What are popular hobbies among Software Engineers?

Software Engineers Hobbies

What are popular hobbies among Software Engineers?

Just like any other profession, Software Engineers have their own unique set of hobbies that they enjoy. While some programmers prefer to relax by playing video games or watching TV, others like to get more involved in their hobbies and spend their free time learning new things or being creative. If you’re curious about what some of the most popular hobbies among software engineers are, read on!

1. Reading
2. Playing video games
3. Working on personal projects
4. Cooking
5. Hiking/running
6. Watching TV/movies


Stereotypically, video games and board games are supposed to be popular, but of the many programmers I know, I can think of only two that are really into games enough to call it a hobby rather than (as they are for most of us) a casual diversion. One is more board-gamery, and the other is more videogamer-uh-erery.

What are popular hobbies among Software Engineers?
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Outside of that, hobbies I know of amongst programmers I know (and I include myself) are:

  • Photography

  • Playing musical instruments and/or music production

  • Hiking

  • Bicycling

  • Motorcycling

  • Cars (motorsport, restoration, etc.)

  • 4x4s and off-roading

  • Electronics

  • Retrocomputing

  • Software side projects

  • Pets, usually dogs & cats but sometimes exotics

  • Do-it-yourself plumbing/electrical/carpentry/plastering/concrete

  • Cooking and/or foodie pursuits like visiting restaurants or inventing cocktails

  • Coffee (machines, roasting, blending, drinking)

  • Lego™

  • Card games (often poker or blackjack)

  • Rock climbing

  • Fishing

  • Target shooting

  • Archery

  • Kayaking

  • Painting, drawing or sculpture

  • Flying model airplanes, helicopters and/or rockets

  • Golf, football, tennis, raquetball, squash (spectatorship and/or playing)

  • Skiing

  • Chess

  • Soccer/Football

  • Martial Arts

  • Blogging


How do Software Engineers spend their free time? What are their hobbies? Well, according to a recent survey, the most popular hobby among Software Engineers is programming. But that’s not all – they also enjoy playing video games, reading books, and spending time with friends and family. So what does this tell us about Software Engineers? Well, for one, they’re passionate about technology and love to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations. But they’re also well-rounded individuals who enjoy a variety of activities outside of work. So if you’re looking for someone to chat with about the latest tech trends or just want to find someone to play video games with, then a Software Engineer is your best bet!

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