Why can’t a macOs be installed in a Windows computer?

Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

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Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

macOS, also known as Mac OS X, is a proprietary operating system developed and maintained by Apple Inc. for use on Apple’s Macintosh computers. This operating system is not designed to be installed on non-Apple hardware, such as a Windows computer. This is because macOS is specifically built to work with Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem, and is therefore not compatible with the hardware and software of a Windows computer. Additionally, Apple has put in place technical and legal restrictions to prevent macOS from being installed on non-Apple hardware.

Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?
Why can’t a macOS be installed in a Windows computer?

Apple don’t want that to happen.

Not because they want to extract more money from hardware sales (Apple hardware is actually cheap for the quality you get anyway), not because they wouldn’t sell OS X as a product if they could.

It’s really simple: they did the math on the support costs of random third party hardware, and the numbers came up “nope”.

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Apple actually did this long before OS X was a thing; for a short while you could actually get a licensed non-Apple MacOS computer.

But the support costs killed it.

To actually do this and make money, they’d have to sell OS X for a couple of thousand dollars, or maybe a subscription at about $50/month. That’s to pay for the three or four thousand developers and ten or so thousand support people they’d have to hire to deal with all the random crap hardware out there.

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And it still wouldn’t meet their quality targets anyway.

So how can Microsoft do it?

They get the OEMs and hardware manufacturers to deal with most of it. Which they mostly do badly, but people have somehow become used to the resulting mess.

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Making the OS itself free does mean that they don’t want people to install it on third party hardware because that would mean zero profits from the extra user (unless they use services such as iCloud in a premium fashion — more than just what’s given free).

I guess that makes the hackintoshing phenomenon an issue. Now, when the support for the last Intel based Mac ends hackintoshing will be a real issue (I mean, some explicitly limit themselves to High Sierra because of some NVidia GPUs that aren’t supported on newer versions at all…). But for now, if you have good, compatible hardware, you can reap the benefits just fine.

I am currently a hackintosher but intend to get an actual MacBook Pro (Intel based) soon. Wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t get a good hackintosh. So I’d say, don’t fight those who try it out like this and then migrate to actual Apple products, since that’s actually a profit vector. Only fight those that do it despite that.

The better question to ask is “How does Linux do it?”. You can find drivers for most of “the random crap hardware out there”… You can “google yourself” the support for most of the issues you’d run into, unlike Windows, etc. Support is a “thing” mostly for corporate users. Companies need someone to sue in case they’d somehow lose a penny because of hw/sw issues.

Using Windows would be much better than hackintoshing. Windows has its issues, it is not as reliable as macOS. However, Windows is much more flexible than macOS. It is much more programmer friendly than macOS. Most of the advantages of macOS will cease to exist once you take it out of the integration with Apple hardware.

You can, not so easily, run the OSX on a windows machine as you would run a second version of windows or Linux or any other OS. My current machine has around 4 different OS in 2 drives. The machine was originally assembled keeping in mind running it on OSX, endearingly known by the community as Hackintoshs. I did run an OSX version of Snow Leopard for a few months but didn’t have much use of it as I already own a MacBook Pro. A fun project but not without hastles.

Also, I did shift my 10+ year old MacBooks drive into the machine, before writing this reply, just for fun. Given the changes over time, the OSX failed to recognise half the peripherals which is solvable, but would need a lot of work.

You can. Such computers are called a “Hackintosh.” The procedure is totally unsupported, but I suppose it can save the user some money, when it works.

It’s not that it can’t. It’s a violation of the end-user license. If you’d like to give a try, just google out Hackintosh. I am not aware of any prosecution if you do. Definitely nothing like the infamous Microsoft initiated BSA raids on companies and individual users.

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    hi all, just a moment ago i dropped my macbook (of which has no case) on quite a solid surface. the result bended a particular corner a bit, along with some dents and scratches. i'm fine with that, but my main concern is a light leak that has appeared on the lcd coming from said bend. while it is pretty annoying, i could get past it. the real issue i have is the damage. when using it, even face on, it is very obvious the bend is there. along with that, i am unsure if the internal components have been damaged from the drop, and also unsure whether the light leak is actually harmful or not. thanks for listening to me. if anyone could give me any idea of what to do next (leave it, or use warranty, etc..) it would be so helpful. thank you! submitted by /u/baxturdd [link] [comments]

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  • I’m stupid and I and spilled soda on my keyboard
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    I spilled soda on my MacBook like a complete idiot. I turned it off immediately and tried to wipe all of it up with paper towels, but now my keyboard isn’t working properly; some of the keys take multiple presses to work and some don’t work at all. Is there anything I can do here or is my laptop screwed? submitted by /u/The_Kat_aclysm1 [link] [comments]

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    Can anyone help? Eveyrtime I plug in my HDMI to my MacBook to extend display to my Samsung monitor, the monitor says I am only displaying @ 30hz instead of 60hz? Any reason? My old 2016 intel never gave me this error. I am using an HDMI only. And my external display settings are set, and also on Mac settings it won't let me change it when plugged into my Mac. submitted by /u/Used_Description_691 [link] [comments]

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    So I wanted a cheap Mac to rip cds and just store my music I transfer from scrapped iPods I settled on this a1181 I was obviously expecting it to be a bit slow but I can’t even open system preferences or finder. Would upgrading ram help at all? I think o can still update the os should I do that? Inb4 throw it in the bin Lol yes I know it’s super old but I like the aesthetic 😎 submitted by /u/AceWrldLeo [link] [comments]

  • Guest account or equivalent?
    by /u/endlessxcircle (Mac) on April 23, 2024 at 2:53 am

    Friend would like to use my MBP for some word doc stuff. Want to keep my stuff private, but with File Vault turned on it looks like the Guest account option only allows Safari use. Without creating a whole new user, is there any other method or alternative means to create a seperate account/profile that would allow friend to do what they need to do while keeping all my information secure? Running an M1 w/ Ventura 13.5 submitted by /u/endlessxcircle [link] [comments]

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    by /u/Informal_Gold855 (Mac) on April 23, 2024 at 1:09 am

    BEST BOSS EVER!!!!! BEST DISTRICT BOSS EVER!!! So earlier us School Site Techs went into District office for a meeting. We are currently going over an E-Waste list before the summer. He said in the past we can keep whatever we want as long as we make an inventory list. So in the meeting after he said to get our lists finalized. I jokingly said “Alright everyone if you have any iBook Clamshells send them my way!”. After the meeting was over he asked me: Boss: So what do you use the iBooks for? me: Oh I like to upgrade them and use them, mostly I’m a collector and apple fan boy. So then after the meeting he took me into his office because I had asked for supplies before. Then he says follow me. We go up the stairs of a building and he unlocks the door. To my surprise it was a closet of vintage macs. Wasn’t that exciting as it was the same vintage stuff from my room but then he points to a section. IT WAS ABOUT 5 ibook clamshells!!! 1 Keylime and 4 indigo! me: OMG THERES A KEYLIME ONE!! CAN I HAVE IT? Boss: Take it. Funny enough we used to have pallets full of keylimes and had low stock of the orange tangerines. Me: Thats funny that you had low stock of the base-models. What happened to the other Keylimes? Boss: Well back then our district/ boss’s were way more strict, they didn’t allow us to donate or sell, so we had to drill through or smash all the keylimes and other ibook clamshells. So I took one home and kept this one spare up here. Its yours now. me: OH SHIT. Really? THANK YOU SO MUCHH! These things are going for about $800+ I don’t know what to even say.Thank you! And we talked about more vintage macs and the powerbooks. But damn. BEST BOSS EVER!!! submitted by /u/Informal_Gold855 [link] [comments]

  • Connecting a MacBook Pro 2018 to a Mac mini 2018
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    Does anyone know how to connect a MacBook Pro 2018 to a Mac mini 2018. I tried connecting them 1 of the ports on the mbp gave me an error saying cannot connect usb accessory. The rest in the mbp worked but diddnt show in my Mac mini. I haven't tried switching the ports in the Mac mini. Is there a specific part of the MacBook Pro I need to do this from, I cannot boot Mac OS and I'm trying to restore. I am using 1 thunderbolt cable can anyone help? submitted by /u/Automatic_General_92 [link] [comments]

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    by /u/NoPistons7 (Mac) on April 22, 2024 at 11:57 pm

    Hey everyone, So I ended up finding a donor for my severely drop damaged MacBook and ended up swapping some stuff into the new shell. Surprisingly I didn't know the original one I had was even off white until I put them beside each other and noticed one was clearly more white than the other. Seeing as how I now have an empty shell, that I'm probably going to put back together with spare parts to let my son use for learning, he wanted to know if it's possible to change the colour of the sleep indicator light by changing the diode. I know you can't change it with software but I have moderate experience in soldering and electronics repair. I was just asking if anyone has a photo of one out of the shell and could provide dimensions or advice on if this is possible. Thanks! submitted by /u/NoPistons7 [link] [comments]

  • Which mac would be best for my use case
    by /u/GlassBug7042 (Mac) on April 22, 2024 at 10:48 pm

    Hello, My job recently put in the budget to get me a new Mac and told me to send them the one I had in mind. I am currently using a 2019 intel i5 with 8gb of memory and it is struggling. This is not the type of organization where I can pick the most expensive machine, so I am basically looking for the best bang for my buck that will allow me to get an M Series processor. I have an m1 max laptop at home and it looks like the normal M3's are pretty comparable to that now? I know my home laptop would handle my work load easily but it is also completely maxed out with memory. Basically I bounce around a lot between my course authoring tool, illustrator, photoshop, sketch, etc while working (I develop online courses) while having lots of browser windows open for testing/research as well as the normal admin apps (email, notes, etc). I do video editing and screen recording, but it is instructional and not very intensive. I was looking at the m3 imacs (I am not going to get a new display and I'll be sad going back to low res monitors) and m2 mac minis and the 14" mbps. Just hoping for people who know more than me's input. Since getting my laptop I have not really kept up since I have had no desire to replace it. submitted by /u/GlassBug7042 [link] [comments]

  • Wanting to buy a used Touch Bar MacBook Pro, anything to look out for?
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    Hi I know that the Touch Bar MacBooks had problems like with the keyboard and speakers, which year-model MacBook is the most best to buy used? (Preferably a 15-16 inch Mac) Thanks! submitted by /u/kiwi775 [link] [comments]

  • My problem
    by /u/Dizzy-Business-3222 (Mac) on April 22, 2024 at 9:23 pm

    I had a nice job for 2 years and they gave me a MacBook with touch bar and I loved it so much. Now I don't have a job anymore, laid off and I miss my MacBook. :/ ofc had to return it. There is absolutely no reason for me to get it. I have a perfectly fine pc that I can apply to jobs but omg I don't like it anymore. I don't play games for like 3 years now even though my pc is more then sufficient to play any games. Last 2 week's I was checking m3 air... I really want it but my wife ofc thinks I'm crazy since I am unemployed now. Blah anyway would be a monthly payment so not even that expensive 😅😅😅 Should I get a damn air just to apply for jobs on LinkedIn 😆 I really want it lol I miss the damn os, I don't even have an iphone btw. Last iphone I had was 3gs! Am I stupid? submitted by /u/Dizzy-Business-3222 [link] [comments]

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  • Using an early 2008 MacBook as a daily driver in 2024
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    I bought this pc on eBay for 50 euros and i instantly fell in love with it. I installed 4GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, rEFInd with Ubuntu Unity, Windows 10, and my main Mac OS X 10.7.5. Everything runs flawlessly! It's impressive having in mind this laptop is 15 years old. For browsing on the internet i use Chromium Legacy on Mac OS X Lion that runs youtube videos up to 1080p 30fps! Gaming side, i installed osu! on windows 10 with compatibility mode running and i installed minecraft 1.8.9 via ATLauncher on mac os because on windows 10 it would crash. Long story short: With some hardware & software tweaks this 15 year old laptop is perfect for everything (not gaming) submitted by /u/Andryw48 [link] [comments]

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  • Yall talking about m3 but we had m7 in 2013 🔥🔥🔥
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  • Remove datadog monitoring
    by /u/Besrii (Mac) on April 22, 2024 at 10:16 am

    Hello, I got an Intel Mac from Amazon 4 years ago. Yesterday, I reinstalled the MacOS after having disk problem, and it says my mac is being monitored by Datadog Inc. I have looked online for ways to completely remove the agent (remove profiles, run stuff on the terminal...) but nothing has worked. It is extremely annoying, and I have no idea why I have that on my mac as I've never heard of datadog Inc. in my life and got the computer from Amazon. I'm adding a picture to the post to show the window that's opening when I boot up my mac, and I can't close it. submitted by /u/Besrii [link] [comments]

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    I spilled sugary milk all over my MacBook 5 mins ago I saw some posts online to turn it upside down so I did that put tissues and lifted and dropped it on the bed to get the milk out and it’s coming out but I’m scared if milk is left it will cause mould now should I put alchohol in the keyboard and follow the same process?? No Apple care btw Sad submitted by /u/Sniperx1230 [link] [comments]

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Google Workspace provides a platform, a common ground, for all our internal teams and operations to collaboratively support our primary business goal, which is to deliver quality information to our readers quickly.
Get 20% off Google Workspace (Google Meet) Business Plan (AMERICAS): M9HNXHX3WC9H7YE
Even if you’re small, you want people to see you as a professional business. If you’re still growing, you need the building blocks to get you where you want to be. I’ve learned so much about business through Google Workspace—I can’t imagine working without it.
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