macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions

macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions


macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions

Users often experience failure when updating macOS to the latest version. Usually, you never find difficulties updating the operating system on your Mac, but sometimes the process takes longer than usual. When your macOS stuck on checking for updates, you will see a spinning wheel or a freezing screen indicating that the update process is not responding. 

If you are stuck on the same screen, there is a problem, and you need to fix it to proceed further. Updating your computer is important as it assures that the Mac is running smoothly. The updates come with security patches that keep the computer secure from online threats. The following solutions will help you get rid of the problem efficiently. 

First, try restarting your Mac. This will sometimes clear up any stuck processes and allow the update to continue. If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the Mac’s NVRAM. This will help to clear any corrupt data that may be causing the update to get stuck.

Finally, if neither of those solutions works, follow the steps below:

Let’s first discuss the reasons that might be causing the “Checking for updates…” error. 

Reasons for “Checking for updates” Error: 

A couple of reasons can be responsible for the freezing screen resulting from a stuck macOS update. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Unstable or slow internet connection
  • Third-party software conflict
  • Unresponsive Apple server
  • Lack of storage space on Mac
  • Any internal issue interfering with the update

Let’s now discuss the ways to resolve the macOS update-related issues.  

Ways to Fix “Checking for Updates” on macOS

macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions
macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions

Before you initiate any of the given solutions to fix the persisting problem, make sure you have a backup of data stored on the computer. Sometimes, the problem occurs because you might not be following the update process correctly. 

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New users must learn about updating the Mac operating system before initiating the process. For a detailed guide on downloading and installing macOS, visit

Some of the resolution procedures to fix macOS stuck on checking for updates errors are easy, while others demand sound technical knowledge. 

Check Your Internet Connection

As mentioned above, poor internet connection can be the most common reason for freezing updates windows on macOS. Check if your internet is running fast and if you are getting the right bandwidth. Else, your computer will fail to reach the update server, and you will not be able to download the update-related files. 

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Check your router to ensure you are getting internet signals appropriately. Reset your router by turning it off and then on after waiting for 20 seconds. You can also try to reset network settings for more advanced resolution. Before you reset your network settings, disable the antivirus software first. 

Check Storage Space

macOS update files can be big, so make sure you have sufficient space available to accommodate these updates. To check the storage on your Mac computer, navigate to the Apple menu, click About This Mac, and tap on the Storage tab. You can identify the files that are no longer needed and remove them from the storage media. 

Some of the apps stored on your computer consume significant system resources while doing nothing. So, make sure to delete these apps to make space on the Mac storage media. While deleting apps manually is cost-effective, professional app uninstallers can help delete app-associated files completely from the computer.  

Check Apple Server 

Implementing this solution is possible only if the internet is running smoothly. On facing the “Checking for updates” error, you need to check that no outage exists on Apple’s side. If the Apple server is experiencing downtime, you can check this by visiting the Apple System Status page and clicking the macOS Software Update option. 

If a green icon is displayed next to the macOS Software Update, it indicates that there is no outage. If there is a problem with Apple Server, you will see a red dot displayed with all the options on the System Status page. You can also check your internet speed before checking the server status to ensure the smooth running of the process. 

Boot Mac in Safe Mode

macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions
macOS Stuck on Checking for Updates? 4 Solutions

Restarting your Mac computer can fix major issues, so it is recommended that you must do it once before initiating any other workaround. If a restart doesn’t solve the problem, boot your computer in Safe Mode. Running your Mac in Safe Mode, also known as diagnostics mode, will clear all the cache files and check the system. 

If the Mac updates install successfully in Safe Mode, restart the computer and continue using it normally. On the other hand, if you still see macOS checking for updates errors, try to update your Mac again. It is worth mentioning the procedure to enter Safe Mode differs in Intel and Silicon-based Macs, so keep that in mind. 


Updating the Mac is easy unless your computer is in good condition, the internet is working properly and there’s enough storage space available for macOS update files. Once you face any issue, the process becomes cumbersome. 

Apart from the above mentioned fixes, you can try deleting macOS install data and resetting the Software Update preferences to check if these procedures can solve the problem.

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