Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?
Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

Apple don’t want that to happen.

Not because they want to extract more money from hardware sales (Apple hardware is actually cheap for the quality you get anyway), not because they wouldn’t sell OS X as a product if they could.

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It’s really simple: they did the math on the support costs of random third party hardware, and the numbers came up “nope”.

Apple actually did this long before OS X was a thing; for a short while you could actually get a licensed non-Apple MacOS computer.

But the support costs killed it.

To actually do this and make money, they’d have to sell OS X for a couple of thousand dollars, or maybe a subscription at about $50/month. That’s to pay for the three or four thousand developers and ten or so thousand support people they’d have to hire to deal with all the random crap hardware out there.

And it still wouldn’t meet their quality targets anyway.

So how can Microsoft do it?

They get the OEMs and hardware manufacturers to deal with most of it. Which they mostly do badly, but people have somehow become used to the resulting mess.

Making the OS itself free does mean that they don’t want people to install it on third party hardware because that would mean zero profits from the extra user (unless they use services such as iCloud in a premium fashion — more than just what’s given free).

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I guess that makes the hackintoshing phenomenon an issue. Now, when the support for the last Intel based Mac ends hackintoshing will be a real issue (I mean, some explicitly limit themselves to High Sierra because of some NVidia GPUs that aren’t supported on newer versions at all…). But for now, if you have good, compatible hardware, you can reap the benefits just fine.

I am currently a hackintosher but intend to get an actual MacBook Pro (Intel based) soon. Wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t get a good hackintosh. So I’d say, don’t fight those who try it out like this and then migrate to actual Apple products, since that’s actually a profit vector. Only fight those that do it despite that.

The better question to ask is “How does Linux do it?”. You can find drivers for most of “the random crap hardware out there”… You can “google yourself” the support for most of the issues you’d run into, unlike Windows, etc. Support is a “thing” mostly for corporate users. Companies need someone to sue in case they’d somehow lose a penny because of hw/sw issues.

Using Windows would be much better than hackintoshing. Windows has its issues, it is not as reliable as macOS. However, Windows is much more flexible than macOS. It is much more programmer friendly than macOS. Most of the advantages of macOS will cease to exist once you take it out of the integration with Apple hardware.

You can, not so easily, run the OSX on a windows machine as you would run a second version of windows or Linux or any other OS. My current machine has around 4 different OS in 2 drives. The machine was originally assembled keeping in mind running it on OSX, endearingly known by the community as Hackintoshs. I did run an OSX version of Snow Leopard for a few months but didn’t have much use of it as I already own a MacBook Pro. A fun project but not without hastles.

Also, I did shift my 10+ year old MacBooks drive into the machine, before writing this reply, just for fun. Given the changes over time, the OSX failed to recognise half the peripherals which is solvable, but would need a lot of work.

You can. Such computers are called a “Hackintosh.” The procedure is totally unsupported, but I suppose it can save the user some money, when it works.

It’s not that it can’t. It’s a violation of the end-user license. If you’d like to give a try, just google out Hackintosh. I am not aware of any prosecution if you do. Definitely nothing like the infamous Microsoft initiated BSA raids on companies and individual users.

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    by /u/JaimeAzorAhai (Mac) on June 26, 2022 at 7:34 am

    Hi, I mainly use Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. I want to upgrade to M1 MBA hearing it's a beast. My only concern that I can only afford the base model 8GB RAM (The prices in Egypt is INSANE and will try buying it from UAE and all the available ones are 8GB anyway except those from Apple store which will be pricier than my budget) Reasons to upgrade? - Recently replaced the battery to only find out days later that I have to replace the Keyboard (currently using external Keyboard) - I'm worried because of having a recent kernel panic (My 2011 mbp died with the infamous GPU problem) and the recent one was wile using MS Word while switching between created desktops So whenever I use final cut to export videos I feel worried about the 2011 model incident. I exported numerous videos some are like 9 minutes long with no problems other than overheating. Overheating also happens while editing with a lot of plugins. I'm really sorry for the long post but what do you recommend? Should I keep my mac or go for the 8GB M1 MBA? Is that exact model will perform better for Final Cut? My Mac MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB submitted by /u/JaimeAzorAhai [link] [comments]

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    My keyboard is having some problems: just one key is behaving inconsistently, and I just need to be able to limp along until I get into service it, so I would like to just re-assign some other key combination to be able to type the letter "H". I.e. I want to be able to type fn+J or something like that to produce an "H". Is there any way to achieve this? I have googled around, but all I could find is info on how to change hotkeys. submitted by /u/pragmojo [link] [comments]

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    Hi everyone, ive recently encountered some quirky issues as I am having problems “connecting to the internet” as suggested by the system. All the apps installed on my mac couldnt get any internet connection whereas i could still download software updates in settings. Anyone know how to solve? submitted by /u/Jackson_192 [link] [comments]

  • are you able to edit on 16GB ram?
    by /u/vms_zerorain (Mac) on June 26, 2022 at 7:05 am

    just wondering if i should fork out extra for it? general purpose editing like cutting and time remapping (video) submitted by /u/vms_zerorain [link] [comments]

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    When I updated to Big Sur earlier this year, I noticed that my MacBook screen no longer fades out when going to sleep. Occasionally it does, but usually, it only fades in. Does anyone know a fix for this? Small issue but it's extremely annoying. submitted by /u/PicklezDom [link] [comments]

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    My iMac 2012 27inch clunked out a while back. Kept making little ticking noise when plugged in before even pressing power button. Ordered a new SSD to replace the HDD and power supply in case that was the issue. Went through the repair all ok. Installed the new SSD but didn't power on. So replaced the power supply and that indeed seemed to be the issue. No more ticking sounds and heard the gong after pressing the power button. Replaced and resealed the screen and here is where I ran into a problem I can't seem to solve. It seems to get stuck after the gong and the progress bar reaches almost the end, then shows the no entry sign. After searching the web, I tried pressing the Option key to get into the boot manager, but no effect. Tried recovery mode by pressing Option + Cmd + R, but still nothing - just keeps going with the progress bar as if nothing is pressed till the no entry sign again and gets stuck. I tried plugging in the mouse to all the USB. They light up the mouse so I'm assuming they are working. I tried the keyboard on all of them. Also tried the keyboard on my other mac to see if the keyboard was working ok - all keys work well without any issues. I'm at a loss on what else to do. I did create a boot USB though not sure if I did that right. But I can't even try it out as I can't get into the boot manager. Would really appreciate some help on what else to try. Thanks. submitted by /u/weoi75 [link] [comments]

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    I’m looking at improving my work from home setup for my MBP M1 Pro, and found a pair of monitors from LG which support DP daisy chaining. https://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-27qp88d-b. The issue is they don’t support thunderbolt, which I believe is required for daisy chaining on M1 Pro? If this is the case, are there any work arounds? Are there any DisplayLink products that support one usb-c from the mbp and a display port usb-c cable daisy chaining the monitors. Any help is appreciated! submitted by /u/Initial-Ad-6542 [link] [comments]

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  • Nvidia Web Drivers issue, For unsupported OS, how to fix (Instructions)
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    Hey, I am using High Sierra, on an unsupported system, I recently encountered a problem that caused the Nvidia web drivers to stop operating, due to an expired certificate. Slowed down the whole computer. I found a place to download the drivers that have been re-signed by apple, in order to continue operating. just make sure you are running the most recent security update on High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G14042) And install this driver: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1lPuKuQqI7OtNzMMmSrQ8MqVMC1EnlfCv Install the web driver and the Cuda Drivers. This will get your system running as per usual again. In my case, I am using a 2008 Mac Pro Tower (3,1) with a GTX770 Graphics card. Happy computing. submitted by /u/q-ka [link] [comments]

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    Hello! I will be buying my computer for college pretty soon (mechanical engineering major) and I've narrowed it down to the MacBook Pro 13" I just need to figure out what specs I need. I will be using it for typical college work, miscellaneous engineering software, and some CAD software (I'm thinking I will probably need to run Boot Camp for some of those CAD programs). Any recommendations as to how much storage I will need and how much unified memory I should get if I'm hoping to run Boot Camp? All of your advice and recommendations are much appreciated! (Also, if you think there's a different model better suited to my situation let me know that too!) submitted by /u/L1zzyL0velace [link] [comments]

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    I missed the recent MacBook Pro announcement, and I’m trying to make sense of this… the new M2 MacBook Pro only comes with 2 x Thunderbolt 4, 720p camera, brings back the Touch Bar, and ditches MagSafe again…. but the M1 refresh launched late last year comes with an HDMI, SD card slot, MagSafe, 1080p camera, and 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports. Side by side I’m struggling to see how anything but the processor in the M2 is an upgrade. What is going on here? Did I miss something in the announcement / launch that makes this make more sense than what is just on paper? Or is everyone else also confused. submitted by /u/IntelligentDegree522 [link] [comments]

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    Hi all, How do I remove the top part? Its blocking the rest of the app. ​ https://preview.redd.it/0v3hztopkv791.png?width=1344&format=png&auto=webp&s=8db3534f7d94879eecfa361efe304eefb168dc3f https://preview.redd.it/49bzgd1kkv791.png?width=2880&format=png&auto=webp&s=0262b07f29858091ee5103553e43a6a464b9fd3f submitted by /u/Tenton-Memeplex [link] [comments]

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    I’m so late to Apple computers, in fact, this is my first time. my need is simple Sleek and clean desktop setup Normal Office task like MS Excel + web browsing including video streaming. No need for any professional video/graphic editing Light gamer , World of Warcraft mostly Quality and reliability My main concern is that video card (Readon Pro 5500 XT 8G DDR6), is this iMac able to last me for 5-10 years? submitted by /u/rwang8721 [link] [comments]

  • Trying to erase my Backup Drive
    by /u/jfkaess (Mac) on June 25, 2022 at 11:03 pm

    My Backup Drive is a Samsung T5. It goes back several years so it was time to erase it and start over. I turned off Time Machine automatic backupos, then went to Disk Utility and selected the Backup Drive under its container and clicked on Erase. This entire Samsung T5 is used solely for Time Machine. Nothing else is on it. It's been sitting here saying Deleting Volume for about 30 minutes. What do i do now? It seems stuck. I'm on a 2020 iMac running the most current version of Monterey (12.4). https://preview.redd.it/cmlop2j0lu791.jpg?width=1962&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=aa458cd467fb11f7402242674b5daa8a92e76a28 submitted by /u/jfkaess [link] [comments]

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    OWC has some great 27 inch iMac deals. I need to replace my 2008 27 inch iMac. I do animation, a bit of video editing and lots of music production. The 2017 27 inch iMac can run OS Monterey and Man last as long as my 2008 did. Or should I bite the bullet and get the base model Mac Studio? submitted by /u/Robbidarobot [link] [comments]

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    Hi everyone! I've had my 14 inch MPB since last december but in the last few days I noticed that when I connected the magsafe charger sometimes the LED didn't turn on and the mac wasn't charging either. I also noticed that if I tilted the cable to a certain degree it turned on, so I'm guess it didn't make contact very well. I cleaned both the port and the cable from dust but it doesn't work anyways, and now it doesn't metter how I "move" it, it just won't connect. Both the port and the cable look completely normal, what am I supposed to do? It's not that big of a deal, I can still charge my MBP via USB-C, but it sucks that the MagSafe cable suddenly stopped working. Also, a new one would cost around 50$ and before buying I want to make sure the problem is actually the cable and not the port, how can I make sure of that? Thanks! 🙂 submitted by /u/Joker_513 [link] [comments]

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    by /u/e_orbit (Mac) on June 25, 2022 at 4:29 pm

    Hello! Title says all. Looking for a most probably wireless keyboard for my workstation so I can make the place I like to work at. I write documentation, so ease of typing is a plus. Being environmentally friendly is also a plus (packaging, recycled materials, will work forever, etc.). Having a version with two row enter is also a plus (upside down L shaped). Should be able to ship to EU. I deliberately did not write anything else, I am curious what keyboard you like and why. Tell me a bit about it. Thank you! submitted by /u/e_orbit [link] [comments]

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    by /u/seanmusicuk (Mac) on June 25, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    Hi guys, My screen on my MacBook is broke however I can use it if I plug into a tv HDMI. I have just got a monitor and plugged the hdmi into that instead however all I am getting is a Apple Mac backround on the HDMI. Google says I need to go into system preferences and click mirroring however I can’t go on them settings without using the monitor. If I go back into the TV it just shows the tv settings so I can’t even set it up in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you submitted by /u/seanmusicuk [link] [comments]

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