Requirements For Access to Electronics For Kids During Vacation

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If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how much screen time is appropriate for your kids during vacation. After all, we want them to enjoy themselves and have some fun, but we don’t want them to spend the whole time in front of a screen. So, what are the requirements for access to electronics for kids during vacation? Check out this blog post to find out!

We are living in a world where electronics are accessible easily and makes it very easy for our kids to get addicted to. It is important to create some boundaries to allow our kids to not get addicted to electronics and at the same time give them some access.

According to a recent study, 84 percent of parents said they give their kids some access to electronics while on vacation. But what are the rules for when and how long kids can access devices? And is it different for different types of vacations? Here’s a look at the guidelines for different types of vacations.

In my case, I have noticed that my kids spend a lot of time on electronics playing video games (fortnite), accessing YouTube videos, Tik tok, etc…

During school, they don’t access Electronics when they are in class and have activities and homework after school and week ends. We usually let them have full access to Electronics in their downtime.

During summer vacation, kids have plenty of time and tend to easily go to their electronics when they get bored.

I came up with a list of verifiable actions and requirement for my kids to access electronics during the summer vacations.

The requirement centers around workout, help with chores, kumon math, reading, selling and social skills.

I tried to make a list that must be checked at the end of each activity.

It might seem a lot, but trust me, the kids will go to extreme length to have access to their Electronics and i was surprised that they easily went through this list and checked everything during the first day and I was impressed.

Once they check everything, I give them full access to their electronics. By the time, they get everything checked, they are tired and only spend about 1 to 2 hours before falling asleep, which is a fair amount.

Below are the Requirements For Access to Electronics For Kids During Vacation:

Kids Vacation To Do List prior to access any Electronics
Kids Vacation To Do List prior to access any Electronics

On list 12, I get them to sell old items and old books not needed in the house as in a garage sale. It turned out to be one of their favorite activities. Whatever they sell go to their piggy banks. This activity help them develop their social skills because they talk to neighbors and people in the neighborhood and get them to buy something.

Feel free to download the list and update it to your liking. PDF Version here


Kids garage sale for old books and old toys not used anymore
Kids garage sale in Walden
Kids garagae sale

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