How to analyze your business performance with ChatGPT?

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How to analyze your business performance with ChatGPT?; Introducing Refact Code LLM, for real-time code completion and chat; Virtual (AI) influencer to make a music video; X (Twitter) trains our data to AI; 

Embark on a comprehensive AI journey as we delve into Meta AI’s groundbreaking ‘Belebele’ dataset, designed to gauge the prowess of text models across diverse languages. Witness Stability AI’s remarkable innovation: a Japanese vision-language model tailored to aid the visually impaired. Gain clarity on the intriguing relationship between transformers and Support Vector Machines and address the pressing concern of hallucination within AI language models. Experience the seamless integration of Canva in ChatGPT Plus for effortless graphic creation. Keep up with the latest AI announcements and advancements. Conclude with our top book recommendation, “AI Unraveled“, for a profound understanding of the AI universe.

X (Twitter) trains our data to AI; How to analyze your business performance with ChatGPT?;  Introducing Refact Code LLM, for real-time code completion and chat;  Virtual (AI) influencer to make a music video
X (Twitter) trains our data to AI; How to analyze your business performance with ChatGPT?; Introducing Refact Code LLM, for real-time code completion and chat; Virtual (AI) influencer to make a music video

Welcome to AI Unraveled, the podcast that demystifies frequently asked questions on artificial intelligence and keeps you up to date with the latest AI trends. Join us as we delve into groundbreaking research, innovative applications, and emerging technologies that are pushing the boundaries of AI. From the latest trends in ChatGPT and the recent merger of Google Brain and DeepMind, to the exciting developments in generative AI, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive update on the ever-evolving AI landscape. In today’s episode, we’ll cover the following topics: Virtual influencer Noonoouri signing a record deal with Warner Music, Twitter’s plans to use data for AI models while assuring DM privacy, the use of AI like ChatGPT for real-time analytics, Amazon One’s AI-powered palm recognition device, Intel’s expansion into AI opportunities beyond data centers, the introduction of Refact Code LLM for developers, various updates in the AI landscape including OpenAI’s Canva Plugin for ChatGPT and Epic Games Store accepting generative AI games, AI predicting smells and generating COVID drugs, and a book recommendation on artificial intelligence as well as a podcast tool called Wondercraft AI.

Have you heard the news? Noonoouri, the virtual influencer who’s made a name for herself in the fashion world, has just signed a record deal with Warner Music. But here’s the twist: she’s not your typical artist. In fact, she doesn’t even exist in the real world!

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With a staggering 400k followers on Instagram and impressive collaborations with major fashion brands like Dior and Valentino, Noonoouri is the brainchild of artist Joerg Zuber. And while her fashion gigs have gained her plenty of attention, it’s her AI-crafted voice that’s taking her to the next level.

Although her voice is entirely artificial, the song itself is a product of human creativity, thanks to the collaboration between Warner and German producer DJ Alle Farben. So, while Noonoouri may be a virtual creation, the heart and soul of her music still comes from real people.

But what does this mean for the future of human artists? It’s a question that’s been on the minds of many in the music industry. As avatars like Noonoouri continue to gain popularity, will human artists be overshadowed or replaced? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Noonoouri is using her virtual platform not just for music, but also to advocate for important issues like veganism and anti-racism.

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Generative AI, Discriminative AI, xAI, LLMs, GPUs, Machine Learning, NLP, Promp Engineering)

So, keep an eye out for Noonoouri’s music video and see how this AI influencer is making waves in the music scene. It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities and questions about the future of artistry.

So, there’s some interesting news about X, which used to be known as Twitter. They have some big plans in store! X is now going to use the data they collect from us, the users, to train their AI models. Yep, you heard that right!

Their updated privacy policy is going to allow X to tap into all sorts of information like our biometric data, job details, and even our education background. Pretty cool, right?

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You know who might be particularly excited about this? Elon Musk! That’s because he’s got this new AI project called xAI, and all that data collected by X might just be a goldmine for him. But hey, don’t get too worried. Musk assures us that it’s only the public information that they’ll be using. So, your DM secrets are safe and sound.

Now, here’s why this matters. With X using all this public data to train their AI, we’re looking at a future where our little online chirps actually help shape how AI understands things. It’s a bit mind-boggling, isn’t it? So, maybe it’s a good idea to be careful about what you say online, because who knows, your words might just end up training some future AI models!

So, you’re eager to analyze your business performance, but you’re wondering how ChatGPT can help you out? Well, let me tell you, AI, especially ChatGPT, can be a powerful tool in unraveling the intricacies of your business’s performance.

Picture this: a real-time analytics dashboard that goes beyond mere financial indicators. This dashboard monitors crucial aspects like customer satisfaction scores, employee engagement levels, and market share growth. And let’s not forget about predictive analytics models, which add an extra layer of insight.

But what exactly does this dashboard do for you? Well, it’s not just about crunching numbers. It’s about grasping the underlying trends and patterns that drive your business forward. With the integration of AI, you’re not simply reacting to past data; you’re also equipped to make informed predictions about the future.

Imagine having a clear understanding of how your side-hustle is performing at any given moment. You can easily identify areas that need improvement or capitalize on opportunities for growth. ChatGPT becomes your trusty companion, helping you analyze your business’s performance with ease.

So, why wait? Embrace the power of AI and let ChatGPT guide you on your journey to business success.

Have you heard about Amazon’s latest breakthrough in AI-powered technology? It’s called Amazon One, and it’s revolutionizing the way we interact with everyday activities. Forget about fumbling for your phone or wallet – all you need is the palm of your hand!

Amazon One is a fast, convenient, and contactless device that utilizes the power of generative AI, machine learning, cutting-edge biometrics, and optical engineering. This futuristic technology allows customers to perform various tasks like making payments, presenting loyalty cards, verifying age, and even gaining entry into venues, all with a simple scan of their palm.

What makes Amazon One even more impressive is its ability to detect and reject fake hands. This ensures that the system maintains a high level of security and accuracy. In fact, it has already been used over 3 million times with an astonishing 99.9999% accuracy rate.

But why does this breakthrough matter? Well, generative AI has been making waves in the tech world for its ability to summarize text, write, and compose code. Now, with Amazon One, we can see how this technology can solve complex real-world problems and completely reimagine convenience in various aspects of our lives, such as shopping, entertainment, and access.

Imagine never having to worry about carrying multiple cards or forgetting your wallet again. Amazon One is paving the way for a future where our palms become the key to a more convenient and efficient world.

Intel is making bold moves in the AI space and expanding beyond data center-based AI accelerators. CEO Pat Gelsinger recognizes that AI will become more accessible to end-users due to economic, physical, and privacy factors. To capitalize on this, Intel is integrating AI into a range of products, such as server CPUs like Sapphire Rapids, which boast built-in AI accelerators for inference tasks.

But that’s not all. Intel also has plans to launch Meteor Lake PC CPUs equipped with dedicated AI hardware, allowing for the direct acceleration of AI workloads on user devices. This approach leverages Intel’s dominant position in the CPU market, making it attractive for software providers to support their AI hardware.

This multi-pronged strategy places Intel in a competitive position within the AI landscape, alongside other major players like Nvidia. With the growing demand for AI chips, Intel’s initiatives could provide a potential solution to the industry-wide challenge and play a significant role in shaping the future of AI.

In conclusion, Intel’s diversified approach to AI highlights its commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the game. By expanding into new areas and integrating AI capabilities into their products, Intel is positioning itself as a key player in the evolving AI landscape.

Introducing Refact Code LLM, the ultimate tool for real-time code completion and chat! This amazing 1.6B model is designed to fulfill all your coding needs in multiple programming languages. You won’t believe the performance it delivers!

Refact LLM 1.6B achieves state-of-the-art results in code completion, coming really close to HumanEval as Starcoder. And the best part? It’s 10 times smaller than other code LLMs with similar capabilities. Impressive, right? But that’s not all!

Let me break it down for you with a quick summary. This powerhouse features 1.6 billion parameters, supports a whopping 20 programming languages, and can handle 4096 tokens of context. Plus, it excels not just in code completion, but also in chat functionalities.

And here’s the cherry on top: Refact LLM is pre-trained on permissive licensed code and is available for commercial use. This matters because while other models are getting bigger, our focus is on making this tool accessible to all developers, regardless of their hardware setups.

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With its smaller size, Refact LLM runs faster and more efficiently, giving you an affordable solution for your coding projects. Say goodbye to slow and clunky code completion and embrace the future with Refact Code LLM!

Today, we have some exciting updates from the world of AI.

First up, we have Amazon’s latest innovation called Amazon One. This breakthrough AI-powered palm recognition device allows customers to use the palm of their hand for various activities like paying at a store or entering a venue. No need for a phone or a wallet. Amazon One combines generative AI, machine learning, cutting-edge biometrics, and optical engineering to bring us this fast, convenient, and contactless device.

Next, Intel is showing great enthusiasm for the AI space. They are not only expanding their data center-based AI accelerators but also incorporating AI into various products. For example, their upcoming Sapphire Rapids server CPUs will come with built-in AI accelerators for inference tasks. They are also set to launch Meteor Lake PC CPUs with dedicated AI hardware, enabling AI workloads directly on user devices.

OpenAI has introduced a Canva Plugin for ChatGPT. This means that ChatGPT Plus users can now easily interact with Canva, making their workflow even smoother. It’s all about enhancing user experiences!

In the gaming world, Epic Games Store has made an interesting move. They will now accept games created with generative AI. This sets them apart from their biggest competitor, Valve, who currently rejects games with AI content on Steam.

In other news, an AI model has achieved human-level proficiency in predicting smells based on a molecule’s structure. Trained using an industry dataset of 5,000 known odorants, this AI model also showcased capabilities like accurately predicting the strength of odors, opening up possibilities for broader olfactory tasks.

There’s also good news on the medical front. A new AI-generated COVID drug has entered Phase I clinical trials and is effective against all variants. If approved, it could become the first-ever alternative to Paxlovid. This is a significant development in the fight against the pandemic.

Lastly, a startup called AI Scout is using automation to find football’s next star. Football players can showcase their skills to top clubs by recording themselves and using the AI scout app. The app analyzes the intricate movements of the player and the ball, helping identify promising talent.

That’s it for today’s AI update. Exciting times lie ahead, and we’ll continue to keep you informed on the latest developments.

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That’s it for today’s episode, folks! Remember, grab yourself a copy of “AI Unraveled” and unleash your curiosity about artificial intelligence. And hey, if you’re feeling inspired, why not start your own podcast with Wondercraft AI? Until next time, keep exploring and keep questioning!

In this episode, we discussed the rise of virtual influencers, Twitter’s plans to use data for AI training, the impact of AI on business analytics, the introduction of Amazon One and Intel’s expansion into AI, the launch of Refact Code LLM for developers, and various exciting advancements in the AI landscape, including AI-generated COVID drugs and AI scouting for football stars—plus, don’t forget to check out “AI Unraveled” for a comprehensive guide and start your podcast with Wondercraft AI. Join us next time on AI Unraveled as we continue to demystify frequently asked questions on artificial intelligence and bring you the latest trends in AI, including ChatGPT advancements and the exciting collaboration between Google Brain and DeepMind. Stay informed, stay curious, and don’t forget to subscribe for more!

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