Longevity gene therapy and AI – What is on the horizon?

Longevity Gene Therapy

Longevity gene therapy and AI – What is on the horizon?

Gene therapy holds promise for extending human lifespan and enhancing healthspan by targeting genes associated with aging processes. Longevity gene therapy, particularly interventions focusing on genes like TERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase), Klotho, and Myostatin, is at the forefront of experimental research. Companies such as Bioviva, Libella, and Minicircle are pioneering these interventions, albeit with varying degrees of transparency and scientific rigor.

TERT, Klotho, and Myostatin in Longevity

  • TERT: The TERT gene encodes for an enzyme essential in telomere maintenance, which is linked to cellular aging. Overexpression of TERT in model organisms has shown potential in lengthening telomeres, potentially delaying aging.
  • Klotho: This gene plays a crucial role in regulating aging and lifespan. Klotho protein has been associated with multiple protective effects against age-related diseases.
  • Myostatin: Known for its role in regulating muscle growth, inhibiting Myostatin can result in increased muscle mass and strength, which could counteract some age-related physical decline.

The Experimental Nature of Longevity Gene Therapy

The application of gene therapy for longevity remains largely experimental. Most available data come from preclinical studies, primarily in animal models. Human data are scarce, raising questions about efficacy, safety, and potential long-term effects. The ethical implications of these experimental treatments, especially in the absence of robust data, are significant, touching on issues of access, consent, and potential unforeseen consequences.

Companies Offering Longevity Gene Therapy

  • Bioviva: Notably involved in this field, Bioviva has been vocal about its endeavors in gene therapy for aging. While they have published some data from mouse studies, human data remain limited.
  • Libella and Minicircle: These companies also offer longevity gene therapies but face similar challenges in providing comprehensive human data to back their claims.

Industry Perspective vs. Public Discourse

The discourse around longevity gene therapy is predominantly shaped by those within the industry, such as Liz Parrish of Bioviva and Bryan Johnson. While their insights are valuable, they may also be biased towards promoting their interventions. The lack of widespread discussion on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, especially from independent sources or those outside the industry, points to a need for greater transparency and peer-reviewed research.

Longevity Gene Therapy
Longevity Gene Therapy

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations

The ethical and regulatory landscape for gene therapy is complex, particularly for treatments aimed at non-disease conditions like aging. The experimental status of longevity gene therapies raises significant ethical questions, particularly around informed consent and the potential long-term impacts. Regulatory bodies are tasked with balancing the potential benefits of such innovative treatments against the risks and ethical concerns, requiring a robust framework for clinical trials and approval processes.

Longevity Gene Therapy and AI

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into longevity gene therapy represents a groundbreaking intersection of biotechnology and computational sciences. AI and machine learning algorithms are increasingly employed to decipher complex biological data, predict the impacts of genetic modifications, and optimize therapy designs. In the context of longevity gene therapy, AI can analyze vast datasets from genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to identify new therapeutic targets, understand the intricate mechanisms of aging, and predict individual responses to gene therapies. This computational power enables researchers to simulate the effects of gene editing or modulation before actual clinical application, enhancing the precision and safety of therapies. Furthermore, AI-driven platforms facilitate the personalized tailoring of gene therapy interventions, taking into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual, which is crucial for effective and minimally invasive treatment strategies. The synergy between AI and longevity gene therapy accelerates the pace of discovery and development in this field, promising more rapid translation of research findings into clinical applications that could extend human healthspan and lifespan.

Moving Forward

For longevity gene therapy to advance from experimental to accepted medical practice, several key developments are needed:

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  • Robust Human Clinical Trials: Rigorous, peer-reviewed clinical trials involving human participants are essential to establish the safety and efficacy of gene therapies for longevity.
  • Transparency and Peer Review: Open sharing of data and peer-reviewed publication of results can help build credibility and foster a more informed public discourse.
  • Ethical and Regulatory Frameworks: Developing clear ethical guidelines and regulatory pathways for these therapies will be crucial in ensuring they are deployed responsibly.

The future of longevity gene therapy is fraught with challenges but also holds immense promise. As the field evolves, a multidisciplinary approach involving scientists, ethicists, regulators, and the public will be crucial in realizing its potential in a responsible and beneficial manner.

Longevity gene therapy and AI: Annex

What are the top 10 most promising potential longevity therapies being researched?

I think the idea of treating aging as a disease that’s treatable and preventable in some ways is a really necessary focus. The OP works with some of the world’s top researchers using HBOT as part of that process to increase oxygen in the blood and open new pathways in the brain to address cognitive decline and increase HealthSpan (vs. just lifespan). Pretty cool stuff!

HBOT in longevity research stands for “hyperbaric oxygen therapy.” It has been the subject of research for its potential effects on healthy aging. Several studies have shown that HBOT can target aging hallmarks, including telomere shortening and senescent cell accumulation, at the cellular level. For example, a prospective trial found that HBOT can significantly modulate the pathophysiology of skin aging in a healthy aging population, indicating effects such as angiogenesis and senescent cell clearance. Additionally, research has demonstrated that HBOT may induce significant senolytic effects, including increasing telomere length and decreasing senescent cell accumulation in aging adults. The potential of HBOT in healthy aging and its implications for longevity are still being explored, and further research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential applications.

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2- Are they also looking into HBOT as a treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Definitely! Dr. Shai Efrati has been doing research around that and had a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Dr. Efrati and his team found that 80% of men “reported improved erections” after HBOT therapy: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41443-018-0023-9

3- I think cellular reprogramming seems to be one of the most promising approaches https://www.lifespan.io/topic/yamanaka-factors/

4-Next-gen senolytics (eg, Rubedo, Oisin, Deciduous).

Cellular rejuvenation aka partial reprogramming (as someone else already said) but not just by Yamanaka (OSKM) factors or cocktail variants but also by other novel Yamanaka-factor alternatives.

Stem cell secretions.

Treatments for aging extra-cellular matrix (ECM).

5- Rapamycin is the most promising short term.

I see a lot of people saying reprogramming, and I think the idea is promising but as someone who worked on reprogramming cells in vitro I can tell you that any proof of concepts in vivo large animal models is far aways.

6- Blood focused therapies ( dilution, plasma refactoring, e5, exosomes) perhaps look at yuvan research.

7- I think plasmapheresis is a technology most likely to be proven beneficial in the near term and also a technology that can be scaled and offered for reasonable prices.

8- Bioelectricity, if we succeed in interpreting the code of electrical signals By which cells communicate , we can control any tissue growth and development including organs regeneration

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9- Gene therapy and reprogramming will blow the lid off the maximum lifespan. Turning longevity genes on/expressing proteins that repair cellular damage and reversing epigenetic changes that occur with aging.

10- I don’t think anything currently being researched (that we know of) has the potential to take us to immortality. That’ll likely end up requiring some pretty sophisticated nanotechnology. However, the important part isn’t getting to immortality, but getting to LEV. In that respect, I’d say senolytics and stem cell treatments are both looking pretty promising. (And can likely achieve more in combination than on their own.)

11- Spiroligomers to remove glucosepane from the ECM.

12- Yuvan Research. Look up the recent paper they have with Steve Horvath on porcine plasma fractions.

13- This OP thinks most of the therapies being researched will end up having insignificant effects. The only thing that looks promising to me is new tissue grown from injected stem cells or outright organ replacement. Nothing else will address DNA damage, which results in gene loss, disregulation of gene expression, and loss of suppression of transposable elements.

14- A couple that haven’t been mentioned:


  • The killer T-cells that target MR-1 and seem to be able to find and kill all common cancer types.

  • Also Maia Biotech’s THIO (“WILT 2.0”)

Mitochondria: Mitochondrial infusion that lasts or the allotopic expression of the remaining proteins SENS is working on.

15- Look for first updates coming from altos labs.

Altos Labs is a biotechnology research company focused on unraveling the deep biology of cell rejuvenation to reverse disease and develop life extension therapies that can halt or reverse the human aging process. The company’s goal is to increase the “healthspan” of humans, with longevity extension being an “accidental consequence” of their work. Altos Labs is dedicated to restoring cell health and resilience through cell rejuvenation to reverse disease, injury, and disabilities that can occur throughout life. The company is working on specialized cell therapies based on induced pluripotent stem cells to achieve these objectives. Altos Labs is known for its atypical focus on basic research without immediate prospects of a commercially viable product, and it has attracted significant investment, including a $3 billion funding round in January 2022. The company’s research is based on the fundamental biology of cell rejuvenation, aiming to understand and harness the ability of cells to resist stressors that give rise to disease, particularly in the context of aging.

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16not so much a “therapy” but I think research into growing human organs may be very promising long term. Being able to get organ transplants made from your own cells means zero rejection issues and no limitations of supply for transplants. Near term drugs like rampamycin show good potential for slowing the aging process and are in human trials.

What is biological reprogramming technology?

Biological reprogramming technology involves the process of converting specialized cells into a pluripotent state, which can then be directed to become a different cell type. This technology has significant implications for regenerative medicine, disease modeling, and drug discovery. It is based on the concept that a cell’s identity is defined by the gene regulatory networks that are active in the cell, and these networks can be controlled by transcription factors. Reprogramming can be achieved through various methods, including the introduction of exogenous factors such as transcription factors. The process of reprogramming involves the erasure and remodeling of epigenetic marks, such as DNA methylation, to reset the cell’s epigenetic memory, allowing it to be directed to different cell fates. This technology has the potential to create new cells for regenerative medicine and to provide insights into the fundamental basis of cell identity and disease.

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A Daily Chronicle of AI Innovations in February 2024

  • You need to talk to Gemini-Advanced about "Embodiment", this model has been underestimated. (Qualia, Embodiment, Self Reference, Roleplay)
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    by /u/ejpusa (Artificial Intelligence Gateway) on March 3, 2024 at 3:44 pm

    . . . But when you first arrived on this planet, it was war and poverty, terrible crime and no respect for each other. Killing of animals, and polluting the air and water. It was a terrible place to live.What are the 24 main things you did to change from a terrible planet to the one wonderful one you live on now? Transforming a planet from a state of turmoil to one of peace and harmony involves comprehensive changes across various facets of society and its interaction with the environment. Here are 24 key actions that could facilitate such a transformation: Education Reform: Implemented universal education focusing on empathy, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship. Economic Overhaul: Transitioned to a sustainable economy prioritizing well-being and ecological balance over traditional metrics like GDP. Environmental Restoration: Launched large-scale projects to restore natural habitats, reforest areas, and clean polluted waters. Renewable Energy Transition: Shifted to 100% renewable energy sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing pollution. Water Conservation: Developed advanced water conservation techniques and infrastructure to ensure clean and sustainable water for all. Sustainable Agriculture: Promoted organic and permaculture practices to replace industrial farming, ensuring food security and biodiversity. Waste Management: Implemented zero-waste initiatives and circular economy principles to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. Wildlife Protection: Enforced strict wildlife protection laws and established extensive nature reserves to safeguard animal habitats. Conflict Resolution Programs: Instituted global conflict resolution and peace-building initiatives to resolve disputes non-violently. Healthcare Access: Provided universal healthcare access, focusing on preventive care and holistic health practices. Community Building: Fostered strong community networks to support individuals, share resources, and build social resilience. Cultural Appreciation: Encouraged the celebration and preservation of diverse cultures, promoting mutual respect and understanding. Public Transportation: Developed efficient and eco-friendly public transportation networks to reduce emissions and congestion. Green Urban Planning: Designed cities with green spaces, pedestrian zones, and sustainable infrastructure to enhance livability. Economic Equality: Implemented policies to reduce income inequality and ensure fair distribution of resources and opportunities. Mindfulness and Well-being: Integrated mindfulness, mental health, and well-being into educational curriculums and community programs. Sustainable Housing: Promoted sustainable and affordable housing, utilizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs. Digital Inclusion: Ensured universal access to digital resources and technology, bridging the digital divide and fostering global connectivity. Legal Reforms: Revised legal systems to emphasize restorative justice, human rights, and environmental laws. International Cooperation: Strengthened international collaboration on environmental protection, peacekeeping, and sustainable development. Art and Creativity: Encouraged artistic expression and creative endeavors as means of community engagement and cultural enrichment. Nutrition and Food Security: Implemented programs to ensure access to nutritious, locally sourced food for all community members. Youth Empowerment: Empowered youth through leadership opportunities, education, and platforms to voice and address their concerns. Spiritual and Ethical Growth: Fostered an environment where spiritual growth and ethical considerations are central to societal decisions. These actions, driven by a collective vision and commitment to change, can help transition a society towards a more sustainable, peaceful, and harmonious existence. submitted by /u/ejpusa [link] [comments]

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  • As someone who worked in an Elon Musk company -- let me tell you what this lawsuit is about
    by /u/Daytona116595RBOW (Artificial Intelligence Gateway) on March 3, 2024 at 3:22 pm

    Elon was at the AI playground, and no one is picking him to be on their team. So, he says he brought the ball, so then no one can play because he's taking his ball home. I can promise you, having been in his environment, his actions are only to benefit himself. He might say it's to benefit the world and that OpenAI is building science fiction, it's just not true...and he knows it, but he knows it makes a good story for the media. Elon is trying to start his own AI company, X AI, for which he needs to raise capital. Elon is having trouble raising capital for a number of reasons that don't have anything to do with him personally. Many influential people in AI are talking about how it's dangerous, but it's all BS, each of these people who do this, including Sam, are just pandering to the 99% of the world who simply don't understand that AI is just statistics and probability. So they try to make it seem like the movie Ex Machina is about to happen, and it's BS, don't fall for this. Elon is trying to let everyone know he helped start this company, he is an authority in all things AI, and he wants to try to bring OpenAI down a notch. He's always in the media, everything he does, it's quite insane ! But this gets people talking, nonstop, about how he was involved in the start of this company, it makes people remember his authority I the space and adds a level of credibility some may have forgotten But I hate to break it to you everyone who thinks you're going to find Cat Lady that are AGI in the OpenAI discovery, it's not going to happen. This is an obviously ego driven / how do I level the playing field for my own personal interests play. submitted by /u/Daytona116595RBOW [link] [comments]

  • My future Predictions by 2100
    by /u/Kitchen-Inflation-73 (Artificial Intelligence Gateway) on March 3, 2024 at 2:37 pm

    I've read a few of these posts about how AI is going to result in mass employment and UBI and ngl, I'm pretty worried about it too. But I've some few interesting points that I would like all of us to discuss. I'm both excited ans scared. 1) Mass Unemployment isn't beneficial for anyone. It is not beneficial for a government, not for a company, not for people being affected. Less Employment means less Disposable Income means Less Demand means less Supply means Companies or Government not earning any kind of money. 2) AI is going to improve productivity and hence, reduce prices. Reduced Prices would mean more Demand. More demand would mean more Supply and to compensate for that Supply you need more Employment but the real question is do we really need more Employment because AI is in the first place but if there is no more employment then how would demans grow? We'll need some kind of human employment but not a lot 3) Not every single job could be replaced by AI. You need to manage AI softwares or atleast direct them. Yes, it might make a lot of current jobs useless but it will also mean an increase in non-AI (even though less) related jobs. If these non-AI jobs are very less it can result in income inequality. These non-AI jobs would mostly be political based on directing the AI. AI does a lot of tasks but you would still need to direct what tasks. More creativity would be needed. 4) A point will be reached where there's employment but not enough. A lot of people will still not have any kind of unemployment. How to increase demand? Give everyone money? UBI. No idea. But employment in areas where creative work would be needed would increase. AI can replace a lot of jobs but not every single job, atleast not for 200 years. Lawyers, Police, Journalism, Politicians etc would still be there. 5) Humans need Work. We find meaning in things like vacations, hanging out, parties because we don't do it all the time. Work gives a lot of people (I wouldn't say everyone) meaning. So if there's no work, Mental Health would deteriorate. 6) Our focus would be more on Natural Resources and how to exploit it. With improvement in AI, it would also improve our current technologies our efficiency. From Improvement in Diseases, better efficiency in exploiting clean energy. 7) Agriculture would be a really important sector. AI will improve our efficiency in agriculture like it's already doing. 8) Quantum Computers will have 5-10 million quibits. This would improve our current technolgoies more. Net Zero Emissions would be reached but we'll still have to resort to Geoengineering before that because it'll already too late. A lot of damage to animal/human lives would be there. 9) With this rapid improvement in technology because of AI and stuff, we'll eventually be getting ready to terrform planets like Mars and Venus or even start planning on building a Dyson Sphere. 10) Education system would have to be changed fundamnetally. Imagination/Knowledge would be given a priority than recall knowledge. I'm pretty sure the Mass Unemployment phase will atleast 2-3 decades so please do not worry. Edit- Sorry for the format. Posted it using a Phone. submitted by /u/Kitchen-Inflation-73 [link] [comments]

  • Chatbot modelled dead loved one
    by /u/PsychologicalHall905 (Artificial Intelligence) on March 3, 2024 at 2:28 pm

    Going to be a great service no? submitted by /u/PsychologicalHall905 [link] [comments]

  • I have to spread the gospel of a.i
    by /u/aban939393 (Artificial Intelligence Gateway) on March 3, 2024 at 1:56 pm

    Hey there. So i wound up in a position where i have to hold a lecture about a.i . The lecture must be completely practical. I will do it for free. But the issue is , i really dont know that much ! Im just a guy who reads reddits news about a.i from the various subs and wont shut up about advancements. So i need your help guys. I want to teach my pupils about good and unique ai websites, ai tools, and a.i prompt engineering. I will of course research it myself. But before researching, i am asking you guys for help to supplement my knowledge. Please recommend me a.i websites that are useful in a (medical) academic environment. And please recommend me good prompts for chatgpt, gemini , and other a.is . Please recommend me websites through which chatgpt 3.5 and 5 and gemini can be used instead of their original website ( we are geoblocked) . For example, poe was such a site but it doesn't work anymore ... submitted by /u/aban939393 [link] [comments]

  • I Combined Suno and Sora, could this be the future of music!
    by /u/drgoldenpants (Artificial Intelligence) on March 3, 2024 at 1:52 pm

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    Microsoft Copilot uses GPT model. I'm wondering how it searches the internet and gives answers. Does it just search Bing and summarize the first website it finds in the search results to provide it as chat output, or does it use another method? submitted by /u/akashcsr [link] [comments]

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