

They catch our eye, pique our curiosity, and add a sense of authenticity.

“The concreteness effect”:

Specific, concrete information is more likely to be remembered than abstract, intangible information.

“I went through the same drive thru 1000 times” is more impactful than “I went through the same drive thru countless times”.

4. Contrast

MrBeast Headline: “$1 vs $1,000,000 Hotel Room!”

Our brains are drawn to stark contrasts and MrBeast knows it.

His headlines often pit two extremes against each other.

It instantly creates a mental image of both scenarios.

You’re not just curious about what a $1,000,000 hotel room looks like.

You’re also wondering how it could possibly compare to a $1 room.

Was the difference wildly significant?

Was it actually not as significant as you’d think?

It increases the audience’s *curiosity gap* enough to get them to click and find out more.

Here are a few ways you could use contrast in your headlines effectively:

  1. Transformational Content:

“From $200 to a $100M Empire – How A Small Town Accountant Took On Silicon Valley”

Here you’re contrasting different states or conditions of a single subject.

Transformation stories and before-and-after scenarios.

You’ve got the added benefit of people being drawn to aspirational/inspirational stories.

2. Direct Comparison

“Local Diner Vs Gourmet Bistro – Where Does The Best Comfort Food Lie?”

5. Nostalgia

MrBeast Headline: “I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!”

Nostalgia is a longing for the past.

It’s often triggered by sensory stimuli – smells, songs, images, etc.

It can feel comforting and positive, but sometimes bittersweet.

Nostalgia can provide emotional comfort, identity reinforcement, and even social connection.

People are drawn to it and MrBeast has it down to a tee.

He created a fantasy world most people on this planet came across at some point in their childhood.

While the headline does play on costly signaling here as well, nostalgia does help to clinch the click and get the view.

Subtle examples of nostalgia at play:

“How this [old school cartoon] is shaping new age animation”.

“[Your favorite childhood books] are getting major movie deals”.

6. Morbid Curiosity

MrBeast Headline: “Surviving 24 Hours Straight In The Bermuda Triangle”

People are drawn to the macabre and the dangerous.

Morbid curiosity explains why you’re drawn to situations that are disturbing, frightening, or gruesome.

It’s that tension between wanting to avoid harm and the irresistible desire to know about it.

It’s a peculiar aspect of human psychology and viral content marketers take full advantage of it.

The Bermuda Triangle is practically synonymous with danger.

The headline suggests a pretty extreme encounter with it, so we click to find out more.

7. FOMO And Urgency

MrBeast Headline: “Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It”

“FOMO”: the worry that others may be having fulfilling experiences that you’re absent from.

Marketers leverage FOMO to drive immediate action – clicking, subscribing, purchasing, etc.

The action is driven by the notion that delay could result in missing out on an exciting opportunity or event.

You could argue that MrBeast uses FOMO and urgency in all of his headlines.

They work under the notion that a delay in clicking could result in missing out on an exciting opportunity or event.

MrBeast’s time-sensitive challenge, exclusive opportunities, and high-stakes competitions all generate a sense of urgency.

People feel compelled to watch immediately for fear of missing out on the outcome or being left behind in conversations about the content.

Creators, writers, and marketers can tap into FOMO with their headlines without being so extreme.

“The Hidden Parisian Cafe To Visit Before The Crowds Do”

“How [Tech Innovation] Will Soon Change [Industry] For Good”

(Yep, FOMO and urgency are primarily responsible for the proliferation of AI-related headlines these days).

Why This All Matters

If you don’t have content you need people to consume, it probably doesn’t!

But if any aspect of your online business would benefit from people clicking on things more, it probably does.

“Yes, because we all need more clickbait in this world – *eye-roll emoji*” – Disgruntled Redditor

I never really understood this comment but I seem to get it pretty often.

My stance is this:

If the content delivers what the headline promises, it shouldn’t be labeled clickbait.

I wouldn’t call MrBeast’s content clickbait.

The fact is that linguistic techniques can be used to drive people to consume some content over others.

You don’t need to take things to the extremes that MrBeast does to make use of his headline techniques.

If content doesn’t get clicked, it won’t be read, viewed, or listened to – no matter how brilliant the content might be.

While “clickbait” content isn’t a good thing, we can all learn a thing or two from how they generate attention in an increasingly noisy digital world.

Little trick on how I use Quora to grow my business

This really doesn’t cost a lot of time and can be helpful for every business.

In order to leverage Quora effectively for your business, you need relevant questions to answer in the best possible way.

This can be tedious and a lot of work, while your answers can get buried quickly. To maximize the impact, I use this approach:

Look for Quora questions with many views but few answers.

Type in Google: keyword “1 answer” “k views”

For example, I founded Simple Analytics, a GA4 alternative. So I’m interested in keywords like Google Analytics, Ga4, privacy-friendly analytics etc: google analytics “1 answer” “k views”

It will find questions related to your keyword with just one answer but with many views (you can play around with the variables here)

But this is essentially where you want to be! Now provide a thoughtful answer and even mention your business if it fits the context. You’ll be the top rated answer and get many views.

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The TOP 50 Finance Headlines of 2023: Unraveling the Patterns

Deciphering the Marketing Landscape: Latest News

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    by /u/adlurinikhil (Marketing & Advertising) on July 20, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    Hello guys, Do you have any idea what those plugins are? I’m new to SEO, so I got no idea and I would appreciate if you guys can recommend any good tools as well submitted by /u/adlurinikhil [link] [comments]

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    I created a shopping campaign a few days ago, and it's getting about 200 impressions per day, with 1-2 clicks per day. It's still in its learning period, and has another 3 days of learning left. The campaign has a total of 12 products, with an average price of $200. The products are like this one: Is this normal? Should I have been receiving more clicks? P.s., the campaign budget is $25 per day, and it's only using up $1-$2 per day. submitted by /u/Elegant-Structure706 [link] [comments]

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    by /u/Jamesdelray (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 12:25 pm

    So trust is a big issue with merchant centre misrepresentation suspensions. Everyone says you need to get more reviews. Reviews where? I mean anyone can just make up fake reviews on their website submitted by /u/Jamesdelray [link] [comments]

  • Trouble scaling YT ads
    by /u/emilstyle91 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 11:49 am

    Hi. I have a client who spend 400 day and atm I have 3 campaigns: - PMAX 100 day - YT ads target url: 150 day - YT ads target broad: 150 day Cpa is around 50 atm but the customer would like to get 20-25 The problem is EVERY single time we try to rise the budget, test a new audience or something else, the account literally goes to shit and CPA goes to 150-200, killing the entire roas of the week. How can I scale the account to 1k per day without going crazy and lowering cpa as well? I mean I know the request sound stupid, but: How would you increase the budget? Would you create more campaigns, more ad groups or just more creatives inside a campaign? How do you test new audiences without making the account perform very poorly for days? Thank you so much submitted by /u/emilstyle91 [link] [comments]

  • Losing my will
    by /u/Mr-suburbia (Marketing & Advertising) on July 20, 2024 at 11:10 am

    Struggling for work. It seems like I get close for one role every month but can’t get over the line. More than a decade, mainly in content, copy, and email, but none of that seems to matter nowadays. Lost a role because we had a “fundamental disagreement over the use of AI” because I told them output quality would not improve with AI over human copywriters unless they fix their data problem. Which seems just sensible. And this continues. I’m based in Hungary, local jobs pay wages that are so low I couldn’t manage. And increasingly, I’m instant rejected for jobs abroad, why, I don’t know for sure. Whenever I do land interviews, I get on great with the interviewer, show my capabilities, but am then passed over because there was someone else who was an even better fit. I’m somewhat at my wits end as I honestly have no idea what I can do differently to land any roles. I constantly get either no feedback or the same feedback: there was someone else who was a better fit. And that’s not helpful. So yeah, this is something of a rant, but needed to get it out. submitted by /u/Mr-suburbia [link] [comments]

  • TikTok algorithm is a dickhead
    by /u/marketingrightsideup (Marketing & Advertising) on July 20, 2024 at 11:06 am

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    I’ve been marketing to an audience off the back on some outsourced research. TLDR is that they should be a perfect fit for the b2b product, they have money to spend, and we’re trying our best to get in front of them (ppc, email, sales outreach, events (pending)). We’ve had basically nothing, there’s some good engagement on the ppc but very very few conversions after months of optimising and experimentation. Has anyone any experience with this? If this isn’t the right audience I don’t know what is and the product has been successful elsewhere so we have proof of concept, good social proof etc. submitted by /u/Warm_Style_5990 [link] [comments]

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    Previous ads were all working properly, converting a lot of inquiries and sales. However, as days progress, the ads’ conversion has lessened. I made some changes and improvements, such as targeting a different audience and creating a new, refreshing ad, but none seem to work my way. submitted by /u/Global-Tension-4459 [link] [comments]

  • Recommended YouTubers/Resources for Google Ads?
    by /u/Stunning-Ad-2563 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 10:04 am

    Been killing it on Meta across our now 3 brands for years now. Have yet to implement Google ads for our product based, mostly apparel, products. $50 - $150 products. Ben Heath was our meta resource until I learned he actually knows nothing (we hired him. Total dummy). Looking to learn the basics of Google ads so we can get started and hopefully become as adept as I currently am with Metas platform eventually. submitted by /u/Stunning-Ad-2563 [link] [comments]

  • Seeking a Professional Opportunity
    by /u/nivass123 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 9:51 am

    With approximately 7 years of experience in pay-per-click advertising, I am eager to bring my expertise to either an in-house team or a marketing agency. If you're looking for a dedicated and skilled PPC professional, please message me for my CV. live in israel remote job only submitted by /u/nivass123 [link] [comments]

  • What to learn next?
    by /u/According-Policy-940 (Marketing & Advertising) on July 20, 2024 at 8:43 am

    Currently looking for an entry level job and I want to learn in the meantime. I've completed my Google Ads certs and I've done a couple of courses on ppc and digital marketing in general. I'm not sure what to learn next. I feel like learning email or social media would be too overwhelming, since my focus so far has been on PPC. Do you guys have suggestions on what I should learn next? Should I go into other fields of digital marketing? Are there any areas to improve that go nicely with PPC? submitted by /u/According-Policy-940 [link] [comments]

  • The Power of Authenticity: Why Amateur Videos Often Outperform Professional Ones in Marketing
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    I’ve been working in marketing for quite some time, mostly in the automotive industry, and I've noticed something intriguing that seems almost universally true. Whenever I collaborate with professional videographers and video editors to produce highly polished videos, these videos tend to garner less traction compared to ones that are clearly of a lower standard and more amateur in nature. To clarify, I’m not talking about poorly made videos, but those that are just not as polished as the ones I’ve planned and executed with professionals. Interestingly, this trend is most apparent with long-form videos but is also noticeable with short-form content, though not to such extremes. The only explanation I can come up with is that these less polished, more amateur videos resonate better with viewers. They seem more genuine and less like an advertisement, which might be why they attract more engagement. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on why this might be the case. submitted by /u/Peace-and-Pistons [link] [comments]

  • Free tool or site to check offsite metrics
    by /u/vantasma (Marketing & Advertising) on July 20, 2024 at 8:05 am

    Long story short. My company produces several articles every month across 20 or so media outlets in several markets. Example: A blog post on a niche marketing news site I have been asked to evaluate all these content partnerships and most of them are not sharing views or other metrics with me. I would like to skip that step and just find out on my own. Is there a tool for this? It doesn’t have to be absolutely accurate but I just need a rough idea of page visits etc Any ideas? submitted by /u/vantasma [link] [comments]

  • Dealing with Burnout and Unfair Treatment. Is this common?
    by /u/Guilty_Actuary2061 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 6:42 am

    I'm new to the digital marketing agency world and need some advice. I work at a small agency that has around 40 clients we run campaigns on Google, Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest. I'm the sole person responsible for creating, launching, and strategizing all these campaigns, and I'm constantly feeling burned out due to the high demands from my boss with no support. Out of the 40 clients, 5-7 are big clients and 3 are very big. I'm able to consistently deliver great results for these major clients, but I struggle to give the same attention to the remaining "smaller" clients. Their campaigns underperform, and I get blamed for the poor outcomes. Despite the heavy workload, I'm only getting paid $3,000 per month. When I asked for a raise a few weeks ago, I was told I'd get it once we onboard some new clients, but that hasn't happened yet. Instead, my boss has been getting increasingly angry with me, questioning why I haven't launched specific campaigns for specific clients that were requested that same day, when I already have a backlog of 10 other campaigns. Is this kind of treatment and compensation common in the digital marketing agency world, especially for someone fresh out of college like myself? Is the salary I'm getting fair given my responsibilities? And is the stress and blame from my boss a normal part of the agency culture? I'd greatly appreciate any insights or advice. submitted by /u/Guilty_Actuary2061 [link] [comments]

  • Hiring Amazon ppc expert (India)
    by /u/Murky_End_1774 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 5:05 am

    Looking for an experienced Amazon ppc ads manager who has handled good Amazon accounts in India. He should also have knowledge about Amazon seo's. Reach out with your portfolio please. submitted by /u/Murky_End_1774 [link] [comments]

  • Best practice or not?
    by /u/Candid_Interaction81 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 4:49 am

    I have an ad group with 3 keywords within. Recently, 1 of those keywords has not performed very well but historically averaged a decent amount of leads. I noticed that our CPCS for this KW dropped and it impacted our ad placement at the top of page. So I paused it and created a new ad group, within the same campaign, to have better control of the keyword. Is this bad practice? Or is this okay as the campaign retains the historical data... Thanks in advance submitted by /u/Candid_Interaction81 [link] [comments]

  • Increased Budget, CPC Skyrocketed : Need Help!
    by /u/BoringCartoonist5798 (Ads on Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc.) on July 20, 2024 at 4:44 am

    I recently spoke with a Google Ads guy that works for Google who advised increasing my daily budget so I increased it from $120 to $150 per day. Since making this change, my CPC for some keywords has skyrocketed from an average of $9 to as high as $55-$60, with an overall average now at $23. This has drastically increased my ad costs. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on how to bring my CPC back down without reducing my budget? Recommended budget on Google is $260 per day. I have only exact match on the campaign. In the first week, I had 65 clicks totalling $655. Since the change in 2 days, I have $422 for 18 clicks. What do I do? submitted by /u/BoringCartoonist5798 [link] [comments]

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